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Adventures in Spirit & Entrepreneurship by Natasha Senkovich

“Adventures in Spirit and Entrepreneurship” is a podcast whose mission is to inspire best ideas for your vision of success, and to help shift and beliefs and patterns that may have kept you from attaining your goals so far. We discuss, in many fascinating conversations, how to shift brain patterns to change your reality, how to make the right decisions, how to use language to pave the way to success, how to use feng shui and astrology to create health and wealth, what daily habits insure success, and so much more! Join me two days a week for inspiring conversations with spiritual entrepreneurs.

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42: Pace Smith - How to get into alignment with your heart so you can make the right choices

Pace Smith is a pathfinding coach, a teacher, a speaker, and a writer. She helps sensitive, spiritual, non-conformists follow their hearts to a wild crazy meaningful life.In today's interview, Pace teaches us how to tune into our heart and be abler to listen to its guidance. Pace explains how, once we know the direction our heart wants us to go, we can chose a path that is in alignment with our true purpose, and find peace and joy. She also gives us some step-by-step guidance on how to start tuning in, and how to make the transition to living a free and wonderful life.


14 Oct 2015

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41: Mimika Cooney - How to make your YouTube channel a success!

Mimika Cooney is a South African born international award winning photographer, TV Host of Mimika TV, published author, business coach, video marketing specialist, motivational speaker, branding strategist and digital marketing expert.In today's interview, Mimika shares her journey to marketing and YouTube success, achieved through her persistent and creative efforts to promote her photography career. She inspires us to action with her stories and her indomitable spirit, as well as teaches us how to succeed with our businesses and achieve success with YouTube. If you are interested in starting a YouTube channel, you must listen to this interview!


10 Aug 2015

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40: Blossom Benedict - How to ask the right questions to get everything you want

Blossom Benedict is an international speaker and transformational coach who has touched thousands of lives with the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness. She spreads the message that anything you desire can be changed, and that it can actually be done with ease, joy, lightness, and, humor.In today's interview, Blossom shares some of the most effective tools of Access Consciousness that really work! Some of the past guests of this podcast have turned their lives completely around using those tools, and now enjoy so much more success and freedom, that I had to find more about this modality. I found Blossom's YouTube channel and was hooked. She agreed to be a guest on the Adventures podcast, and gives us the "secret manual" of how to really create the life you really want (not what you think you want).


20 Jul 2015

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39: Dr. Cynthia Foster – A medical doctor who now heals “incurable ” diseases using alternative healing methods

Dr. Cynthia Foster received her medical degree from the University of Texas, but shifted her focus entirely toward healing with natural methods after healing herself from an incurable disease. Also, she is the author of the popular, and controversial book titled “Stop the Medicine”, and she gives lectures all over the United States and Canada.In today’s interview, Dr. Cynthia shares her harrowing experience of healing herself from seizures and illness, which she began to experience after being vaccinated. She also talks about how modern medicinal drugs are created from herbs and plants, and why herbs in their original form are a much healthier choice. Don’t miss this fascinating interview!


13 Jul 2015

Rank #4

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38: Yamile Yemoonyah - From starving artist to successful entrepreneur helping other creative entrepreneurs & artists succeed online

Yamile Yemoonyah is an artist who mastered the art of online sales, marketing, social media, and SEO so that she could successfully promote and sell her art online instead of in galleries. She later founded CreativeBiz.com so she could help other artists go from starving artist to creative entrepreneur.In today's interview, Yamile talks about how she succeeded in showing her artwork to a wider audience and increasing her sales dramatically by mastering SEO and marketing. She also gives us a great example of how one of her clients got herself completely booked by following Yamile's guidance on local SEO and other marketing techniques. Yamile also gives us some insight on what social media networks work best for creative entrepreneurs.


3 Jul 2015

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37: Claire Sierra - How to receive guidance from your spirit guide and connect to the divine feminine

Claire Sierra is an artist, a speaker, a life purpose coach, expressive arts therapist, and a widely published author. She helps women heal from adrenal exhaustion and compassion fatigue, and find their way back to their authentic feminine abundant expression.In today's interview, Claire talks about how she was able to foster a clear communication with her spirit guides and how she helps others to become more receptive to their own intuitive and inspired guidance. She also shares with us her experience in writing her popular book, "The Magdalene Path", a divinely channeled work about the life of Mary Magdalene after the passing of Jesus.


16 Jun 2015

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36: Patty Lennon – How to run a successful crowd funding campaign and create more abundance by giving more away

Patty Lennon is a national speaker, author, and an expert business coach. She partners with individuals and groups who what to build a business plan that works, learn how to balance dreaming with action to achieve true success and produce transformational events that create real sales.In today’s interview, Patty shares with us her secrets to making a crowd funding campaign super successful without being pushy. She also shares her story of leaving the corporate world in order to help women create lucrative online home-based businesses. This interview is a must-listen for aspirating entrepreneurs !


4 Jun 2015

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35: Mirror Living - How to build a business from a place of peace and inner alignment

Mirror Living is a truth-seeking lover of reality, a group facilitator, writer, expert marketer, and an ukulele playing cat lover. She is also a trained facilitator in the work of Byron Katie and is deeply devoted to any practice that takes us from the head to the beauty of our heart.In today's interview, Mirror shares with us how she created her heart-based and donation-based business after much struggle and soul searching. She also teaches us how to find our own inner alignment, and why being aligned is crucial to growing a successful business.


25 May 2015

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34: Beth Grant - Learn how to identify your unique sales & marketing archetype so you can deliver your message with ease

Beth Grant is a writer, speaker, and thought leader. Her unique business methodology , called the Archeotype Alignment Grid, has revolutionized the way service providers, artists, and entrepreneurs approach sales and marketing. Beth's mission is to encourage people to be themselves in life, in love, and business.In today's interview, Beth details each of the archetypes and explains how trying to market your message using a method that is in conflict with who you really are, can only backfire and alienate your potential clients. She also talks about her spiritual awakening and how, by using a healing modality called Access Consciousness, she was able to clear her emotional blocks relatively quickly and how she now attracts inspiration and prosperity with ease.

1hr 4mins

1 May 2015

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33: Bree Noble - how to grow your business using Facebook and by podcasting (for musicians & entrepreneurs)

Bree Noble is talented singer & songwriter who is passionate about sharing her story and helping others. She has overcome many obstacles in her life, and desires to inspire and help people achieve their goals of health, wealth, and independence.In today's interview, Bree shares how she had a life-changing moment after being hospitalized and decided to use her glaucoma condition as a strength and something that sets her apart, as opposed to treating it as a disability that she kept private. She also gives us some amazing tips on how to use Facebook advertising to grow her audience, and how she succeeded in monetizing her podcast


19 Apr 2015

Rank #10