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The podcast where we figure out whether or not we peaked in high school. Hosted by Zach Raffio, HaleyJane Rose, and Edward Precht.

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The Back Brace Years (w/ Jamie Loftus)

Jamie Loftus (Robot Chicken, Paste Magazine) joins us to recount her high school years - including wearing a back brace for 22 hours a day, rival towns, teachers sending students dick pics, teachers convincing students to do drugs, and passing out before the big oboe performance. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, & leave a little baby comment! Follow Jamie! @jamiechristsuperstar (Instagram) @jamieloftusHELP (Twitter) Follow us! @meetcutecast (Twitter/Instagram) Reach out! peakedpodcast@gmail.com Theme Song: "Still" by Boy Band


17 Sep 2019

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