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Episode #10 - When the Phone RINGS...Ten WINNING Keys for the NEW Business Enquiry!

When we call secret shop agents, we are exposed regularly to everything that is done wrong. In this teaching episode of the Secret Shopper Files, we share the TEN THINGS to do that will win you the business, when the phone first rings. LEARN and IMPLEMENT these ten things Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz teach you and you will win the business when a prospective client makes contact with your agency..and must learn episode for anyone involved with new PM business!


2 Dec 2020

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Episode #9 - TEN Worst Mistakes when taking the New Business Enquiry

Our secret shopper has made literally thousands of Secret Shopper Calls over Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and also in the UK, and we have come across a lot of what NOT TO DO when agencies take a new business enquiry. In this special VALUE episode, Michael Sanz and Deniz Yusuf reveal the TEN WORST MISTAKES Agencies make when taking new business enquiry with a prospective client! KNOW what the MISTAKES are so you don’t go and make them too!


28 Oct 2020

Rank #2

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Episode#8 - The Hawaiian Files - When URGENCY goes on vacation

When you have a sense of URGENCY in your manner and tone, you SHOW your prospect that you’re keen and interested in them and their business. WITHOUT THIS, you turn-off your prospect away. NEVER have we experienced this MISSING with so many agents when we conducted a Secret Shopper report with ten agencies in Hawaii. If you want to know what NOT do...listen to this episode of the Secret Shopper Files.


9 Sep 2020

Rank #3

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Episode #7- The Sunshine Coast Files- When New Business Inquiry Conversation counts!

Ten agencies were ‘Secrets Shopped’ on the beautiful Sunshine Coast which is home to Australia Zoo and is based about 1-hour drive north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Aside from a level of a ‘relaxed’ culture in dealing with a new business inquiry, our calls was very much a ‘conversation-based’ experience. Their points of difference were regretfully ineffective along with some of the lowest fees we have seen in Australia. Listen to Episode #7- The Sunshine Coast Files for hints, tips, and teaching for you to go to the next level in winning your new business inquiries at your FULL FEES! Enjoy!


3 Aug 2020

Rank #4

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Episode #6- The Phoenix Files “Sorry...that’s not my job!”

Calling ten agencies in Phoenix Arizona (USA) we were confronted not only with poor and ineffective points of difference, but also the person taking the inquiry not taking responsibility for providing the information we needed. Furthermore, with so many fees not being charged and a packet of money left on the table, our Secret Shopper Files episode in Phoenix is quite an eye-opener on how to be more effective (and how ‘not to be’) when taking new business inquiries. If you want to really grow- watch/listen to this episode.

1hr 11mins

3 Jul 2020

Rank #5

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Episode #5- the Wellington Files- ‘Please just take a look at the website’!

When we were commissioned to ‘secret shop’ TEN competitor agencies in Wellington NZ we were not prepared for what we experienced. In this podcast, you will find out what happened when ALL of the agencies we contacted really didn’t have any ‘care factor’ whatsoever when dealing with our new business enquiry! Most of them simply told us to ‘read our website’. Plus we reveal the PM fees we encountered (and the lack of), and what particular fee they could be easily charging more for.


9 Jun 2020

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Episode #4- The Sydney Files- The STRUGGLE is real

In this episode, we called TEN agencies in Sydney where we found nearly all PM companies STRUGGLING to give any real and meaningful point of difference, and instead gave common ‘points’ that were of no real value at all! BUT through all the ‘BLAND and sameness’ a phone call with ONE agency stood head and shoulders over the rest to win our Secret Shopper Hall of Fame award (if we had one!). PLUS, we come across the HIGHEST leasing fee we’ve seen charged, plus one agency charging a HIGH routine inspection fee (when everyone else was charging nothing).


5 May 2020

Rank #7

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Episode #3- Top Secret: The Orlando Files

In our third episode, we go to the home of Disneyworld in Orlando Florida USA where we 'secret shopped' ten agencies there, some quite prominent. If you want to learn HOW to stand out from the crowd be sure to listen to this podcast as we EXPOSE the BIG MISTAKES, the fees they're LEAVING ON THE TABLE too, so you too can KNOW how to impress your prospective client the first time, and HOW to be more profitable per door! Michael Sanz leads the podcast supported by Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf. For more information on getting a Strategic Market Report done for your marketplace go to secretshopperfiles.com or go to https://inspiredgrowthtraining.com/strategic-market-report Listen to the Secret Shopper Files Podcast Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-secret-shopper-files/id1488459334 Podbean: https://secretshopperfiles.podbean.com/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0U66Yocz5i569El3lCdDYP?si=28JRs6x0QMO8yWTnJv1WUA 


27 Feb 2020

Rank #8

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Episode #2- (The Auckland Files) TEN Agencies: Staff Disconnect, ‘Too busy’ to GROW…Finding another $127,000 per year in fees

In our second episode of the Secret Shopper Files, this time we deliver a Strategic Market Report in Auckland, New Zealand. We were surprised that not only were vital points of difference missing, but also something even more important- the ability to connect with the prospective client on a person to person level. In this episode, we spend quality time on how you can improve with your prospective client service experience, but also discuss what type of content you could be teaching and educating with your prospective clients so that you can dominate and lead the market. Plus we reveal a sample fee analysis based on what agents should be charging in the Auckland area and how additional fees could be earning an agency of 300 doors/managements another $127,000 per year. Like in the Secret Shopper Files Episode #1- We found this marketplace READY to be DOMINATED by a quality agency. Michael Sanz leads the podcast supported by Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf. For more information on getting a Strategic Market Report done for your marketplace go to secretshopperfiles.com or go to https://inspiredgrowthtraining.com/strategic-market-report


29 Nov 2019

Rank #9

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Episode #1- (14 Agencies) THE BIG Holes, The 'Low-Balling' and the Surprises!

 In our first 'pilot' episode of 'The Secret Shopper Files' Michael Sanz discusses how his team 'secret-shopped' 14 agencies in Adelaide (South Australia). With the selected offices spread across half of the metro area, the 'rack-rate normal' management and leasing fees Adelaide is known for have been discounted by FOUR PM focussed agencies (that you'd think would be at the 'higher end' of the fee-charging). We also reveal some surprises with their 'points of difference' and have a revealing chat about the overall service experience. Together with Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf, Michael Sanz reveals the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY (without revealing the agencies involved) and have some fun along the way to encourage all agencies everywhere to get GREAT at competing on service and value, instead of competing on fees and a 'race to the bottom'.


18 Nov 2019

Rank #10