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Keep current with world events and what God is speaking through His prophets. GI News will take you into the studio for prophetic news and “behind the scenes” with Mike and Cindy Jacobs.

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GI News 03 - April 30th Call to Prayer

April 30th Call to Prayer. This date has spiritual significance in regards to not only governmental authority for the United States, but also the blessings of a covenant relationship with Almighty God.


30 Apr 2009

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GI News Special 02 - Urgent Prophetic Word

In the next three months, our nation will be shifting. It's time to raise up a prayer shield for our new president and beseech the Lord for a righteous political agenda to be put in place.


13 Jan 2009

Rank #2

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GI News 02 - Shaking Economy, Don't Panic

Cindy reports on the need for worldwide economic prayer and the upcoming 2008 elections.


16 Oct 2008

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GI News Special 01 - Special Word for Intercessors

Cindy gives a special word to rally and encourage the prayer warriors around the world.


6 Oct 2008

Rank #4

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GI News 01 - Judgment and Mercy

In this timely message, Cindy shares what happens when God begins to expose darkness in different sectors of society as well as its affect on marriages and the economy.


1 Oct 2008

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