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HTL 058: It's Okay To Try Different Things, with Matt Woicik

#58 - Today I am speaking with Matt Woicik who wants to let you know that it’s okay to try different things. His own path from architect to computer tech to digital marketing entrepreneur was pretty straight with no real deviations. It turned out well, but he would like to encourage his own children and this audience that it’s okay to try different things. It won’t throw you off a chosen path and can even enhance it. If you think you have to be laser-focused to reach a level of prestige and comfort, do so if you find it completely fulfilling. But it is also fun to try out some different things and it will still turn out okay.Everything works out. Make sure you are really enjoying it along the way.Shownotes at:howtolife.com/058


8 Jun 2021

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HTL 057: How To Be a Great Parent and Keep Your Sanity, with Adrienne Brown

#57- Today’s topic is about how to decrease stress, how to consciously take that pause before you react to something emotionally or physically, and how to take care of yourself in order to be your best for others. And not just any others. The most precious of the others: your children. This is going to be a show about parenting. A job worth doing well; you’re absolute best, actually.  In this interview, we will talk about why it is so important, how to be purposeful and present about it, and how to set the intention to be the best parent to your children that you can be. It is an honor to raise a child and bring that child into adulthood. And it is definitely a life skill. One that at first, you usually have no skill. So you definitely have to set some intention about it. Mindset is so important. As is finding great teachers and role models. Being a great parent is something that ideally you do on purpose.My guest today is Adrienne Brown and she has some credentials behind her. Adrienne is the mother of 8 children; 4 biological and 4 adopted. But what’s more, she and her husband have homeschooled all of them and at this point, have guided the older ones into college and successful adulthood.And she has contributed to the betterment of our world by raising kind, decent, productive members of society.She is without doubt a successful parent and a great role model for parents at all stages along the way.  She has a lot to share and I am very happy to have her on this show and talk about the joys and challenges of parenting. All links and everything mentioned in this episode can be found at:howtolife.com/057


1 Jun 2021

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Story Time 010: Miles of Smiles, by Karen Kaufman Orloff

ST010- As we begin the halfway mark of 2021, I have a short, sweet little story that is sure to put a smile on your face. Take a break for a few minutes to listen to Miles of Smiles, by Karen Kaufman Orloff. It doesn't cost anything to share a smile with someone and you never know how something as small as that can make a difference in someone else's day.Listen to the story with pictures at : howtolife.com/smiles


31 May 2021

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HTL 056: Problem-Solving Skills You Acquire From Solo Travel, with Kristin Addis

#56 - Today’s topic is apropos as life is returning to normal and people are venturing out again. We are going to talk about the skills you learn when you travel. Travel, remember that? As the world is returning to normal, people are ready to get back out there, and there is a lot to be gained by world travel. It is a unique education that can provide you with skills that will serve you for life. In this podcast, we are going to talk about some of those skills.My guest today is Kristin Addis. Kristin is the founder of the blog, Be My Travel Muse, which is the most read female travel blog in the world!She has a unique story of how this came about, starting with a one-way ticket to Bangkok. She will describe how she did it, what she has learned as a result, and how she puts that education to use every day in her now very successful business.Show notes can be found at:howtolife.com/056


25 May 2021

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HTL 055: Creating Multiple Streams of Income Through Real Estate Investing, with Jay Helms

#55 - In the past, I have spoken about passive income streams, what that is, and different ways to create that. Today, I have another option for you and that is to add real estate holdings to your portfolio. Don’t be freaked out by those words. It just means you can make money without having to go to a 9-5 job by investing in real estate. Still, confused? Don’t worry, it is about to become much, much clearer to you.Jay Helms is my guest today and he is the founder of the W2 Capitalist, and he wants to help you build multiple streams of income through real estate investing.Multiple streams of income; imagine - removing all stress and anxiety about providing for yourself and your family. How nice does that sound?Jay was in his 30s when he and his wife began their real estate journey and he speaks largely to 30-40-year-olds, but I know that there are a large number of you who are in your 20s who are wanting to know more about this. So today, I have a new format where Jay will answer some questions live from two young men in their mid-20s who want to know how to get started in real estate investing now. The panel is made up of Michael and Yarin. They have some great questions and Jay has some great responses to help take the fear out of this investment path.All the contact information and more can be found in the show notes at:howtolife.com/055


18 May 2021

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HTL 054: The Importance of a Creative Outlet, with Johnny McLean

