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A podcast where two podcasting amateurs try to talk about board games.

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Dice Enthusiasts: The One Where We Return

On this episode, Ivan and Matthew return to find themselves socially distant from each other and unable to do the thing they want to do the most: play a damn board game. But they discuss how isolation is altering their lives and talk about some things that happened since they last recorded a podcast nearly a year ago.New episodes will hopefully be every Friday.Email us questions at hello@diceenthusiasts.com

10 Apr 2020

Rank #1

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Dice Enthusiasts: The One Where We Experienced A Blackout While Playing Blackout: Hong Kong

On this episode, Matthew and Ivan reunite to talk about Blackout: Hong Kong, new additions to the Pandemic Universe, and D&D Adventure Guides.

30 Jun 2019

Rank #2

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Love What I Love - Episode 1 - Re-Animator

In this pilot episode, Ivan, Joe, and Matthew talk about Stuart Gordon's 1985 Fantasy/Horror film, Re-Animator.

27 Apr 2019

Rank #3

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Dice Enthusiasts: The One Where We Complain About A New Version of Monopoly

On this episode, Ivan returns to make Matthew feel less alone while podcasting. They discuss Monopoly for Millennials, David Lynch, Apple’s March 25th announcements, and Matthew’s recent purchase of Arkham Horror (3rd Edition).

29 Mar 2019

Rank #4

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Dice Enthusiasts: The One Where Matthew Is Alone

On this week’s podcast, Matthew goes solo while Ivan enjoys his Spring Break in San Antonio. Matthew talks about Captain Sonar, Hail Hydra, briefly mentions the film “Us,” and talks about the launch of the new podcast, “Love What I Love.”

22 Mar 2019

Rank #5