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Florida On Fire

Two Florida siblings laughing about the state of our state until we cry.

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Florida Warm Water Springs

On this episode of the podcast Zac and I take a look at a supposed Florida treasure, the warm water springs of North Port, Fl. We also have a lot to say about Aaron Carter and our favorite Youtuber Sl04N. 


13 Sep 2021

Rank #1

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Florida Attractions

This week Zac and I discuss a few landmark attractions in Florida such as Bush Gardens and the old Nick studios. We also talk about the upcoming Star Wars hotel at Disney and its astronomical prices! A few Florida man games and an update on Covid numbers in Florida for the week.


15 Aug 2021

Rank #2

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Florida Man

On our first episode we talk about everything from the toxic waste of the Piney Point disaster. Florida Covid numbers , masking up and vaccination rates. We also go over some hilarious yelp reviews and of course a few Florida man stories. 


9 Aug 2021

Rank #3