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Photographer and Personal Branding Specialist, Tina Smith discusses brand building strategies to help entrepreneurs build successful online businesses. No matter how "saturated" the market may be, you can stand out and thrive!

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Content Creation Tips That Will Help You Never Run Out of Ideas and Stay Consistent

Do you ever find yourself on a roll when it comes to content creation, only to soon after find yourself in a rut and all out of ideas? In today's episode I am covering five tips that will help you stay consistent and never run out of ideas when it comes to creating content for your personal brand and business.Follow me for more! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tinasmiff/ Download Free Personal Branding Checklist: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5e6ef0515af0de0026d94f7f


6 Apr 2021

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Non Ducor Duco (Listen For Translation!)

I need to get something off my chest! In today's episode, I am sharing something the grinds my gears when it comes to content creation. I am breaking down: What the title of this episode even means. How you are a leader no matter what stage of life you're in. How you can create more amazing content WITHOUT having to ask your followersHope this episode resonates with you!


15 Mar 2021

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Going Through It? Listen To This.

This is a mini episode that I hope encourages you!


15 Mar 2021

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Is Your Content Value-Based or Just Noisy?

In this episode, I am breaking down why adding value in your content is so important and how you can do it! This episode will cover things like: How to come up with content pillars. How storytelling can be THE thing that will help you stand out. I share how my value-based content has helped me grow my brand online!People love to hear a good story and feel connected to a bigger purpose.


10 Mar 2021

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Tips For Taking Your Website From DIY To Designer w/ Sarah Stoenner

In today's episode, web designer Sarah Stoenner covers loads of actionable steps to help you take your website from DIY to designer! She has also provided us with full access to her free training and workbook to help you prep for your website design!DIY to Designer Free Training + Workbook: https://www.sarahroseinc.co/launch-your-website-workbookAbout Sarah:Sarah is the owner of Sarah Rose Inc, a brand + website design firm exclusively for interior designers, home builders, and architects. We specialize in custom websites and brands done in 3 weeks flat. Follow Her: Instagram: @sarahroseinc Facebook: @sarahroseinc Website: www.sarahroseinc.co


11 Jan 2021

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Running A Photography Business With A Full Time Job w/ Jasmine R. Smith

Jasmine R. Smith is a photographer, grade school teacher, wife, and mother. She wears so many hats but does so with grace. In today's episode she will breakdown: Why she wouldn't be able to do it all without a support system. What her WHY is and why it is the driving force in all that she does. Jasmine will also share what her grow theory is for both business and life!Website: https://www.jasminesmithphotography.comInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/jasminersmithphotography/Get Organized Calendar Resource: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uauDw2FqPLNpNiO6lm3mXWE85CYlf1RW/view?usp=sharingBe sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review!


19 Dec 2020

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Planning For Profit w/ Brittani Shantel Jackson

Social Media:https://www.instagram.com/intrinsicaccounting/https://www.facebook.com/intrinsicaccountinghttps://twitter.com/IntrinsicCPAhttps://www.intrinsicaccounting.com/Helpful Resource:https://mailchi.mp/b47b7b920b0a/the-pay-yourself-srs-framework Business Bio:Intrinsic Accounting, LLC is a virtual accounting firm that offers bookkeeping, accounting, and financial coaching services to Coaches and Creative Entrepreneurs. Intrinsic Accounting, LLC is owned and operated by a father-daughter duo. Our goal is to help our clients create and maintain a profitable and scalable business they financially understand without the headache! About Brittani Shantel Jackson:Brittani Shantel Jackson is a 29-year-old Certified Public Accountant (CPA) based in Detroit, Michigan, her hometown. Her love for accounting started at a young age when she helped her father and now business partner, Lionel Jackson, with the bookkeeping for her grandfather’s landscaping and snow removal business.Brittani obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Master of Science in Accounting at Michigan State University and Wayne State University, respectively. Throughout her college career, Brittani interned with a Big 4 Accounting Firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PwC), and began her full time career post graduation. She provided auditing and attestation services for private firms throughout the Midwest within multiple facets of industries, such as automotive, technology, and dental. During this time, Brittani obtained her CPA license in the State of Michigan.Before starting her journey towards her Ph.D. in Accounting, Brittani was an accounting teaching assistant at Michigan State University and Wayne State University. Additionally, Brittani was a Visiting Instructor at the University of Toledo, teaching Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Auditing on the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.What separates Brittani from the traditional CPA is her creative background. Since 2009, Brittani has been a photographer focused on Beauty & Fashion. Her experience with the creative industry allows her to understand the financial struggles and needs of creative entrepreneurs. She seeks to help other creatives maintain and scale their business through proper bookkeeping and accounting.


10 Dec 2020

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Ways To Start and Grow Email Your List

Having an email list is one of the most powerful marketing strategies today! Your list can drive major profits for your business and allows you to connect and add value to your audience on a more intimate level, right in their inbox. Did you know that the average Instagram post lasts for about 48-hours? That's nothing. If you want to ensure that the helpful content you've spent so much time working on reaching the right people, having an email list is your solution!The best part? YOU DON'T NEED A HUGE FOLLOWING FOR YOUR LIST TO THRIVE.In this episode, I am breaking down how you can start a start an email list and ways you can grow it! INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tinasmiff/FLODESK DISCOUNT CODE: https://flodesk.com/c/Q08HT4WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING?: https://youtu.be/WQjRXFlTtIQ


13 Nov 2020

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Instagram Disaster: Don't Let This Horror Story Happen To You!

Do you rely on Instagram to build up your brand? Do you have back ups for reaching your audience with value? This episode will dive into how you must diversify your marketing efforts online. Here is something to consider: Social media is rented land. You do not own that space! If the social media gods decide to flag your page or delete it all together, causing you to loose EVERYTHING - do you have a plan?In this episode I am sharing a horror story and offering up some ideas to get you thinking of ways to protect yourself from this happening to you.


1 Nov 2020

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How to Gain Loyal Followers That Trust You and Buy From You

I am breaking down two major components to gaining loyal followers who will turn into loyal customers. We're touching on how quality is greater than quantity when building your brand online!And if you're someone who feels like you're kinda boring or more of an introvert - just know you can still implement these tips into your space in an authentic way.


30 Oct 2020

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