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What's the Deal???

Ayo, what happened this week? You don't even know do you? Check in with Steve Discourse and Jay Calli as they disect the biggest headlines of the week.

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War with Iran for No Fxxkin Reason???

What up family! This week National Security Advisor John Bolton is really trying to start a war with Iran... to keep from crying we laugh at his ugly mug. We also gotta dig into these abortion ban bills, and we answer the question: why is the US birthrate hitting a 32 year record low???And you CAN'T MISS our one person conversation about Game of Thrones! What more would you need from a podcast??????


19 May 2019

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Jussie Smollett... and Other Important News

What’s the Deal???!!  We’re back people, after slaving in the studio for hours we’re giving y’all a DIAMOND of an episode this week! Don’t thank us. We do it for the people. This week we had to talk about it: JUSSIE. SMOLLET. *Insert deep sigh* Also, R. Kelly. We finally got his ass on charges! Go millennials! Later we touch on how white supremacy is alive and well with a Coast Guard lieutenant planning a massacre against a lot of public figures! Voter fraud is on and popping in North Carolina (this state can’t take any more L’s). Later in the episode we talk about a lot of education related stories. A 6th grade student arrested over the Pledge of Allegiance, and some educators are out here saving lives while others are literally starving kids because they can’t read. It’s crazy out here. Tune in and please, tell us what you think! #whatsthedealpod


23 Feb 2019

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The Green Book, the Cohen Testimony and Fear of an LGBT Planet

AAAAYYYEE!!! We're back again with more heat! The Oscars, in honor of Black History Month, tried to shed its "so white" reputation, but not without controversy! Trump's long time lawyer and "fixer" Michael Cohen finally made his appearance before Congress and it was... pointless???? Kim Jong Un owns Trump at the nuclear summit: still got their nukes and Trump publicly sides with Kim instead of the family of Otto Warmbier who was tortured by N Koreans and later died. Finally, LGBT rights took a few hits as progress in Alaska and within the United Methodist Church fall short.


3 Mar 2019

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Chicago Teacher's Strike: Education Revisted

The past week teachers in Chicago have been on strike. What makes this strike particularly interesting is their demands. BEFORE they discuss their own pay and benefits, teachers are demanding that various issues related to student welfare are addressed, including hiring librarians, nurses and other staff which many schools in the city lack.Earlier in 2019 Steve Discourse and Jay Calli explored these complex issues and we thought this would be a perfect time to revisit some of our conversations. Here we have interviews with teacher Brandon Frye, and school psychologist Jasmine Fassett. Student success is tied to SO MUCH more than just teachers presenting material, and these two AMAZING educators help us dig deep into the needs, obstacles and best practices to benefit the WHOLE student.As always your reviews, likes, and shares help us A LOT to get exposure to new listeners! Find us on IG @SteveDiscourse (twitter too) and @itsJayCalli.It takes a lot of time and money to produce this show, so if you're feeling love for us, go to Patreon.com/whatsthedeal to become a supporter, or bless us through CashApp and Venmo @WTDpod! Thank you!!!!!


18 Oct 2019

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Is Joe Biden even worth it?

We're back again with another round of the best political analysis on the web!You'll never guess if Joe Biden announced he's running for President! (hint: he did) Elizabeth Warren lays out the plan to forgive all that damn student debt that won't leave you alone.  How grocery shopping is killing the environment! LOL.And a couple more stories too important to mention here! Stay after the end to hear our very special Avengers: Endgame spoiler convo!!!


27 Apr 2019

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Ayesha Curry Got You Defensive Ha?

Yeeeeeooooooowwww! We're back and we got a doozy this week. Follow us on Instagram @stevediscourse and @itsjaycalliAyesha Curry had a lot of fellas int their feelings, exposing THEIR insecurities Should social media really be censoring speech? (And how Twitter can't tell white supremacists and Republican lawmakers apart) Another school shooting, as teachers get the right to pack heat in classrooms And the moment we've all been waiting for!!!! Trump's TAXES!!!! You know we got more than that on deck so tune in ASAP!


11 May 2019

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#DontMuteDC and Lousiana Terrorist Holden Matthews

We're back with a LOT on our minds. Some bad, but some good too!We gotta discuss the terrorist attacks on 3 Louisiana churches, How a white couple and their 6 adopted black children all ended up dead, #DontMuteDC, Georgetown students vote for reparations, and more.


