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An irreverent show on sensitive subjects. Basically. You can visit empathsalchemy.com to book a Spiritual Counseling Session or purchase copies of Too Sensitive. Thank you for listening and sharing!-Becca

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The Narcissist & The Empath

It's a tale as old as time... But what the fuck are we supposed to get out of it?  A lot actually.  A lot of backbone and compassion I do believe. All my love and joy! -Rebecca Garifo rebeccagarifo00@gmail.com IG @empathsalchemy rebeccagarifo.com


23 Oct 2018

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The Narcissist & The Empath VI

Narcissists ain't found in spiritual and religious settings by mistake... And that's all I'm gonna say about that. Support the show and submit your suggestions at rebeccagarifo.com All my love!! -Rebecca


3 Jul 2019

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The Narcissist & The Empath VII

It's the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeaaaaar....to set boundaries and be kinda to yourself and one another. Too Sensitive on Audible! https://www.audible.com/pd/B081PL3CR1/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-173183&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_173183_rh_us Sessions available at rebeccagarifo.com 


6 Dec 2019

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Canary In A Coalmine

It ain't just one of my favorite songs by The Police. It's often how our lives feel when we're still figuring out our sensitivities and how to take care of ourselves regularly. What are our illnesses trying to tell us? Where are we not only picking up on others, but most importantly, ourselves? We gotta listen to ourselves first. With all my love and joy- Rebecca Garifo


19 Oct 2018

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She Done Lost It.

It's easy to feel crazy when what we see and feel doesn't match what the world was telling us. When we're healing, but now ourselves and the world we always knew it are falling away. It can be a lil crazy makin' y'all. Sessions available at rebeccagarifo.com Xoxo!! -Rebecca


8 Nov 2019

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How Will I Know?

How will we know if we're an Empath!? Only we ourselves know the depths of who we TRULY are, right? So learning to be compassionate and listen to ourselves with kindness, is KEY. So, this is what I've found for myself defines not only practicing empathy but being an Empath. With love and joy- Rebecca 


14 Jan 2019

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The Narcissist & The Empath II

This may not be what you're expecting, but yaaaaaall it's what we're needin'. Let's move through the anger, cause I promise we don't need to focus on that for it to continue growing... but let's see what's goin' on underneath.  Let's really look at this. Visit rebeccagarifo.com to submit your questions, support the show, or schedule a one on one session! Love you so much. -Rebecca


22 Mar 2019

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The Narcissist & The Empath VIII

When we fall in love only to be left hangin... The Narcissist & The Empath Course coming June 2020! Xoxo! -Rebecca


20 Feb 2020

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No (Life)jacket Required

Sometimes when we're most desperate for answers, it's time to stop lookin and just finally give ourselves a chance. rebeccagarifo.com Thank you for listening, sharing, reviewing!! Happy New Years!! -Rebecca


31 Dec 2019

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Letting Go

Letting go and seeing the truth can be so painful, but the reward of untameable truth and compassion is beyond words.  We may be delaying love and joy we never thought possible, by holding onto things that no longer serve us. One day at a time.  Just keep goin' baby, I'm right there with ya. All my love and joy- Rebecca Garifo Ph.D.


12 Nov 2018

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"I Feel Like I'm Taking CRAZY Pills!"

When our physical health, mental health, emotional health, whatever health, has had it... it can be a lil scary when it decides it's had enough, and it's takin' the trash out whether we like it or not. But fear not my friend, it's a gateway to a healthier and lighter life if we grasp the opportunity and let it unfold. All my love and joy- Rebecca Garifo Ph.D.


30 Oct 2018

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The Narcissist & The Empath III

We got that night vision yaaaaaaall! Thanks to the people who tried to blind us, we just learned how to finally trust it! Get out there and do your thing boo, don't worry bout nobody else, just enjoy life as MUCH as humanly possible. Get everything from it you can! Submit your questions and support the show at rebeccagarifo.com Love you. Got all the faith in you. -Rebecca


26 Mar 2019

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The Narcissist & The Empath V

So uhh howza bout when I have nothing to fix...or tend to...nothin' to really DO except just enjoy life and succeed so...I decide to just immobilize myself by piling on the things I wanna accomplish throughout my life in a one year span...  How do we retire the persona of exhaustion and live with ease? Submit topics and support the show at rebeccagarifo.com Xoxo!! -Rebecca


18 May 2019

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Feelin' Ungrounded

How many of us feel off and ungrounded after ending relationships? It can take time to get our sea legs back. Side note- the roots through the feet stuff has never worked too good for me as my soul feels no need for linear direction, but the need to call myself back to myself, always knowing my heart is the truth North. Let's discuss! Visit my website to submit your topic suggestions, questions, and donations for the show! rebeccagarifo.com All my love and joy- Rebecca


13 Mar 2019

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The Never Ending Story

Please go listen to Stuff You Should Know- How Empathy Works- April 06 2017 There is much to learn from this! We are not meant to and will not all feel the world the same, and we will not always understand exactly how others live in it. Relationships, stories, and listening to other sides of things is never ending... and it reminds me how different we truly interpret life sometimes! Let's discuss! Learning how to practice healthy empathy when it's what we ourselves embody, and what it is we are truly here to do. All my love and joy- Rebecca


8 Jan 2019

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Signs On Signs On Signs

Synchronicities and breadcrumbs in our lives are THE. MOST. FUN. But... let them be just that. Fun and reaffirming. Let them show you the abundance of paths, opportunities and options in life, not what you SHOULD or MUST do.  Visit rebeccagarifo.com to submit your topics and support the show! Schedule a private session by emailing me rebeccagarifo00@gmail.com All my love and joy- Rebecca


1 Apr 2019

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When we're sayin' all the positive mantras. All the oms. Doin' all the meditations... but that little voice won't stop of, "Really though? Really...?" Too Sensitive. Available now on Audiobook!!! UK listeners email me at rebeccagarifo00@gmail.com for your free copy promo code! -Rebecca


23 Nov 2019

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Party Of One

How do we find self-love and boundaries without a healthy relationship or anyone else at all to practice with? rebeccagarifo.com Xoxo!! -Rebecca


5 Mar 2020

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Who should you call out to? Who do I call out to? Who are we supposed to call on and for what? And when? What's their extension and hours? This is a lot... rebeccagarifo.com All my love! -Rebecca


9 Jan 2020

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