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Welcome to the Conquer Local podcast, hosted by Chief Customer Officer and international sales educator George Leith. Get insider content geared toward helping you better serve local businesses, from interviews with sales & marketing experts to exciting new ideas that will improve your digital revenue dramatically. Subscribe now to start conquering. Presented by Vendasta.

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102: How Traditional Sales Reps Are Transitioning to Digital — With David Little

This week George talks with sales innovator David Little, who was recently promoted to SVP of Enterprise Sales at Comporium Communications, a telecom company with over 300 salespeople providing television, internet, and home security solutions in South Carolina. Listen as they dive into what has allowed his sales teams to transition into trusted local marketing experts and drive his company’s growth in an extremely competitive industry.


17 Jan 2018

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313: Location, Location, Location - Multi Location! With Mike Giamprini

Being able to sell to multi location businesses is becoming a necessity, we have Mike Giamprini to give Conquerors the scoop.Mike Giamprini, Managing Partner of G Partners, shares his struggles and wins when it comes to selling multi location listings to SMBs. He shares his experience with 411 on the transition from traditional to digital media and how he had to completely retrain an entire sales force.  Mike tells us that if he were to go back in time and do it all over again he would focus more time on the educational piece because where there is confusion there is opportunity.Mike is a veteran of the “local” space and has been leading sales and marketing organizations focused on helping businesses of all sizes thrive in a digital world. Knowing that national brands need to connect with audiences at the hyper-local level, Mike founded G Partners in 2016 with a best-in-class digital marketing stack of products and services and combined that with a deep knowledge of G Partners’ clients’ businesses to effectively drive growth at every stage of their customer’s journey.


4 Dec 2019

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214: Sales, Marketing, & Product Innovation | with Bart van der Heijden

Why do salespeople and product teams often clash?It comes down to communication. The world has gone digital and the only way to stay ahead is by ensuring that information is shared across the entire value network.This week, learn how Bart van der Heijden, Director of Strategy & Innovation at FCR Media Belgium, has deployed innovative tactics to align business units and reduce client churn at his organization.Listen now and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


31 Oct 2018

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322: Developing a Sales Strategy, with Donny Dye

Developing a Sales Strategy to implement with your sales team isn't a one and done, it has to tweaked and edited as you grow.We are excited to bring back Donny Dye, Founder of Quota NYC, to the Conquer Local Podcast. Donny updates on what he has been doing since we last spoke in Season 2. For the past year he has been the acting CRO for Eden Health developing and growing their sales team. Donny divulges the three things his tried and tested method of developing a sales strategy: Strategy, Team, and Conversation. He says it's a technique that is universal to all sales team.Donny has over 15 years of Saas and enterprise sales experience by selling, leading, and guiding companies scale predictable revenue. If you are building a sales team or have broken a sales team, Quota NYC can help. Prior to founding Quota, he has spent the last 2 decades building, leading (and fixing) sales organizations. Most recently, he helped build a company that sold for 9 figures. My journey has made me an expert in enterprise, B2B, SaaS and channel sales across several verticals.


19 Feb 2020

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116: From Rock Bottom to Rockstar Agency, with Todd Collins

Todd was bankrupt. His car dealership was taken from him. His business partner was embezzling money. He was getting a divorce. He was being sued. Todd had hit absolute rock bottom.Listen to how Todd Collins, COO of Platinum Reputations, climbed his way out of the toughest struggles of entrepreneurship and stepped on to the top of the Agency game. For all that and tons more motivation, tune in to this Conquer Local episode with George Leith.Subscribe to the podcast now, on iTunes https://goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play https://goo.gl/uyDsij


2 May 2018

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220: Reimagining Email Marketing, with Deepak Surana | The New Marketing Stack

Email is so 2006. Or is it...?Misconception runs rampant on the perceived value of email as the masses continue to embrace new marketing technologies and platforms. However, the fact sill remains: email is one the most widely used and engaging marketing platforms in the world.This week, we are joined by Deepak Surana, VP of Product Management for OutboundEngine. Deepak shares his insights on the value of generating brand awareness, the importance of falling in love with the customer's challenges, the connection between email and best-in-class marketing, as well as his handcrafted pitch for email solutions.Listen now and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


12 Dec 2018

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104: Motivating Salespeople & Pivoting to Needs-Based Selling — with Mike Giamprini of 411.ca

This week, George visits 411.ca headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for the relaunch of their small business solutions to help them better serve their whopping 500-700 new clients every month. Hear him speak with VP of Strategy and Business Operations, Mike Giamprini, to receive some fantastic details on how Mike and his team are motivating salespeople, from new-hires to experienced managers, and how they're growing revenue with their high-performing sales & service teams – all focused on helping Canadian local businesses win in their markets. Listen now, and don't miss an episode by subscribing NOW on iTunes and Google Play.Original post:https://www.conquerlocal.com/podcast/104-motivating-salespeople-pivoting-needs-based-selling-featuring-mike-giamprini-411-caDiscuss on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/company/conquerlocal/


31 Jan 2018

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114: Dennis Yu: Forget Facebook’s PR problem and focus on your personal brand

We catch up with Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer of BlitzMetrics and one of our favorite social media marketing experts, to get his take on what Facebook's data problem means for marketers (hint: Dennis sees opportunity!) as well as tactical strategies for helping businesses get value with video and authentic stories on social. Subscribe today on your favorite podcast app. Recorded on lcoation at VendastaCon 2018 in Banff, Canada.


