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#TBT Rock Mix Vol. 1

Hair Metal, Grunge, and Classic Rock 80s and 90s hits!


17 Feb 2017

Rank #1

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Sleekfest Live Day Party Mix Seg. 1 - DJ STATT


20 Oct 2016

Rank #2

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Sleekfest Day Party Live Seg. 2

1hr 20mins

20 Oct 2016

Rank #3

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Christmas Morning Mimosa Mix 2016

Classics with a twist!


25 Dec 2016

Rank #4

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George Michael Tribute Mix 2016


27 Dec 2016

Rank #5

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#416 Apres Ski Mix Vol. 1


15 Feb 2017

Rank #6

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Sleekfest Live Day Party Seg. 3

1hr 13mins

20 Oct 2016

Rank #7

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Shulman's 90s Party Mix Part I

1hr 5mins

27 Jul 2017

Rank #8

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Rock and Hip Hop Gym Workout Mix

1hr 8mins

11 Jun 2017

Rank #9

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Yacht Rock Memorial Day Mix 2017


3 Jun 2017

Rank #10

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80s Rock Mix #TBT


23 Mar 2017

Rank #11

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Styn of Beer 2017 St. Patrick's Day Mix

1hr 48mins

18 Mar 2017

Rank #12

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BIGGIE Tribute Mix 2017


10 Mar 2017

Rank #13

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Pino's Go Get 'Em Giving up is Not an Option Mix


2 Jul 2014

Rank #14

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Tanner's Dave Matthews Band Hip Hop Mash-up Mix

1. Too Much (live) vs. Hypnotize - Dave Matthews vs. Notorious B.I.G.2. Jimi Thing vs. Roc Boyz - Dave Matthews Band vs. Jay- Z3. Work it Out - Jurassic 5 ft. Dave Matthews4. Big Eyed Fish vs. Changes vs. Everyday Struggle - Dave Matthews Band vs. 2pac vs. The Notorious B.I.G.5. Crash (DJ 2nd Nature remix) - Dave Matthews Band 6. Dreamgirl vs. Kick Push - Dave Matthews Band vs. Lupe Fiasco7.Grey Street - Dave Matthews Band (Lillywhite sessions)8.#41 - Dave Matthews Band (Carter Beuford Drum Instrution Session)9. Ants Marching (remix) - Dave Matthews Band10. Ants Marching vs. Encore - Dave Matthews Band vs. Jay-Z11. 911 vs. American Baby - Eminem vs. Dave Matthews Band12. So Much To Say (Remix) Dave Matthews Band13. Space Between (Tiesto Remix) - Dave Matthews Band14. Song Cry vs. Lover Lay Down - Jay-Z vs. Dave Matthews Band15. Lover Lay Down - Dave Matthews Band


26 Jun 2012

Rank #15