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No matter the industry, leaders need to hold these things dear: Who we serve. How we serve. Why we serve. This is "People. Process. Service.," a Frontline Source Group podcast.

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The Process of Storytelling with Mike Snyder

It was story time on this week’s episode of People, Process, Service, as a true professional in the field of broadcast journalism came into the MarketScale studio to chat withhosts Bill Kasko, President and CEO of Frontline Source Group, and Tyler Kern, MarketScale publisher. Mike Snyder is head of communications at the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. Still, residents of Dallas, TX, might know him better from his three decades as a News Anchor and Correspondent at NBC-5 (KXAS). Snyder shared his career filled with stories of people and the changing process of delivering news to the community. Snyder viewed his role as a reporter as providing a service to the community, and he realized early on that storytelling was the key to success in reaching people and delivering relevant information. And in that effort, Kasko and Kern were not to be left disappointed. From his early start as a disc jockey to his eventual role as a news reporter, Snyder spentthe podcast telling stories of his career in news, which took him to Russia during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and his long-term friendship with Jerry Lewis. “It’s the people I’ve met in life along the way who have helped me make the transition from amateur news reporter to a professional storyteller,” Snyder said. What about the state of news today? Snyder provided a lot of thoughts and insight. “What passes for news today is a convenience in between commercials,” Snyder said. “We need to get back to real reporting (and) dig into things that are important and matterto people.”

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24 Dec 2019

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How to Run a City in the Sky with Adam Bernhardt

What does it take to run the 32nd tallest building in the United States? On this week’s episode of People, Process, Service, Adam Bernhardt, VP, and Senior General Manager at JLL discussed the process of servicing people working in a 1.85 million-square-foot office tower, noted for its iconic green lights outlining the building. Naturally, this doesn’t happen alone. Bernhardt said he relies on the efforts of a team of many people to keep day-to-day operations running smooth. Because of the changing nature in the way businesses work today, Bernhardt said the building has more business tenants then they used to have. “As technology comes in, one employee can do more and be more productive with fewer resources, so we have more tenants, but they are taking up the same amount of space as when we had fewer.” The advantage of having more tenants, Bernhardt said, is more diversity in the types of businesses sharing the building space. This diversity creates a sustainable environment that not only benefits the community of businesses but the building as well. As for the type of people Bernhardt looks to help manage a building of this scale, “they have to be service-oriented,” Bernhardt said. “What we’re trying to do for our tenants is make it a great environment. It’s having the right people trained to provide the right service and teaching them to see how that’s important to create that environment.”


18 Dec 2019

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The Story of a Global Marketing Entrepreneur: A Conversation with Author and Marketing Guru, Amine Bentahar

When it comes to Marketing, there’s perhaps no more worldly of a digital specialist than Amine Bentahar, author of “Voice Search: The New Search Engine,” and COO of Advantix Digital, a full-service marketing agency. Bentahar joins host Bill Kasko, CEO of Frontline Source Group, for Frontline’s “People. Process. Service.” podcast to recount his exciting global career and divulge what continues to drive him as an entrepreneur. Much like Frontline’s three pillars, “People, Process, Service,” Bentahar too has his backbone for success, siting mentorship, diligence, and providing value as some of his guiding principles. As a Moroccan immigrant and son of a freedom-fighter farmer, Bentahar’s story is rich with grit, determination, and spirit. The multi-lingual digital specialist got his start with Hyatt, quickly moving around to global companies like Microsoft and Hilton Worldwide. Bentahar finally found his ideal role when signing on as a partner with Advantix, and completely restructuring the agency from the ground up. It is here, at Advantix, that Bentahar’s brainchild “Digital Due Diligence” was born. Bentahar claims he acquired invaluable knowledge from his experiences, attributing much of his holistic knowledge of marketing to working all over the world. “I don’t think I’ve ever had bad experiences,” Bentahar said, “Some are better than others. But I think everywhere I’ve gone I’ve learned something.” Bentahar brings his wise and worldly perspective to Advantix, in both creating teams and providing digital consulting to companies all over the world.


27 Nov 2019

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The Journey of Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Begins with Junior Achievement, with Jan Murfield

Jan Murfield, President, Junior Achievement of Dallas joined host Tyler Kern, and Bill Kasko, President and CEO, Frontline Source Group, Inc, to discuss her passion for Junior Achievement. The Junior Achievement organization is the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to educating students in grades K-12 about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy through hands-on training. Kasko’s excitement about this topic stems from his journey as a kid in the Junior Achievement company program. Murfield noted, “kids who go through the Junior Achievement company program are two and a half times more likely to start their own business than the general population.” Murfield’s passion for non-profit work and teaching financial literacy led her to her current role with Junior Achievement of Dallas. “What a great thing,” said Murfield, “to go to kids who are from underserved communities and show them about budgeting. Think of the difference this could make in the lives of these kids.” Volunteers are essential for the success of Junior Achievement. Murfield said they need 5,000 volunteers this year to service 55,000 students in the greater Dallas area. The types of volunteers Murfield looks for to support Junior Achievement’s mission are people who want to give back to the community, but also love kids. All kinds of entrepreneurs from the Dallas area are needed to help teach children, even for just a single one-hour class. This program makes a huge difference in children’s lives, and Lopez said, students who enroll in the Junior Achievement program increase their odds of attending college after high-school graduation.


11 Dec 2019

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Bobby Barajas' Journey to IT Success with Bill Kasko

Everyone's journey to success is different, but learning about these journeys can be educational, uplifting, inspirational, and informative. Frontline Source Group's podcast "People. Process. Service" aims to highlight these inspirational people and the road, often unconventional, they took to get there. Today's guest is Bobby Barajas Chief Revenue Officer at GuideIT. It was just one simple call from an old friend that sent Bobby on a journey building a sales organization from the front end, a new approach at the time for the IT industry, in the early 2000s. Today, he finds himself in charge of all the revenue for GuideIT. Barajas looks back to his own journey and how it affects how he chooses team members and what qualities stand out to him, like the ability to create and sustain relationships. Though not a stand-out student, Barajas had other attributes that lead him into a natural role excelling in sales. "The fundamental foundation of consistently delivering in business is process," said Barajas, harkening back to seeing the success of the process in a franchise like McDonald's. Today, a consistent, written process is what keeps GuideIT churning along with success, from making sales to hiring new team members. Barajas even touches on family life, and how the patience and flexibility developed on the job are qualities that can and should bolster home life. Barajas’ perspective on people, process, and service exudes the wisdom of a person with years of experience working closely with people.


5 Dec 2019

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