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Sound Waves is the official podcast of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a national charity that empowers young people aged 8-24 to embrace their future after cancer. When treatment ends, the Trust’s work begins as, for many young people, picking up where they left off before their diagnosis isn’t possible. On Sound Waves, the Trust community comes together to discuss themes and spark conversations relevant to anyone impacted by cancer in young people. From mental health to staying safe in the sun, from survivor's guilt to reflecting on where life has taken people since their diagnosis. All the while sharing tales from the Trust, and all the life-long memories made together. Come aboard!

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Volunteer of the year - Wen Stone! (& bonus unplanned chat)

We're so glad to have this year's recipient of the Luke Gilbert Volunteer of the Year award back on Sound Waves - Wen Stone! The Trust community put forward who they want to see honoured, and nominations for Wen just kept on coming in. We chat about what it was like to win, why she ended up getting so involved over the last year, and we reflect on the year itself and our hopes from here on out.There's also a bonus, entirely unplanned, post-podcast chat. Sound Waves is wrapping up for the time being, a year to the week after it launched. Wen and host Scott look back on the last twelve months, discuss favourite episodes, and talk about how the Trust now truly feels all year-round.


26 Apr 2021

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Bringing young people together with Alike, for people with cancer by people with cancer

One of the most impactful parts of a Trust trip, if not the most impactful, is bringing young people together. It might be the first time they’ve met someone else their age who’s been through what they’ve been through.That’s the ethos behind Alike as well. A digital community for people with cancer by people with cancer, this week we’re talking to its founder Brad, and one of its Trustees Rachel, who is also a long-time volunteer with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, having been supported herself after treatment. They talk about experiences with loneliness and isolation, how that led Brad to setting up Alike, and the difference it makes having a community around you.Alike: alike.org.uk


19 Apr 2021

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2021 season - it's a go!

It's happening! After months (and months) of planning, we are so excited to share our hopes for summer 2021. Join Trust CEO Frank, Operations Managers James and Laura, and medical advisor and Trustee Dr Dave Hobin, as they take you through everything you need to know. What does the season look like, how did it come together, how will we make trips as safe as possible? All your questions and so much more are answered here.With any luck, we will be seeing you soon.Note: there are changes to this year's eligibility criteria. Frank invites people with questions or anyone who wants to discuss this further to contact volunteer@emcancertrust.org. 


14 Apr 2021

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Amplifying young people's voices in the Trust community with the Youth Board

This week we’re talking about something we want everyone to know about, because it is one of the best ways for young people to have their voices heard among the massive Trust community: the Trust's Youth Board. The Youth Board is a group of young people who’ve been supported by the Trust in the past, and they're there to help and amplify the voices of young people and their families. That means ideas, questions, anything you might want to raise. They might not only be the right people to talk to, but also the most effective way of making things happen.Join Jess, Victoria, and chair of the youth board Dan as they share how young people are able to have their say, and we get to know a little more about them along the way!Contact the Youth Board at: youthboard@emcancertrust.org 


6 Apr 2021

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National Careers Week, pt.2 - Professional Careers Consultant Emma Francis and what you can do now

Following on from James and Krissi sharing their lived experience of overcoming barriers to education and employment last week, Professional Careers Consultant Emma Francis joins us to give her expert advice on what you can be doing right now that will stand you in good stead for the future.Emma is the Trust’s parent Trustee, and her daughter has been supported by the Trust, so she has specific insight about the barriers a cancer diagnosis throws up for young people. She offers in-depth and eye-opening tips that are manageable even when times are hard, and reassures that no matter what anxieties you may have about your career right now, things will be okay.Emma wrote a blog for the Trust which can be found here.Her Careers Development Plan can be found here.The accompanying support guide can be found here.


1 Mar 2021

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National Careers Week, pt.1 - My Life Now, from cancer to career, and employment tips

As National Careers Week approaches, young people and professionals will be sharing their experience and insight about overcoming barriers to employment following cancer at a young age.James and Krissi were supported by the Trust before becoming volunteers and joining the Trust's Youth Board. They have both featured in the Trust’s My Life Now series, which checks back in with young people to see where life has taken them. They talk about going from where they were to where they are now in their education and employment, and offer insight into what helped them along the way, as well as some insider knowledge about what employers are looking for.Part 2 will be released next week, featuring professional Careers Consultant and Trustee Emma Francis offering further insight and advice. 


22 Feb 2021

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Greg and Georgie - Grand Designs, brain tumours, and their epic engagement

Greg and Georgie have both been through cancer, they both have experience with brain tumours, and they recently stole the show on Grand Designs as they built their dream home together.The young couple met on a Trust trip ten years ago and, following on from their amazing Grand Designs episode, now seemed like the perfect time to check back in with them. From going through the struggles of treatment and raising awareness of brain tumours, to building a house and their epic engagement, we catch up with the couple at the heart of one of the loveliest hours of TV ever. G-W Enterprises: https://gw-enterprises.co.uk/about


15 Feb 2021

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COVID-19 vaccines - everything you need to know from the experts

Today we’re talking about vaccines. Specifically, the COVID-19 vaccines. They’re in the news every day, we know the order in which different groups of people will receive them, but we can never have enough reassurance about how they’ve been made, how they work, and how they’re administered.Frank Fletcher, the Trust’s CEO, sets the scene, explaining why we're talking about this now. Dr Dave Hobin, Trustee and consultant paediatric oncologist, takes us through how the vaccines have been developed so quickly and covers some of the more common anxieties people have about receiving them. Anniela Etheridge, a senior clinical pharmacist, walks us through what you need to know in advance of your jab and what it’s like once you’re at the vaccination site. And Dan, a member of the Youth Board, has had his vaccine. He tells us what it was like and how he’s doing.Why you have to wait for your COVID-19 vaccine: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-why-you-are-being-asked-to-wait/why-you-have-to-wait-for-your-covid-19-vaccine What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-what-to-expect-after-vaccination/what-to-expect-after-your-covid-19-vaccination


8 Feb 2021

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Under 13s and their mental wellbeing - signs, support, and how to listen

Young people, aged 13 and under, experience mental health as much as teenagers and adults. They may express it differently, they might not have the words to communicate how they’re feeling, but it doesn’t mean it's any less present.In this episode we talk about noticing ways under 13s display their mental health, what support there is out there, and the importance of listening, as part of Children's Mental Health Week.Joining us is Gavin Sterry, a mental health first aider and good friend of the Trust. His insights are eye-opening: from a cancer diagnosis to a national lockdown, a young person will be impacted by what's going on in their lives, no matter how young. Gavin signposts to a number of support services during the conversation, including:Childline - https://www.childline.org.uk/ Samaritans - https://www.samaritans.org/ Kooth - https://www.kooth.com/ Young Minds - https://youngminds.org.uk/ 


1 Feb 2021

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Lewis's Rickshaw Challenge and our friends at Children in Need

It's not every day you raise over £4.7m, but that's just what Lewis did when he was part of this year's Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need. He returns to Sound Waves to talk about what it was all like, from having to cycle at home after someone in the crew contracted COVID-19, to bonding with his teammates over Zoom.Joining him is Pam, a regional grants officer at Children in Need and good friend of the Trust, who pulls back the curtain on how our invaluable partnership works. Holly from the Trust team joins too, whose role is linked with Children in Need’s support. She’s integral to piecing together everything needed to put young people in touch with the Trust so they can access the support they want and need. This is our final episode of 2020. Thank you so much to everyone who's checked out an episode and listened along since we launched Sound Waves in the spring. We'll be back in the new year. Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


14 Dec 2020

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