Cover image of My views on India's Covid 19 Crisis shared with BBC Radio Wiltshire

My views on India's Covid 19 Crisis shared with BBC Radio Wiltshire

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BBC Wiltshire interview with Ben Prater 080721 : My views on lockdown easement & exercising caution

BBC Wiltshire today : My thoughts on lockdown easement and the concepts of personal responsibility, personalised risk and exercising caution. Short interview lasting 3 minutes. The important thing to note here is that there is only a modest protection provided by the vaccine in acquiring an infection post vaccination but the overall protection is bolstered by subsequent significant reduction in transmission rate, development of serious illness and reducing deaths. The common sense approach would be to use other measures such as masks and personalised risk assessment of individual circumstances whilst cautiously coming out of a lockdown so as to not get infected at the first place and thus keeping the prevalence rate of the virus low. Greater spread of the virus could again lead to development of new variants some of which could be resistant / less susceptible to the vaccines. Indeed a tricky balancing act for the government.

24hr 20mins

8 Jul 2021

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BBC Wiltshire : General practice perspective of impact of Long Covid, interview with Ben Prater

Long covid seems to affect 14 % of those with Covid according to a recent study published in the BMJ in May 2021 . The UK by June 2021 had 4.6 million confirmed cases of covid. The reality is that British general practice hasn't seen as many cases of long covid as were expected. Patients self managing and most patients having a self resolving 12 week illness may be the causes here. But we know that covid affects the vulnerable communities disproportionately and these communities are less likely to reach out and seek help. In terms of symptoms, more than 50 sequelae post covid are defined and seem to affect almost every system of the human body. Self help resources mentioned are 1. https://www.yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk/ 2. https://www.post-covid.org.uk/ 3. https://www.rcot.co.uk/how-manage-post-viral-fatigue-after-covid-19-0


21 Jun 2021

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BBC Wiltshire : My thoughts on the B1617.2 variant (aka the "Indian variant") and what works.

This is my interview recorded with BBC Wiltshire on 19/5/21 at 7am GMT. Here I discuss with Ben Prater about what is known about the Indian variant and what weapons we have in our arsenal to combat it. The mental health impact of the pandemic is also explored. The clip concludes with my thoughts on how to reach the difficult to reach populations so that we have an impenetrable vaccine coverage across the UK population.


19 May 2021

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Punjabi Detox podcast : how did UK fare during 2020, the year of the lockdown

Punjabi Detox is a channel geared towards the subsection of the Asian population struggling with alcohol addiction in the United Kingdom. In this episode we look at the new data from the Office of national statistics which has recorded a 19.6% increase in alcohol specific mortality. This data is available here : https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/quarterlyalcoholspecificdeathsinenglandandwales/2001to2019registrationsandquarter1jantomartoquarter4octtodec2020provisionalregistrations


15 May 2021

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My thoughts on India's Covid 19 Crisis - shared with BBC Radio Wiltshire morning show with Ben Prater

The 2nd covid wave in India is the worst covid 2nd wave for any county with 2.2 million cases in the last week alone.  Here I discuss the multifactorial causes behind it. 


28 Apr 2021

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