20 Apr 2018

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304: The Holy Grail - Monthly Recurring Revenue, with Sam Jacobs

Monthly recurring revenue is the holy grail of every business. Sam Jacobs, the Founder of Revenue Collective, joins George this week to compare notes on monthly recurring revenue and the effectiveness. Sam explains how not only does a product need to have market fit but that the product has to be ready and deliver value beyond a testing environment. He goes on to decode the notion that sales comes first, when in actuality it should start with product, then customer success, moving to marketing and demand generation, and then finally onto sales. Artificial intelligence is coming, what does that mean for our beloved SDR? George and Sam explore the importance of the human connection when it comes to sales. Sam founded the Revenue Collective in 2016 and in a few short years and it has sky rocketed to over 600 members. The Revenue Collective is an exclusive membership for growth operators dedicated to providing support, assistance, education, and career growth to their members. He helps commercial operators change the trajectory of their careers. They are a global organization with official chapters in New York, London, Denver, Toronto, Boston, Indianapolis, and Amsterdam and more chapters coming online in the next few months and years. For the past 15 years, Sam has helped companies scale from just north of $0 in revenue to just shy of $300M. During that time, he's developed deep operational expertise with particular emphasis on go-to-market strategy and execution mainly with SaaS and recurring revenue businesses. Sam has been a commercial operator at GLG, Livestream/Vimeo, The Muse, and Behavox.Subscribe to the podcast now, on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


2 Oct 2019

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206: 20 Elite Sales Reads | Master Sales Series

Ready to join the sales elite?This week on the Master Sales Series, George has curated a list of the 20 most valuable books that every elite sales professional should read in 2018. Listen now and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


22 Aug 2018

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201: The Perfect Sales Day | Master Sales Series

Learn 8 things you need to conquer daily to become a master of sales. This is the first edition of the Master Sales Series with international sales influencer, and host of the Conquer Local Podcast: George Leith.Listen now and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


19 Jul 2018

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217: The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing, with Sandy Lohr | The New Marketing Stack

75% of global SMBs will be run by millennials by 2025.People don't shop like they used to, and local businesses don't look like they used to. Yet, these increasingly young and savvy local business owners still need your help if they want to stay top of mind with their audiences and stand a chance against the Walmarts and Amazons of the world.The first piece of the modern customer journey is awareness, and this is where local businesses must leverage digital marketing tactics to convey their value propositions to prospects. To speak to this element of the modern customer journey, we welcome Sandy Lohr, CEO of MatchCraft. All the way from sales to CEO, Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge on Search Engine Marketing, and shares her insights into this complex digital sales process that continues to evolve.This is the first edition of the New Marketing Stack Series, stay tuned for more great content!Listen now and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


21 Nov 2018

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314: How to Have Effective Discovery Calls | Master Sales Series

Kudos to our listeners for providing this weeks topic! George pulls together best practices when it making Discovery Calls on this edition of the Master Sales Series.Imagine you had 200 leads that came in and you were only going to close 10% of them or if you are a rock star, 25% of them. We get the nitty gritty details and proven tactics when having that first discovery call. As salespeople, we need to be very careful and deliberate in the way we are communicating with a customer when having those first calls. George runs through everything from that first initial call to discussing how leads come into your funnel, there are some different tactics for different scenarios. In some instances, we have been doing this for a long time, we know we have the answers and we can solve the problems of any customer. We have a tendency to skip over very important pieces for building rapport and trust.


11 Dec 2019

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247: The SEO Effect within Listings, with Jonathan Best

Listings aren't just names, addresses, and phone numbers anymore. They now have a SEO effect.Jonathan Best, Uberall's new Chief Revenue Officer, is our guest this week on the Conquer Local Podcast. Our audience can't get enough insight into how to sell the value of consistent listing data for a local business. Jonathan explains that Listings now need to include voice search capability and how that is impacting things like how it integrates into online reputation. The standard "Can I find you?" is now very closely matched with, "Can I trust you?"Jonathan Best is responsible for all revenue generating functions of the location marketing leader. Prior to Uberall, he was Senior Vice President and General Manager for Europe and Africa at Kony Inc. Earlier in his career, Jonathan served in various sales leadership roles at SAP, Oracle and a range of start ups.Subscribe to the podcast now, on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


