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R.I.P.: What We Can Learn from Rachel Held Evans

On May 3, 2019, Rachel Held Evans, the 37-year-old popular progressive Christian author, tragically passed away, leaving behind two young children and a husband. Known for questioning and challenging the Evangelical establishment,


9 May 2019

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We’ve Been There All Along: The Surprising History of Christians’ Contribution to Canada’s Political Life

Canada – a country known for her beautiful landscape and friendly people. She’s also known for being rather secular, well on her way to becoming more like Europe. However, what many people don’t seem to remember is how critical a role Christianity play...


15 Mar 2019

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Is Evangelism Wrong?: Discussing Barna’s Findings

Perhaps no other mantra resonates with us more in a pluralistic society than “Live and let live.” (Or today’s cousin, “You do you.”) Could this be behind the disturbing trend noted by Barna? According to some recent findings,


15 Feb 2019

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Feeding Our Bias: The Dangers of an Echo Chamber

A 16-year-old Catholic high school student was thrown onto the stage of national awareness when he had a confrontation with a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Seeing in this incident,


24 Jan 2019

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The Lost World of Adam and Eve: An Interview with John Walton

Much ink has been spilled over the interpretation of the very beginning of the Bible. Are we to understand the creation days as literal 24-hour days, epochs, or something else? Who were Adam and Eve, and what is the biblical text trying to communicate ...


22 Nov 2018

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More than Pixels: Exploring a Theology of Video Gaming

Remember the Super Mario Bros.? Some 30 years ago, video gaming was a harmless and pixelated diversion. However, the growing sophistication in video gaming technology is forcing us to raise some interesting questions.


18 Apr 2019

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Arrested Development: Discussing Insights from the Renegotiating Faith Study

You may remember the study, Hemorrhaging Faith, a number of years ago which looked into the phenomenon of millennials leaving the church in large numbers in Canada. There’s been a follow-up study that was done to look at the transitioning period for yo...


2 Feb 2019

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Adam and Eve and the Human Genome: An Interview with Dennis Venema

In discussing the historical Adam and Eve, the discussion on evolution can’t be missed. How might a scientist specializing in the area of genetics look at this issue? For this second instalment of our three-part series on historical Adam and Eve,


30 Nov 2018

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Faith Beyond Belief: An Interview with Jojo Ruba

Are you looking for solid Canadian apologetics ministries? Steve is back this week to introduce you to one of them. In this week’s episode, he interviews Jojo Ruba, the Executive Director of Faith Beyond Belief,


22 Sep 2018

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Modern-Day Hermits: The Global Threat of Social Withdrawal

From a battery-operated fan attached to chopsticks to cool down noodles, to people who get paid to shove people onto the commuter train during rush hours, Japan has a reputation for strange things. Have you heard of the hikikomori?


8 Feb 2019

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Confident Pluralism: An Interview with Dr. John D. Inazu

We live in a society with a plurality of views. This can be a good thing, but, as we’ve all been observing lately in the realm of politics, this is most certainly a challenging thing. How should we, Christians and non-Christians alike,


29 Sep 2018

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Mere Molinism: Reconciling Human Freedom and God’s Foreknowledge

Pull out a pad of paper and pen, put your thinking caps on, and jump into this second half of Steve’s interview with Tim Stratton, the executive director of Free Thinking Ministries. What are the two pillars of mere Molinism,


10 Nov 2018

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Why Does God Allow Evil?

While some objections to Christianity seem to be more or less time-bound fads, others seem to be perennial. The question of evil and suffering is one such question. This is particularly a problem for the Judeo-Christian worldview which posits an all-po...

1hr 7mins

31 Aug 2018

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A Theology of Adventure: Contemplating the Ethics of Risk

It’s a good habit as Christians to debrief on media that we just consumed. Be it movies, TV shows, or the news, what does our Christian worldview have to say about what we just saw and listened to? This exercise led today’s edition of the AC Podcast af...


22 Mar 2019

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Adam and Eve in an Old Earth Worldview: An Interview with C. John Collins

We’ve had a lot of good feedback from our listeners on the series of historical Adam and Eve, so we are back with another episode for the series. This time, Andy and Terry invited Dr. C. John Collins, Professor of Old Testament from Covenant Theologica...


14 Dec 2018

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The Future of Apologetics: With Voices from the Past

If you’ve been a regular listener, you are in for a treat. As the AC Podcast celebrates its 200th episode milestone, Terry and Steve bring on a blast (two, to be exact) from the past. Join us for this special edition of the AC Podcast where we retrace ...


5 Oct 2018

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Adam and Eve in a Young Earth Worldview: An Interview with John Mark Reynolds

When it comes to the Genesis creation account and historical Adam and Eve, a young earth creationist view is perhaps the most well-known contender inside the church. It certainly is well-known outside the church as the culture at large takes it to be a...


7 Dec 2018

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AC Does Denver: An Update from ETS / EPS 2018

Andy, Steve, and Terry are in nerd haven this week at the 70th annual Evangelical Theological (and Philosophical) Society meetings. What are some sessions they didn’t make it to, and what are some takeaways from the sessions they attended?


16 Nov 2018

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Why Freedom Matters: The Importance of Free Will in Love and Rationality

Freedom is a highly prized concept in the West, particularly in North America. In order for us to have freedom, we need free will. But what is this thing called free will? How do different people understand it? Is it even possible?


3 Nov 2018

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Authentically Emergent: An Interview with Dr. R. Scott Smith

You may remember names such as Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Tony Jones, and others from the so-called Emergent Church movement that gained popularity about 10 years ago. Now largely forgotten with some rare exceptions,


11 Oct 2018

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