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A Podcast for passionate Fujifilm X shooters talking about all things Fujifilm and photography. With inspirational topics, interviews, general tips & tricks, latest news and promotions, prize giveaways and general banter, we encourage listeners to participate in discussion topics.

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FujiXAus 2020 Episode 1: Reboot!

We've re-booted the Fuji X Aus podcast! We have a new host, Megan Rapp, as well as a swathe of new and exciting content!  This episode happens right in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown so we're sending out encouragement to all you listeners to stay safe, look after yourself and others and to stay creative. We talk about the weekly photo challenges we're currently holding in the Fuji X Aus Facebook group. We also want to share some tips on mindfulness in photography, useful equipment for indoor photography and talk about exploring different genres of photography from home. Finally, we want to encourage our listeners to participate by sending us: Photography hacks / tips / tricks Your funny (or not so funny) photography fail stories You photography HOORAY! stories You can email your submissions to us at podcast@fujixaus.com


7 Apr 2020

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