26 Jun 2019

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221: Reputation Ownership, with Todd Collins | The New Marketing Stack

“We don’t trust the business. None of us do. We always trust the consumer’s opinion.” — Todd CollinsAn online reputation is the gatekeeper of all local purchases because the business with the best reputation will consistently beat out their competition. Local businesses need to be making regular deposits into their digital bank and actively managing their digital footprint if they want to succeed in their markets.Todd Collins, COO of Platinum Reputations, was one of the pioneers in the reputation space. In this edition, he shares horror stories from clients who were ravaged with negative reviews, the difference between reputation monitoring and reputation management, and the elevator pitch you need to properly position reputation for the prospects that need the solutions most (but might not know it).Listen now and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


19 Dec 2018

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311: Discipline Leads Results, with Steve Whittington

Discipline leads results with eight key metrics to drive revenue.Steve Whittington, Executive Vice President of the Flaman Group, is back for a second time! After getting plucked off the face of a mountain by a helicopter Steve gave up mountain climbing and decided to channel is passion into his work. We get the inside scoop on Whittington's new book, Thriving in the Customer Age.  The book lays out the framework with eight key metrics that can be applied and used to measure the customer experience initiative results, tied directly to the bottom line.Whittington has over 25 years experience in the (B2C) business to consumer, (B2B) business to business and (B2A) business to any space. From consulting, marketing agency work and as an executive and board member for manufacturing and retail firms.He is also Managing Director of a boutique digital agency, Graphic Intuitions. Steve's current board work includes serving as Chair of the Board for Flaman Fitness Canada, a national retailer; President of the Glenora Child Care Society; and a member of the Marketing Program Advisory Committee for NAIT's JR Shaw School of Business.Outside his professional life, Steve is a leader in the mountains. An avid mountaineer, he has reached the summit of 50 mountains, including Mount Everest in 2013. On many of his climbs he has been the expedition leader and/or lead climber. Steve believes his leadership in the mountains has a direct application to his successful leadership in his business life.


20 Nov 2019

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112: Alexander Group’s secret weapon: the client impact analysis | with Matt Bartels, Quang Do

Have you subscribed yet? Get weekly episodes delivered straight to you on Apple & Google Play!Connecting the dots between your advertiser’s objectives, their audience, and every other success factor has never been so complicated for salespeople. Matt Bartels and Quang Do from Alexander Group join us this week to discuss why solving that problem starts with CIA: a 'client impact assessment'. Tune in to hear some of their specific pointers so that you can grow and get to the top of your sales game, this week on the Conquer Local podcast.Participate in Alexander Group's Modern Media Ad Sales Study. https://www.alexandergroup.com/modern-media-ad-sales-study/


28 Mar 2018

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208: Removing the Fear of the Prospect | Master Sales Series

Want to know why you aren't converting more accounts?It's all about removing the fear of the prospect. Learn George's key strategies that you need to implement if you want to remove the fear from different decision makers and close more deals.Listen now and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


19 Sep 2018

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309: Four Sales Formulas, with Mark Roberge

There are four sales formulas, one for hiring, training, managing, and demand generation for a scalable and repeatable revenue growth model.Mark Roberge, Advisor to HubSpot and former Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot’s Sales Division, is our guest this week on the Conquer Local Podcast. Roberge and George Leith dive deep into his book, Sales Acceleration Formulas. They are four sales formulas, the sales hiring formula, the sales training formula, the sales management formula, and the demand generation formula. One important golden nugget from this week is for salespeople and sales leaders to get away from doing everything the same old way just because that's how their organization has been doing it. We need to apply data and be able to come up with ways to make it better. The most overused word is scalable, but that's what we're all aiming for. It’s to find repeatable models that are scalable to help meet the ever-growing goals in sales organizations.Mark Roberge is the bestselling author of the award-winning book, “The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to Go from $0 to $100 Million”. Mark is one of the instructors for HubSpot Academy's Inbound Sales Certification and also a Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at the Harvard Business School, where he teaches Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing in the second-year MBA program. Prior to his role as CRO, Mark served as SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services at HubSpot, increasing revenue over 6,000% and expanding the team from 1 to 450 employees. As a result, HubSpot placed #33 on the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2011.Subscribe to the podcast now, on iTunes goo.gl/8vPm1B and Google Play goo.gl/uyDsij


6 Nov 2019

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316: Optimizing the Sales Day, with Steve Benson

Thriving in routine by Optimizing the Sales Day and nothing will be forgotten. Work smarter not harder.Steve Benson, CEO and Founder of Badger Maps, kicks off the first Conquer Local episode in 2020! Steve provides conquerors the insight in how to optimize the sales day, from the salespeople on the floor, sales managers, and at the executive level. Steve also tells us how his failures helped him succeed because frankly, SaaS startups are hard.


8 Jan 2020

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