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Football Pubcast FA Cup Special

Its been a while but Mike, Jim, Villa supporter Jerome, Arsenal supporter Chris, Pete "I went to a game at the '66 World Cup" Smith and actual Stuart Hoare got together to preview the cup final, have a chat about a few other football matters and read off the screen while watching Sky Sports News. Good times.#football #soccer #facup #arsenal #astonvilla #premierleague #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo


28 May 2015

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FP 203: Under The Hammer

The Pubcasters (Mike, Jim and Chris, with occasional input from Connor and Rich...) got together for the first time in a while to discuss stamping, England and the Football League. Chris had a Dion Dublin exclusive and Jim had praise for another Football podcast (apparently there's more that one!), hopefully we'll be back again soon!#football #soccer #premierleague #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo


26 Mar 2015

Rank #2

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FP 202: "Christmas Special"

We're back! For today anyway. Mike, Jim, Chris and Tom got together over a pint to discuss Jim's influence on the Gillingham managerial race, our respective clubs, the Asian Cup and a few other bits. Enjoy!#football #soccer #premierleague #leagueone #leaguetwo #championship


23 Jan 2015

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FP 201: On the comeback trail...

Clearly someone out there has been a very good boy or girl because here's an early Christmas present! Mike, Jim and Andy headed for a pre-Christmas beer and decided to record a little something, discussing the Champions League, FA Cup, Johnstone's Paint Trophy and all manner of other crap, plus some exciting news relating to a Christmas special!#football #soccer #premierleague #leagueone #leaguetwo #championship #facup #championsleague


12 Dec 2014

Rank #4

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FP 200: The Final Show (for now...)

All good things come to an end. And so, it seems, do some sh*t things to. On a monumental 200th show (complete with theme music), the lads (Mike, Dan, Jim, Chris and part-time Pubcaster Connor) revealed that the show is taking a break. Life has got in the way but don't fear though, we'll hopefully be back at some point and we'll still be our usual, vivacious selves on Twitter. In the meantime it was a cracker, covering the Champions League, Premier League, Football League and even the other Champions League! God speed, thanks for listening and we hope to see you all soon!#football #premierleague #soccer #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo #championsleague


5 Nov 2014

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FP 199: Go Johnny, Go, Go, Go, Go!

Mike, Dan, Chris and Jim were joined this week by Saints fan Doug and Pubcast legend Jerome (briefly) as they crept closer to the magic show 200. There was chat about Mike's cousin, After Eights, the "magic" of the Peruvian Cup and the "magic" of Champions League nights at Anfield. Plus Chris turned into a bit of an animal! We'll be back in two weeks for show two hundred!#football #soccer #premierleague #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo #championsleague


23 Oct 2014

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FP 198: Believe

Dan, Andy and (a very tired) Mike headed down to Spoons this week to discuss a cracking International programme. Plenty of debate about Raheem Sterling, drone attacks, the home nations and the rest of Europe, plus a look around the leagues and some of the general shite you know and love. Please tune in for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on next week's 199th show! #football #soccer #premierleague #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo


15 Oct 2014

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FP 197: Who would win, Wenger or Mourinho?

Mike, Dan and Andy headed down to Spoons this week to talk about the pitchside fisticuffs and autobiographical revelations from the last week. There was also refereeing inconsistency, penalty techniques and some football history that made us feel very old! Plus all the usual tosh that makes us so endearing! #football #soccer #premierleague #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo


8 Oct 2014

Rank #8

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FP 196: Toilet Attendant

Mike, Dan and Chris recorded a bit late this week, but that meant they were able to discuss Dan's experience in a box at Tottenham and Chris' 15 minute conversation from a toilet cubicle. There was lots of Premier League, Champions League and (a little) Football League to mull over, plus a new(ish) iTunes review!#football #soccer #premierleague #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo


3 Oct 2014

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FP 195: Born in Philadelphia

A relatively brief show this week as Mike, Dan, Chris and Jim headed down the pub to discuss ritual sacrifice, mad results, goal music and a lot more. There were also two references to Philadelphia (one the place, one the cheese) which is no doubt a Pubcast first!#football #soccer #premierleague #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo


25 Sep 2014

Rank #10