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7 Apr 2019

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5 May 2019

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雅思口语P1 Do you like the area that you live in(新题目)

Not a big deal 没什么大不了的Get close to 很近Around my neighborhood 我家附近


6 Apr 2019

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14 Apr 2019

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雅思口语P2 Describe an occasion that you had the incorrect information

Take part in this final examination one more time next semester 下个学期还要参加补考I was wondering why 我想知道原因With the perfect results 成绩优秀Life is full of ups and downs 生活处处是惊喜


1 May 2019

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雅思口语P2 Describe a newly built public facility that influences your city(新)

The building was formally opened last year 剧院去年正式开放10 performance venues 10个表演场地It hosts over 100 performances each year 剧院承办了每年超过100场的演出More than one thousand visitors take a guided tour of the building every year 每年有1000多名游客参观这座建筑


11 Apr 2019

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雅思口语P2 Describe the free time after working or studying(新)

本期节目由于设备问题导致音量很小/现在已经新更新一切/完全正常/谢谢大家的建议和谅解After a hard day of work or study 一天忙碌之余Approximately 大约I have mentioned above 我之前提到过的My perfect partner 我的最佳拍档


12 Apr 2019

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雅思口语P2 Describe a time that you invited family or friends to have dinner

I have visitors 有人来我家看我As a reward 作为奖励Having fun 开心时刻At the back of my house 房子后面的(花园)


3 May 2019

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