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Episode 75: ASMR

The “Miracle Ear” 2.0 for ladies only, the 10 year challenge pic, Japanese pop star is assaulted and she apologizes, The media VS Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ASMR, the oldest man in the world dies at 113, Bikini hitch hiker freezes to death! Update on Andrea’s foot, Chris Brown accused of rape but it was a lie. GMO babies in China might be our future. Andrea’s black-out story or at least what she can remember, Mike knows who Bebe Rexha is, Rob K can’t sale socks OR keep a chick....OR be skinny, The double standards of women and men, The TV shows on the TLC channel, Rich Dollaz on Catfish and Mall power walkers!

1hr 9mins

4 Feb 2019

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