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The Davis McGrath LLC IP Webinar Series consists of a selection of short informational and instructional webinars relating to intellectual property. Topics include trademark and copyright law. The presenter is Kevin A. Thompson, a member of the firm.

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Webinar – Using the Trademark Clearinghouse for New gTLDs

Here is the recording of the May 1, 2013 webinar entitled “Using the Trademark Clearinghouse for the New gTLDs.” On June 13, 2012, ICANN announced that 1,930 applications were filed for new top-level Internet domain names. These custom domains will be whatever the applicant desires to the right of the dot – .GOOGLE, .NEWS, or even .LOL. We covered the new gTLDS in a prior webinar. Trademark owners should consider registering their marks with the new Trademark Clearinghouse, which will provide notification of new domains that may incorporate your brand. In this webinar, we will cover how the Clearinghouse works, what it costs, and strategies for moving forward. Come learn from Davis McGrath LLC’s Kevin Thompson during this interactive webinar. Be prepared to ask and get answers to your own questions as well. Kevin has over thirteen years of experience in counseling clients with regard to their internet law issues. Topics covered include: – New gTLDs – The Trademark Clearinghouse – Why should trademark owners register their marks with the Clearinghouse? – What will the Clearinghouse do? – What won’t the Clearinghouse do? – The Sunrise Period – The Trademark Claims Period – Strategies and considerations for using the Clearinghouse Davis McGrath LLC applied for 1/2 hour of Illinois MCLE credit for this webinar. To receive credit, please send your name and ARDC number to Kevin Thompson at kthompson@davismcgrath.com, and when you viewed the webinar. Please also send him your questions. View on YouTube Here are the slides – Slides – Trademark Clearinghouse Subscribe to our Webinar series in Itunes View or Webinar series on YouTube The next webinar will be announced soon. To learn more or to sign up for the mailing list, visit http://blog.davismcgrath.com/webinars.


2 May 2013

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