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Inside and Offside: The Coaching Life

Welcome to Coaching Life! Join me on my coaching journey while I navigate the world of youth soccer. Discussing techniques and tactics, mental performance, training sessions, game recaps, and everything in between!

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#12 - Playing the Two Best Teams in the League in 5 days (+ a Fun Day!)

This week we played two really tough games with one game not going to plan.... Also find out what we did for our "fun day"!Twitter and Instagram: @coachtimw16


27 Oct 2021

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#11 - Training Defensive Organization

Our fall season is quickly coming to an end! This week we worked on several different defending principles to get ready for two tough games. Twitter and Instagram: @coachtimw16


20 Oct 2021

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#10 - Final Tournament of the Fall - Managing Activation

This week I review our final tournament of the fall season! It was an incredibly fun weekend down in Illinois! I also discuss activation, how that influences performance, and how you can help your players manage it!


13 Oct 2021

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#9 - Solving the Problem

This week I focused on "solving the problem" in training! It was an awesome way to approach designing sessions and I will be using it in the future! Twitter and Instagram: @coachtimw16


6 Oct 2021

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#8 - 4 Games in 4 Days!

This week I break down 4 games in 4 days! I talk about everything from stressful team lunches to one of the worst games I've ever seen and our first win (plot twist: they were the same game)! Twitter and Instagram: @coachtimw16


29 Sep 2021

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#7 - Playing Against a Team That is WAY Better Than You

This week on Inside and Offside, I break down our attacking-focused week and the first league game of the season! Let's just say....they were pretty good! But we did the best we could! Twitter and Instagram: @coachtimw16


25 Sep 2021

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#6 - First Tournament of the Season!

This week I breakdown our first tournament of the season! Lots of positives and lots of things to work on. I also talk about my system for recognizing players post-game and giving out "awards".Twitter and Instagram - @coachtimw16


16 Sep 2021

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#5 - What is Your Recipe for Success on Matchday?

This week, I break down another week of training and scrimmage and talk about my matchday success "recipe"! @coachtimw16 - Twitter and Instagram


8 Sep 2021

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#4 - Creating Our List of Team Standards

This week I breakdown our second week of the season and discuss how we created our list of team standards! @coachtimw16 on Twitter and Instagram! What Drives Winning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY_r-2oocx4


1 Sep 2021

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#3 - Reviewing the First Week of the Season

This week I breakdown our first week of the season! After our first two training sessions got rained out, we could finally start training and get a scrimmage in. The first week of a new season is always a lot of fun but involves a lot of planning, reflecting, and, sometimes, frustration!Follow me on social media! @coachtimw16 on Twitter and Instagram


25 Aug 2021

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