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These are strange times for College Life Christian Fellowship. We are apart. In many ways it might feel like you're walking through the valley of the shadow of death (or anxiety, or frustration, or fill in the blank). Psalm 23 tells us that in those seasons, God's own rod and staff comfort and lead us. We hope to have conversations on this podcast that could be occasions of God leading you through this time. We hope you learn, think, wonder and laugh. This is: Your Pod and Your Staff.

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Talks on Talks: Paige Abril and Kyle Jung

Jerry Seinfeld’s Mom was incredulous that anyone could not like her son. And apart from that being a hip reference to draw you in, it also matches our thoughts on stars of this episode. Kyle Jung and Paige Abril: how could anyone not like them? (Well, John might not like them, but John’s got other problems. Make it to Quarantine Corner, you’ll get what we mean). These two are some of the best conversation partners around, and when you add in the salt of their expertise on their passages, it becomes a tasty-tasty dish. This is Talks on Talks. We’re pouring cups of recappaccino for anyone who will listen. Enjoy the podcast! This episode was edited by Mike Loretto: mikelorettocoaching.com

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2 Jun 2021

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The Next Decade: College Life Legends Nathan Ely and John Bailey

“We want your time in college to be the best years yet; but we want to do it in a way that ensures the next decade will be even better.” If you’ve been around College Life, you’ve heard something like that. We don’t want College Life to be the best it gets for our students, we hope that it’s a launching pad to further faithfulness and fruit in Jesus. Nathan Ely and John Bailey, are two College Life legends who graduated about a decade ago. So we pose the question to them, “how’s it been going?” A decade out, what’s your faith like? Would the college-you like what has become of current-you? This conversation is provocative, surprising, messy, and hopefully a realistic primer on what life is like in the Next Decade. Our greatest hope is that it’ll help you start to envision what you want your life to look like in a decade. Enjoy the podcast! This episode was edited by Mike Loretto Resources: After Doubt: How to Question Your Faith Without Losing It, AJ Swoboda Check out Caroline Ely's Podcast! Good Christian Fun 

1hr 9mins

26 May 2021

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Talks on Talks: Julie Daseking and Nic Lattig

Julie told us how to love people even when it’s difficult. Nic told us that God loves how we smell. And they’re back to take us behind the scenes of their brilliant College Life talks. What else did their passages have to say? What happens to you when you live with a passage as a companion for a few months? And... is it "The Lord of the Rings"? Or just "Lord of the Rings" Of course there’s recappuccinos, pericope percolation, and a sweet-sweet aftertaste! Enjoy the podcast This episode was edited by Mike Loretto: mikelorettocoaching.com

1hr 14mins

19 May 2021

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Ode to the Question-Mark Vol.2

The best conversations almost always start with great questions. The fans of Your Pod and Your Staff sent in some great questions these past few weeks, and Stanford Gibson and Peter Nittler try their best to turn them into great conversations. At the very least, they turn them into an eclectic set of conversations. On this episode the guys talk about dinosaurs, Melchizedek, Marvel Movies, how to disagree with people well, Belly buttons, a particular College Lifer’s sense of humor, spiritual gifts, spiritual habits, and spiritual practices. Much is discussed. But much was left on the table. So if listening to this episode sparks a question in you that you’re dying to hear discussed, it’s not too late to ask that question. Head to collegelifedavis.com/questions and maybe you can be the spark for the next great conversation. This episode is our Ode to the Question Mark. Enjoy the podcast! This episode was edited by Mike Loretto: mikelorettocoaching.com

1hr 31mins

12 May 2021

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Talks on Talks: Jensen Ready and Michael Sun

Remember when Jensen and Mike finished their Tuesday Night talks and you thought, “I could listen to them for another hour?!” Today’s your lucky day! We’re back with another episode of Talks on Talks. This week we’re chatting with the aforementioned gentlemen to hear the hard won wisdom they’ve gleaned both from the preaching process and the deep burrowing they’ve done to the passage. This episode goes in a lot of different directions and we really think you’ll enjoy it. We talk about singles, we chat about spiritual gifts, and we discuss D&D character names. So lend your ear and enjoy another cup of piping hot recappacino! Enjoy the podcast! This episode was edited by Mike Loretto: mikelorettocoaching.com

1hr 14mins

5 May 2021

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XII Thoughts on The XII Take II

