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Sickle cell disease: a lethal advantage - for iPod/iPhone

Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder that occurs in 1 in every 375 African Americans. There is currently no cure for this life-shortening disease. These five video tracks will help you to understand exactly what sickle cell disease is and answer many of the questions surrounding it. They'll also explain its hereditary nature in people of African descent. This material forms part of The Open University course SK195 Human genetics and health issues.

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Sickle cell disease: a lethal advantage

An introduction to the album, Sickle cell disease: a lethal advantage.

25 Aug 2009

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The history of the sickle-shaped cell

Starting with the first diagnosis, we trace the history of sickle cell disease. We also visit the world of statistics to discover how many children are born with the illness.


25 Aug 2009

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Sickle cell and the gene

What is sickle cell disease? And if it cannot be caught or contracted, who is at risk and what are their chances of inheriting it?


24 Aug 2009

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Slave ships and sickle cells

Take a look at some myths surrounding the disease, and discover how genetics can explain the mysteries. Dr Anthony Allison also discusses research he conducted in Africa in 1951.


24 Aug 2009

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Sickle cells and societies

Over the past 30 years there has been a great advancement in how sickle cell disease is treated and managed. Go behind the scenes of The Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, one of ten specialist units in the United States dealing with sickle cell research and treatment.


24 Aug 2009

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