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Brilliant inventions, fresh product designs, iconic brand names and artistic creativity are not only the building blocks of successful business - they deliver a better world for us all. But these valuable forms of intellectual property must be protected in order to flourish. We are the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys - the UK's largest intellectual property organisation. Our hosts Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts chat with entrepreneurs, creatives, patent attorneys and the occasional judge about how patents, trade marks, designs and copyright can improve our lives and solve problems for humanity.

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IP Draughts

How do you stay up to date with all the latest news from the world of IP? By reading the blog IP Draughts of course! This week Lee and Gwilym are joined by Mark Anderson and AnnMarie Humphries to talk about why they started IP draughts, the work of Anderson Law LLP and all the latest IP news. 


27 May 2021

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AI with Ryan Abbott

Robots are sexy... and reasonable! Ryan Abbott, author of "The Reasonable Robot", professor of Law at the University of Surrey, physician scientist and acupuncturist, joins Lee and Gwilym for our second installment of our Artificial Intelligence series. Ryan talks about the debates surrounding AI being listed as the inventor on patent applications (DABUS), the future of AI in IP and the wider legal system.You can find the link to Ryan's book "The Reasonable Robot" here: https://ryanabbott.com/publications/


20 May 2021

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Mental Health Awareness Week

There's a rogue pea in the pod! Past CIPA President and head of IP Inclusive Andrea Brewster is our guest host for Mental Health Awareness Week. Lee and Andrea are joined by Mental Health consultant to Jonathan's Voice, June Dent and Tim Fray from Loven Patents and Trademarks to talk about mental health in  IP. They talk about the work of Jonathan's Voice in helping leaders look after their team's mental health, what we get right or wrong when addressing wellbeing in the workplace, and the importance of feeling valued and listened to. If you are struggling with your mental health here are some useful contacts:informalswelfare@gmail.comJonathan's Voice (jonathansvoice.org.uk)Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Legal… | LawCare, 0800 279 6888Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen 116 123


13 May 2021

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Food and IP

What is the relationship between rights and recipes? Laura Clews from Mathys and Squire takes Lee and Gwilym through the world of food and IP, from warring caterpillar cakes through to protecting trade secrets, recipe hacking and patenting innovation within the food industry.


30 Apr 2021

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With Tim Moss

Tim Moss is back! This time he tells Lee and Gwilym about the Intellectual Property Office's new Digital Strategy and how the IPO has been managing throughout the pandemic. 


29 Apr 2021

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Sport and IP

It all started with a dart board... Sport is a huge driver of innovation. You have to continuously innovate to perform better than your competitors and even simple innovation can significantly enhance an athletes performance. Matthew Fletcher and Anne-Marie Conn from Abel and Imray take Lee and Gwilym through the importance of protecting these innovations, litigation and how patenting helps companies stay competitive. 


23 Apr 2021

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How does the patent system and the development of vaccines sit together? This week on Two IPs in A Pod, Anton Hutter of  Venner Shipley and Frank Tietze of Cambridge University join hosts Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts to chat through their views on COVID 19, vaccines and the IP industry. 


11 Mar 2021

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Social Media

Can somebody please help Gwilym find out what a meme is?! This week we’re joined by Rebecca O’Kelly-Gillard to chat about the role of IP within Social Media. Copyright still exists within social media, but how do you protect your rights and enforce them on platforms designed to share content? Rebecca takes Lee and Gwilym through the role of your Digital Footprint, cross platform content rights, common social media myths, and advice for small businesses selling through social media.


3 Mar 2021

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Artificial Intelligence

Is Norman a good name for a robot? This week Lee and Gwilym are joined by IBM's Anita Shaw, Manny Schecter and Rashik Parmar to take an exciting dive into the world of AI. Starting with the question, what is AI, through to the future effects it could have on the world of work, innovation and patentability. 


16 Feb 2021

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Women in STEM

Today is International Women in STEM Day. To celebrate, Lee and Gwilym are sitting down with three female Patent Attorneys, Olivia Johansson, new council member Monika Rai and CIPA President Alicia Instone to talk about why they chose to pursue STEM, what can be done to encourage more girls to be involved and why we need more female role models within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics sector.  


10 Feb 2021

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