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Gateway Christian Fellowship is a non denominational church lead by Pastor Lance Bane in West Haven, Connecticut. As a Gateway of hope, we are building a healthy, empowered family, supernaturally experiencing and sharing the Presence of God with our region and beyond. Our mission is to help people experience the kindness of God and lead brilliant lives together. Join us weekly for an encouraging message.

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When You Pray - Part 1

In part of 1 of the series, “When you Pray”, Pastor Lance introduces us to the reality that prayer begins with God’s presence and offers us three unique advantages.


5 Jan 2020

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Rob Morris: Deferred Hope, Defiant Hope

Rob Morris, Founder and Director of Love146, shares a powerful and personal message about cultivating a hope that defies the odds. To know more about Rob and Love146 visit love146.org

6 Nov 2016

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Leif Hetland: Chair One Living in a Chair Three World

In his classic “3 Chairs” message, Leif Hetland identifies how followers of Jesus can live a Chair 1 lifestyle in a Chair 3 world. This message will challenge your lifestyle and inspire you towards good works that will make a difference in the life of another person. To know more about Leif Hetland visit globalmissionawareness.com.


15 Sep 2019

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Trilogy: Walking: Fellowship of the Burning Hearts - Part 2

Legacy requires two tests - leading ourselves and leading others. In this message, Pastor Lance walks us through the relationship between Elijah and Elisha to learn how we can pass the Legacy tests.​​​​​​​


6 May 2018

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The Jericho Road

Life is full of ups and downs, and following Jesus can often take us in directions that seem counterintuitive to our growth and fulfillment. In this message, Bob Sorge shines a light on this paradox and teaches us how to grow and stay faithful in the journey.


11 Nov 2018

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A Simple Walk With A Glad God - Part 1

In this sermon, we begin a new series, talking about the foundational and relational nature of God’s glad heart when it comes to His love for His people and His attitude towards equipping us to walk in a manner worthy of our calling, as dear children of light, instructed to imitate God. Let’s take a Look at how our equipping is not only scientific, academic or programmatic, but relational and not transactional.


24 Mar 2019

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The Gift of Hunger

Hunger is a gift from Jesus, and in the Kingdom, Jesus inspires hunger for Him and tests that hunger in life circumstances.


25 Feb 2018

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We Are: A People Supernaturally Equipped

Jesus is casting His net into the deep waters, fishing for men and women who are swimming in the deep place of His love and truth. Receive a fresh baptism of supernatural power that will bring in the harvest as we are made strong in love and unity.


17 Mar 2019

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Belief While Living With Unbelief

In this week's message, Pastor Lance walks us through a brief overview of Mark 9, pausing to highlight how we can confidently and spontaneously admit the fact that we believe what Jesus says, while wrestling with unbelief. We can be confident in God during our difficult moments of life.


20 Jan 2019

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The Mission of God: Seeing as Jesus Sees - Part 1

When walking among people in everyday life, it’s very important that we see people the way Jesus sees them. Proper seeing leads to helpful action.


27 Oct 2019

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A Simple Walk With a Glad God: Equipped to Feel

As believers, we have been and are being overshadowed by God’s love. We are being awakened to believe what He believes, see what He sees, and feel what He feels. This message from the Song of Solomon explores what God feels, what we are called to feel, and what blocks us from feeling.


12 May 2019

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Difference Makers: From “Now What” to “For What”

In this stirring and challenging message, Pastor Lance shows us that our calling to rebuild the broken walls of people's lives and restore the foundations of people's identity is possible when our faith is authentic and genuine. From Isaiah 58, Pastor Lance highlights our opportunities and reveals what is necessary to accomplish our purpose.


14 Oct 2018

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Difference Makers: Laying A Foundation

In this first message of the new series "Difference Makers", Pastor Lance begins to lay the foundation for how we as a church family are called to make a positive difference in people's lives. Reaching into our recent history, Pastor Lance plays a few prophetic words to remind Gateway of our unique assignment and calling; summoning the church family to give themselves to a life of good works.


7 Oct 2018

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We Are: A People of His Presence

Life offers us moments - both big and small, to remember who we are. When you are struck by life’s circumstance - Who are you? Who are you following? Where are you going? Who is following you? In the first message of this series - "We Are", Pastor Lance reminds us that we are first a people of God’s presence.


6 Jan 2019

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We Are: A People Called to Love - Part 1

We are love motivated as we experience the beauty of God‘s love in our own lives. Since this love is on the course that is empowered by the Holy Spirit, we become world changers.


27 Jan 2019

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Let's Dance

"Humble people put their confidence in the Holy Spirit's ability to speak, not their ability to hear, and in Christ's ability to lead, not their ability to follow." - Jack Deere. Reading through John 14:17 and John 16:13, Pastor Lynn teaches on how the Holy Spirit can influence our lives.


27 May 2018

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The Mission of God: The Calling is a Map

A map is a wonderful help when wanting to explore and find a destination. What maps don’t do is show you unique perspectives as you travel along. Matthew 9:35-38 is a map calling us beyond the water’s line of certainty and this passage highlights three stops that must be made along the way of following Jesus.


17 Nov 2019

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Trilogy: Seated with Inheritance - Part 2

We are seated with an inheritance, so we walk with heaven's resource. As we are seated with our inheritance, we receive life through forgiveness (receiving and giving), a family through adoption, Jesus-likness through kindness and power through weakness.


11 Feb 2018

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Trilogy: Walking: Fellowship of the Burning Hearts - Part 3

We can understand why legacy is important and we can even pass the legacy tests daily. But without a Holy Spirit led examination of our inner world, we risk passing along a legacy that is unhealthy. The question is not if we will pass legacy to others, but rather, how healthy will our legacy be. Using 2 Timothy 3 and Deuteronomy 11, Pastor Lance shares with us two of the four practices necessary to ensure a healthier legacy.Rule of Life - http://brilliantperspectives.com/make-new-years-resolutions-can/


13 May 2018

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The Mission of God: The Narrow Way of Love

In this message, Rob Morris shares an inspirational and challenging call to live life by living the narrow way of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13. Using humor, personal life stories, and powerful illustrations, Rob calls us to role model a different way of life, a loving life in the midst of a mean and divisive culture.


3 Nov 2019

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