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The Intuitive Collective Podcast is your mix of woo, moon cycles, crystals and mindset shifts to free yourself from limiting beliefs and soul align your life & business. Your host, Annie Peguero is a passion finder and alignment coach for creative entrepreneurs, a military spouse and former law enforcement ranger who has helped hundreds or women find freedom from circumstance and live their best life in alignment with their soul and purpose on this planet.

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Episode 8: Effortless Meals with Jasmine Shea of Your Dinner Is Planned

Jasmine Shea is the creator of Your Dinner Is Planned and the host of the Dinner Table Talk Podcast.  She and Annie are chatting about ditching the stress and overwhelm surrounding meal prep, planning and grocery shopping. PLUS a super special BONUS for all new members of The Badass Mama Warriors!  100% full access to Your Dinner Is Planned every month!  WOW! CLICK HERE https://www.thebadassmamawarriors.com/ To learn more about Your Dinner is Planned  https://www.yourdinnerisplanned.com/p/ydip Follow Jasmine on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/jazzythings/


30 Nov 2018

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