13 Apr 2019

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Amazon Dumps NYC on V-Day??? And The Green New Deal, Whatever That Is

It’s that time of the week again. What’s the Deal is back with a brand new episode. This week we talk about another mass shooting right at the one-year anniversary of the Parkland shooting. Also, what’s y’all president getting us into now? He signed an emergency rooted in a total lie! Amazon’s plan to take over the world just hit a major halt in NYC. Speaking of taking over the world, there’s a robot epidemic as robots learn to steal our voices and manipulate what we say! Soon almost all calls will be made by robots. Finally, the climate change information that you didn’t even know you needed, The Green New Deal. Tune in Now! Don’t miss out. What’s the Deal???


16 Feb 2019

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COLD AS HELL: the Weather AND Republicans

CORRECTION: We mistakenly reported that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam planned to resign. As of Saturday he has no plans to resign. We apologize for the error! Thanks for continuing to rock with us!! We're back for another week, continuing our conversation on the current state of Education in DC/America. Today we have school psychologist Jasmine Fassett to give us the inside scoop on how schools are handling educational disabilities. Also, Virginia kicking off black history month right by instating a new black Governor. That's right, Governor Ralph Northam was outed as a racist and he's getting the boot. What's the Deal with Republicans always tripping? Apparently giving people the day off to vote is a twisted Democrat agenda. And temperatures have been below freezing all week! How can we help the homeless? Tune in to hear these stories and more! AS ALWAYS Like, Subscribe and Share. It means so much to us.


2 Feb 2019

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Sir Savage the 21st, SOTU run down, and Liam Neeson redeemed???

What’s the Deal everybody, we’re back with another one! This week our heads are spinning from all the crazy news. Steve Discourse and JayCalli have a little discourse of their own trying to decide What’s the Deal with Liam Neeson admitting to wanting to kill black men. Apparently, VA has been keeping all the racist democrats to themselves. *Shakes fist at heavens* Also, your president didn’t let us down with the SOTU address, or did he? Sir Savage the 21st was arrested by ICE but what does that really mean for the state of immigration services in the US? Tune and to hear all this and more! As always if you love what you hear please like and subscribe! Leave us a review! Share with your friends, loved ones and total strangers stuck in traffic in the car next to you!


9 Feb 2019

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Elizabeth Warren Trolls Facebook

This week Steve Discourse and Jay Calli touch bases on the Chicago teacher strike, homelessness, and the tragic police killing of Atatiana Jefferson. We also ask why Elizabeth Warren is trolling Mark Zuckerberg and should Facebook be fact checking political ads, or just rake in the cash? We also ALSO ask our political analyst Jim Becker to try and give us all the details on the Impeachment Inquiry without really giving us ALL the details cause there's A LOT to sift through.As always comment you thoughts and feedback to us on Instagram and sometimes Twitter @Stevediscourse and @itsJayCalli. You can also send us support through CashApp and Venmo @WTDpod and www.Patreon.com/whatsthedeal


22 Oct 2019

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Cardi B vs Jussie: Scandal Championships

Ladiiiiiiieesss and Gentelemaaaaaan! This week we have a world class heavy weight bout! Will challenger Cardi B's history of robbery earn her the Championship Scandal Belt or will Jussie Smollet's recent freedom be enough retain the crown? In other news, Florida thinks girls can be too immature to have an abortion, but mature enough to raise a child??? Trump's cockamamie plan to tear down Obamacare And Robert Mueller's report... is still hanging in the air.


30 Mar 2019

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What's Justice? R Kelly, Paul Manafort and Minimum Wages

Family! Welcome back with us for another episode! This week we really ask: what is justice?Is Paul Manafort's 47 month sentence justice, or is he getting off easy? R Kelly is catching all the heat while others have gotten off easier. Is that justice? People's WALLETS need some justice! Democrats want to raise the minimum wage, while Whole Foods cut back employee hours. Escaping domestic violence can cost high fees for early rental termination. Arkansas tries to bring some justice to those fleeing abuse. Finally what is justice when police harm civilians? A Florida officer is convicted of manslaughter, meanwhile officers in California and New York City dodge murder and rape charges.


