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The Folk Archive is an archive of folk traditions, costumes, art and beyond. The Folk Archive's podcast explores through found sounds, poetry, and music on various folkloric themes. Think of it less as a podcast and more as entering a dreamscape.

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A Midsummer Celebration

The Folk Archive presents a celebration of Midsummer through chants and fire.  The Drowned Forest: Tilly Craig (0.55) An Alchemical Chant: Phoebe Placement read by Penny MacBeth (3.41) A Celebration: George MacBeth read by Lally MacBeth (9.06) A Chant for Love: Lally MacBeth (11.23) Monks on 45: Marcus Williamson (15.53) Spell from the Stone: Folk Pile “We held our microphone up to the mouth of the stone and asked him how he has grown so old without death ever sneaking upon him. In a broken language – one built of licked, sap, foam, froth and time – he told us the spell he recites to keep himself from ceasing”  (25.38) Song of a Slow Worm: Amy Lawrence (28.32) All additional music by Penny MacBeth


21 Jun 2021

Rank #1

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Incantations: Part II

The Folk Archive's second soundscape on the theme of incantations. Track listing: 0.00 - Summon Salad Vertumnus: Mollie Goldstrom read by Lally MacBeth 3.00 - Borlowen: Daisy Rickman 10.37 - Incantation for Earth Connection: Alice Ellis-Bray 14.18 - Penny MacBeth 18:54 - Borelesyow bleujyowa: Daisy Rickman 24:54 - An Initiatory Incantation to be recited by whomsoever desires admission to The Order of Women at Windows: Committed to writing by Kyneburgha, First Abbess of the Order: Hannah Saunders 27:45 - Incantation for a New Version of My Old Self: Lally MacBeth 30:28 - A Ritual for Integrating Demons: Tëan Roberts 34:40 - Hoelanmor: Daisy RickmanAll music by Daisy Rickman. credits


25 Mar 2021

Rank #2

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Incantations: Part I

The Folk Archive's first soundscape on the theme of incantations. Released for Imbolc, February 1, 2021With thanks to Kelly Stevens, Rachael Clark, Penny MacBeth, Eythin Island, Sam Horton, Natasha Kozaily, Steve Foster, Champy Bennet and Hector Nit. Credits 00:17 - Incantation Spoken Along a Cornish Lane: Penny MacBeth read by Champy Bennet 03:40 - A Spell for Hope: Kelly Stevens & Rachael Clark 04:55 - Kitchen Spell: Natasha Kozaily 07:44 - An Eythin Spell: found in a book on Eythin Island and read by Sam Horton 09:51 - A Very Long Spell (to be used for enchanting): Lally MacBeth Gemshorn, Recorder & Shruti Box: Penny MacBeth (all words read by Lally MacBeth unless otherwise stated)


1 Feb 2021

Rank #3