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Brand InnerActions with Jon Gaul

There is much more to a brand than just a series of commercials and digital banner ads. A brand is about the connections between a company and its customers. In this podcast, we’ll look at the moment of truth for brands – the customer conversation. We journey inside the minds of the brand architects to learn how companies are rethinking human-to-human interactions and mobilizing their employees to make sure the brand promise matches the brand experience.

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The Importance of Getting Your Marketing Message from the C-Suite to the Frontlines with Liz Vanzura

In episode 3, Jon sits down with Liz Vanzura.   Liz is a passionate & award-winning leader in hospitality and lifestyle marketing and has served in both client-side as well as agency-side C-suite marketing roles.  Currently Liz is developing a new concept for a leading Burmese restaurant chain and catering operation, Rangoon Ruby Restaurants.  Liz helps us navigate the challenge of getting your marketing messages from the leadership level down to the frontlines.  Liz’s specialties are in content marketing, public relations & new product/business development. From Superbowl spots to social media content, Liz has collaborated with top creative & strategic minds to help launch or grow iconic brands including Wahlburgers, Truly Sparked & Sparkling, Cadillac, VW and HUMMER to name a few! Liz earned a Cannes Grand Prix, Ad Age’s Marketer of the Year and was inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement. Her accomplishments include the successful worldwide launch of the VW New Beetle & HUMMER brands as well as the renaissance of the Cadillac brand. To learn more about InnerView or to obtain a transcript, please go to innerviewgroup.com. Make sure you subscribe to get the latest episodes.


19 Apr 2019

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