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Supporting the British Armed Forces in the UK and overseas.Forces Radio BFBS beams a unique mix of music, news and entertainment around the world. We have stations in 12 countries, including Afghanistan, Brunei, Canada, the Falklands, Germany and Nepal. Hear the full service on the free app, Sky Guide 0211, Freesat Channel 786, or right here on the web at www.forces.net/radio

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Away From You – The Story Of The Afghan Interpreters

Learn about the Afghans who risked their lives for the British and what campaigners say are the failures of those in power to protect them. Working closely on the ground with British service personnel, they became not just interpreters but also cultural advisers and friends to many who served alongside them. After the withdrawal of the British, some of the interpreters and their families were invited to live in the UK although many remain in Afghanistan. Producer: William Warren Executive Producer:  Mario Chrisostomou 


7 Dec 2018

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The House That Disco Built with Neil Moore & Lenny Fontana

House Music has been a mainstream part of the Music Industry since the mid-80’s. Many of it’s roots lie in the disco era, with many of the House music scenes biggest tracks sampling Disco classics. In this Forces Radio BFBS Original Music special, we take a journey into the New York 70’s Disco scene, find out about the leading lights of the time, how the Ministry of Sound in London took its design and technical set up inspiration direct from New York’s clubs, in particular, the Paradise Garage. Plus we’ll share a handful of massive House Anthems and the tracks from the Disco era that provided the tools to the House producers of the 90’ and Naughties.


2 Nov 2018

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'I Am Invictus'

‘I Am Invictus’ is the sequel to the award-winning radio documentary ‘I Am Unconquered’. The programme follows three Invictus Games athletes, examining their heroic acts and everyday struggles. Stories range from a veteran who survived one of the most intense fights of the Afghanistan conflict to a former Corporal in the Army evocatively describing her sight loss. Told in their own words, these intimate tales provide an inspirational look into some of the difficulties veterans face and speak of the transformative power of sport.


12 Oct 2018

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Amy Casey chats to Flt Lt Dan Lowes AKA Red 5

In the centenary year of the RAF, 2018 is the Royal Acrobatic teams 54th flying season and arguably one of their most important...


7 Aug 2018

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Stammering In The Military - The Unspeakable Truth

One in every hundred adults has a stammer. Many of those suffering from speech impediments are carrying out day-to-day jobs under intense and stressful situations where the effect of a stammer is put to the test. So how do they cope if they're serving?


6 Aug 2018

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Lenny Fontana's House Sound Of New York

Legendary House DJ and producer Lenny Fontana has recorded an exclusive two-hour music special for Forces Radio BFBS. Fontana shares personal anecdotes about his life and career with Forces Radio BFBS Producer, Neil Moore, starting with his formative years in New York when he absorbed a diverse range of music.  

1hr 53mins

4 Jul 2018

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M16 - The Weapons That Changed The World

There’s much to admire about the incredibly designed weapon which stands as the longest continuously serving rifle in American military history...


5 Jun 2018

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Missing On Patrol: Finding Alan

In this special programme, we follow key moments in Ann Addis' relentless search for her son and listen to previously unbroadcast tapes offering us a look into a mother’s search for the truth.


5 Jun 2018

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Just A Bowl Of Cherries

Generations apart, Invictus athlete Poppy Pawsey talks with her grandmother about the sacrifices women made to keep the RAF flying during the horrors of WWII.


17 May 2018

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Coming Home Chris Thrall

Coming Home: Chris Thrall tells the story of a Royal Marine turned to the Triads and Crystal Meth. The programme presents a frank yet funny look into addiction, how we treat our veterans and human resilience.


17 May 2018

Rank #10