9 Mar 2019

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Trump Verses the Cancer Windmills

Ok listen up folks! ...wait don't listen, it might not be safe. According to Donald Trump, the sound from wind turbines can give us cancer!Instead of listening, read the transcript of this week's episode. Steve Discourse and Jay Calli discuss:-The legacy and pitfalls of Nipsey Hussle, -How 2 biker gangs murdered 7 people and got off scott free, -getting spied on by Air BnB -and how your cute little tote bags apparently won't save us from total annihilation! Don't worry we'll be alright!


6 Apr 2019

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Artificial Intelligence Moderating Your DMs!

*drumroll please*YES that's right, hosts Steve Discourse and Jay Calli are BACK with their long awaited, anticipated, highly demanded, triumphant return to podcasting! (now on Spotify!)In this week's episode we discuss the most recent Trump social media scandal and the tragic and confusing fallout from the Amber Guyger murder verdict. We also explore the connection between rent prices and homelessness, and ask if it makes any sense AT ALL for Artificial Intelligence to be faking like humans in your comments section.We also shamelessly beg... er... proudly request your financial support. We LOVE doing this podcast, and we LOVE the conversations it inspires with our listeners, but the podcast takes time and money. If you're feeling what we do and want to contribute hit us with a one-time payment on CashApp and Venmo @WTDpod or go to www.patreon.com/whatsthedeal to sign up as an ongoing supporter to make monthly payments. Anything helps, both financially AND as inspiration to keep pushing on this podcast journey! THANK YOU!


15 Oct 2019

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Is it BE-chella or BEY-chella?

AAAAAYYYYEEE! Lots of controversy in this episode!Steve Discourse attempts to gentrify the word Beychella (unless Jay Calli can stop him), and we debate if its ok to walk a dog through an HBCU campus. We also have exclusive info on the Mueller Report, dish out why ride share drivers are broke, and lots more info you need to know!And special shout out to WOL News in Washington, DC for hosting us on their website!


20 Apr 2019

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The Mueller mixtape: Poppin, or nah???

Once again, its on!!! Steve Discourse and Jay Calli are back to serve up hot takes and deep cuts. On Friday, Robert Mueller dropped his much anticipated mixtape, I mean report, on potential Russian collusion during the 2016 election campaign. Is it a bomb or a dud? Indiana police treat teachers like hostages to "train" them for mass shooter scenarios. Asian actresses are stealing all the good roles from white actors. Trump just might have the solution to bloated college tuition??? See his 10-point plan here.And more! Don't miss it!


23 Mar 2019

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College Bribery: Why Apply, Just Cut a Check

What up what up what up! We're back again with LOTS to talk about. We explore bigotry and racism over the New Zealand Mosque shooting and Toyota's racist lending practices. We also discuss high profile convictions in the Catholic sex abuse scandal, jaguar attacks and OF COURSE, the juicy college bribery scandal.


17 Mar 2019

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Govt Shutdown... IS IT OVER??? Plus: Should we Cancel Kamala Harris?

WHAT UUUUUPPP! Steve Discourse and Jay Calli are back again with your weekly news fix.We dive into the agreement to end the government shutdown with our political expert Jim Becker; updates on the Sebring, FL mass shooting; and we also ask, are we cancelling people TOO QUICKLY these day? To answer that we explore 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris' professional record as a prosecutor in California.We also continue our ongoing conversation on education with DC born and raised middle school educator Brandon Frye! He and Jay Calli break down the surprising challenges and roles teachers and their students face both inside  and outside school walls. Follow us on Instagram @Stevediscourse and @itsjaycalli. And as always please subscribe, share and leave us a review where ever you listen!

1hr 2mins

26 Jan 2019

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WhopperGate, More Govt Shutdown and Make Smart Cool with Anthony Tilghman

LOTS going on in this episode! Be sure to subscribe and definitely follow us @SteveDiscourse and @itsJayCalli *warning explicit language this episode* We got Whoppergate at the White House--Cardi B serving political asswhoopin--A big scoop in the Russia investigation... or maybe not--Sentencing for Jason Van Dyke--DOJ taking land for the border --and DC Mayor Bowser with a controversial veto in the city! This episode we also kick off our series of conversations on the education system in the United States. We start with a conversation with Anthony Tilghman the Executive Director of Make Smart Cool, a nonprofit doing youth outreach, tutoring, mentoring, book clubs and so much more! Find out more and plug in at the website MakeSmart.Cool and across all social media  and hashtags makesmartcool! That's the Deal!!!


19 Jan 2019

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