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Cookie Cutter Resident

A safe space for those in the healthcare field to discuss the ups and downs of their profession, with a sprinkle of medical/scientific current events and pop culture added to taste.

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You Know What That Is? Growth

In their very first episode, the Residents meet to discuss the ups and downs of intern year and how much they have grown over the course of the year.Topics Discussed (Minute Mark):INTERN YEAR (1:25)Growth & InadequaciesPressure & PerfectionApprehensions about second yearContinuity clinicDeveloping your on styleTHE CULTURE OF MEDICINE (10:10)PimpingShame as a powerful motivatorTeaching it forwardWELLNESS (15:50)Wellness EventsTreating Burnout with AlcoholAvenues residents use to remain wellTHE JOB & LIFE (22:15)Treating each other with respectDid we choose the right path?Comparing your life to their highlightsLife skills


22 Aug 2019

Rank #1

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Introducing Cookie-Cutter Resident

Cookie-Cutter Resident is a show brought to you by the mysterious bunch called "The Residents" who are attempting to create a safe space for healthcare professionals to discuss the ups and downs of their professions. Their hope is that these conversations start a cultural shift, changing the world of medicine forever.


15 Mar 2019

Rank #2

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