Well, it’s about that time. Next year is starting to come into focus and the great promise of 2021-2022 is starting to poke its head out of the water. The first step in next year’s planning is finding out who will be leading us. As you may know, College Life calls our ministry team The XII. And in this episode we talk about everything you could possibly want to know about The XII: the vision behind it, how it came to be, what it means to be on The XII, and the hopes behind it all. Simply put – if you’re interested (even fractionally) in the significant and important service that is Life on The XII, this episode is a must-listen! It’s actually a conversation we had last year with Miriam Hamilton, Kyle Jung, Jess Dell’Acqua, Paul Mutz, and Madee Peterson. And is just as relevant today. We hope that it’s your first step in joining in as we lead College Life hopefully out of one of the strangest and most challenging seasons of our lives together. Come be a part of something! And enjoy the podcast! ------ If you have ANY interest, visit collegelifedavis.com/xiifirststep to tell us what you’d like to do next. And, if you have any questions for us for an upcoming “Ode to the Question Mark” episode, please ask those questions at collegelifedavis.com/questions ---- This episode had editing help from Mike Loretto: mikelorettocoaching.com

1hr 23mins

28 Apr 2021

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Talks on Talks: Julia Loegering and Teagan Haden

How great were Teagan and Julia’s Tuesday Night talks?! Welcome to our new podcast mini-series, Talks on Talks. We will be chatting with some of College Life’s Student Speakers to hear more from them about their experience preparing and giving these talks that are blessing our community. Like anything in which the Spirit is clearly involved, even when we’re talking about the technical aspects of preparing a talk, spiritual insight and wisdom just ends up oozing out all over the place. This episode is chalk-full of it, and we think your affection for Teagan and Julia will skyrocket… So come join us for a nice warm cup of Recappacino… you’ll see what we mean… And don’t forget to send us your questions for our upcoming Ode to the Question-Mark episode at collegelifedavis.com/questions! Enjoy the podcast! This episode was edited by Mike Loretto

1hr 15mins

21 Apr 2021

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Corinthians Corner with Christian Wingate

I Themed a Theme is back! We’ll be spending this quarter in the world of Corinthians, so Christian Wingate and Peter are here to help us get our bearings. We’re once again opening this ancient mail and eavesdropping on the conversation. What was ancient Corinth like? Why does that matter? Why are there two letters to the Corinthians, again? If these letters were written way back then, how does it impact my life right now? Come for the tour of Corinthians, stay for Christian-being-Christian and Peter-being-Peter. And don’t forget to send us your questions for our upcoming Ode to the Question-Mark episode at collegelifedavis.com/questions! Enjoy the podcast! This episode was edited by Mike Loretto

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14 Apr 2021

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FROM THE VAULT: So...How Are You Thinking About the Coronavirus?

We’re one year old! It’s Your Pod and Your Staff’s birth week and we thought we’d celebrate by going back to our roots. We are re-releasing our first ever episode. In this episode, Stanford and Peter discussed the ways they were thinking about the Coronavirus. What should or could our posture be during difficult times like these? Do we look for the silver lining? Do we have faith and ignore fear? Do we have blind hope? Do we have the exact same looking anxieties as everyone else? It’s got everything you love: Stanford being Stanford, Peter doing accents, attempts at bringing Biblical truths to bear on the here-and-now, and, of course, Quarantine Corner. Chances are, if you listen to this show, you’ve heard this episode. But chances also are, that this year has changed you like it’s changed many people and you might be a different person now then you were then, and we think that person might want to hear this stuff, too. We’re doing an Ode to the Question Mark: Q&A Episode soon! Send us your questions at collegelifedavis.com/questions Thanks for supporting the podcast! It’s been the best part of a very hard time. Enjoy the podcast!


7 Apr 2021

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Preaching Class: Delivery

Here's one more bonus episode for you. You may or may not know that Stanford and Peter teach a Preaching Class every two years in College Life.  It's awesome. One of our favorite things we get to do. We are consistently amazed at the quality of talks our students end up producing, and delighted in how much fun it is to walk with them through the process.  We decided to put the last session of the class in podcast form so the students wouldn't have to sit through another long Zoom session to get the content. Here's that session.  The beauty is now anyone who might be interested in how Stanford and Peter think about delivering their sermons, OR anyone who's interested in learning more about public speaking in general can "audit" the Preaching Class. Technology is cool.   A good sermon is not just a good piece of writing, it must be embodied... it must be delivered Welcome to the Preaching Class.  1. Tone 2. Eye Contact 3. Vocal Quality 4. Time 5. Movements / Hand Gestures 6. Teaching Aides Speech Links: Emma Thompson for Sense and Sensibility Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for Good Will Hunting

1hr 28mins

29 Mar 2021

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