#54- Life is filled with a lot of work, obligations, commitments, and deadlines it seems. It can get very hectic and it is rather easy to fall into a cycle to work, work, work. Work is good. It is productive and is often satisfying. But it can easily consume your every moment if you are not paying attention and that can lead to burnout. It can happen but it doesn’t have to happen. And that is what this episode is about. The importance of a creative outlet. A creative outlet is that something that you really enjoy that allows you to release stress, and which allows you to escape and recharge so you can go back to your day-to-day reality with a better mindset and more energy.My guest is Johnny McLean of the Johnny Boy Studios podcast, which is a show about creativity, motivation, entrepreneurship, and more. He expresses the meaning of a creative outlet and really speaks of the joy and importance this can add to your life. And if you are thinking, well this episode is not for me because I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Hold on a second. The keyword is outlet.  That can be anything that inspires you and is fun to you. Having an alternative expression of yourself not only refreshes you, but it can also enhance your life.  Show notes can be found at: howtolife.com/054


11 May 2021

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HTL 053: Skills You Need To Be An Executive Assistant (aka Superhero), with Jess Lindgren

#53 -  I have another episode today for the What Am I Going To Do With My Life Series.In case you are new to this show, every once in a while I will have a guest who talks about possible career choices. I like doing these interviews because you never know what just might resonate with someone. A chance comment can potentially be the answer to a question you might have.So here is another one for you. Are you super-organized? Are you dependable? Are you good with the details? Do you get the job done? Well, maybe you might consider being an executive assistant? In this interview, I am speaking with Jess Lindgren, who is the right-hand woman for Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. Pat is a very big name in the online entrepreneurial world and you may have heard me mention that he has been a huge influence and inspiration in my own online journey. Jess is right there to make sure he keeps on track in his mission of helping others. He could not do it alone. You are not just an assistant. An executive assistant is crucial to the success of any CEO. Lots of good stuff was mentioned in this episode and it can all be found at:howtolife.com/053


4 May 2021

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Story Time 009: I Am Too Absolutely Small for School, ft Charlie and Lola, by Lauren Child

ST009-  It is the first of the month and I have another special addition storytime for you. This is one of the storybooks from the Charlie and Lola series by Lauren Child. Today's story is called I Am Too Absolutely Small For School. Big brother Charlie helps calm the fears of his funny, little sister, Lola, about the first day of school. Tell me what you thought of the story?There is a video version on my YouTube channel as well, so head over there to see the pictures as I read the story.


1 May 2021

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HTL 052: The 7 Superpowers of Introverts, with Kim Beasley

#52 - Introverts unite! Then retreat into a quiet room. Alone. I really like today’s topic. It is all about introverts!  We are going to talk about the special strengths that introverts often possess and how to use those strengths to your advantage both personally and in business, especially online. Online businesses offer a unique opportunity for introverts to really thrive. I am speaking with Kim Beasley, the "introverted entrepreneur whisperer". She has a whole coaching practice geared toward helping this personality type succeed and thrive in the online business world.This topic really hits home for me. I am an introvert!I used to think I was just shy, insecure, and awkward, but that was only because I didn’t know I could leverage my personality in my own way and on my own terms. Kim is going to tell us how to do that. My desire for this episode is to awaken the introvert, define this personality if needed, and empower this person. We have superpowers! I hope to help you discover them.You can find all the links and more in the show notes:howtolife.com/052


27 Apr 2021

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HTL 051: How To Give and Receive Through Volunteering, with CEO and Founder of Volunteer Crowd, Amy von Kaenel

#51 - There are many ways to develop character, leadership, teamwork and so many other skills that will only help you throughout your life. And one of those ways is through volunteering.It is important to learn how to help others and give of your skills and time. It encourages generosity and selflessness and compassion. You can earn service and leadership awards, scholarships, and it is also very fun!These are traits that many colleges and employers look for in potential students and employees. But until recently, it was often challenging to find volunteer opportunities. Keeping track of hours, verifying those hours, and keeping it all organized to submit to advisors, counselors, clubs, programs or colleges was also a little daunting.But not anymore. Today I am speaking with the CEO and founder of Volunteer Crowd which is a phenomenal resource for middle school and high school students to find and gain volunteer experience. You can search for volunteer opportunities not only in your city but by zip code, as well. You can search for specific types of volunteering you want to do. There are even  Zoom-based opportunities. Not only that, this site will create a transcript of your hours, your strengths, and references about your personality and character. They will verify everything for you. Everything that used to be floating around on various pieces of paper, or worse, lost is all kept together in one tidy transcript that colleges and employers love. Volunteer Crowd allows you to enjoy the experience without the headache of keeping track of the hours.Show notes for this episode can be found at:howtolife.com/051


20 Apr 2021

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