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an interview with laurel gore

Laurel wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and have six kids whilst living a comfortable middle-class suburban life. At the age of 19, through Youth For Christ and God’s prompting, Laurel ended up visiting, and then later volunteering for a prison that cares for homeless women who didn’t have anyone. Despite not having any qualifications, Laurel ended up as a staff member.   Laurel discusses how she became closer to God through seeing the love and commitment in other people. She learned to get up early to spend an hour reading her bible and in three months she read the whole Bible. Laurel also shares how she feels the church has done fellowship and ministry, particularly with ex-prisoners and the homeless. “Church has done a great job at being friendly, but not at being a friend”... But without being a friend, lives won’t be changed. We have to learn to love the needy and the broken, to be a friend to those who are lonely, bearing with them, and caring for them personally. The neediest people aren’t always those who are homeless or marginalized, instead of hiding away in their homes because they’re afraid of being judged: the single mum, the domestic violence victim, the ex-convict, and the ex-addict. We need to show real community and sacrifice because that is what changes people’s lives. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support

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15 Jun 2021

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an interview with throwdown

Dom reunites with his old band members from Throwdown in this special episode of LTU. The band reminisces over their favourite and last shows with Throwdown, some crazy experiences (like stabbing, guns, and how Matt went to jail on tour) and what they’ve been up to in the past fifteen years. In the decades since Dom left the band, he has gotten married, had a kid, moved to Geelong in Australia, and became a church creative director at City on a Hill. Keith dabbles in metal-Esque music, but his main work is in user interface design. Matt moved to Washington state, has a five-year-old son, is in the process of building a house, and works in marketing for a motorcycle accessory company as he has for fourteen years. Tommy has recently picked up the guitar during COVID after a fifteen-year hiatus and now seeks to be the Tedashii 69 of hardcore music on Soundcloud. He also has a few kids and is working on an organic plant-based café as he pursues a plant-based lifestyle. Ben hasn’t aged in 25 years and has worked in the fitness industry. He moved to Toronto with his now-ex-wife and kids in 2008, though has had a gnarly divorce a few years ago and is left raising the kids on his own. Marc has been opening gigs since 2001, formed a hardcore punk band called The Eulogy in 2012, and moved in with his girlfriend and her kids.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support

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11 Jun 2021

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an interview with tessa rickard

Tessa Rickard, a nutritionist, mostly works with people with digestive issues and women with Hashimoto’s, and teaches them what to eat and how to eat for their body. She discusses her work, thyroid conditions, her son’s dyslexia, physical health, the danger of snacking, and the way the church has dealt with health and weight issues. Dyslexic children have their strengths. For example, her son is overwhelmed by written work but excels in creative and artistic work. When you understand the interests of dyslexic children and pursue them, you will find that they have their strengths and can excel. In terms of health, it’s important to find a good community and a good doctor, getting tested regularly, and eating right for our body. One shouldn’t discriminate on weight but focus on how a person feels about their weight. If we focus on how we feel, we avoid scales and learn to love ourselves. Taking care of our bodies is a spiritual issue.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support


31 May 2021

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an interview with dom macaluso

In today’s episode, Josh & Sarah step out from behind the scenes to ask Dom some questions people had about his experiences from playing in a straight-edge band to now serving as the Creative Director for City on a Hill. 0-4:30 Introductions 4:30-6:50. Dom discusses his life’s biggest challenge: "how do I continue to sit in a place of institution and structure as an oddball in the church...learning to be diplomatic in conversations that need to be had in the church." 6:55-11:00. Dom shares why he left the straight-edge band Throwdown in 2006. He felt he had a lot of pride in himself as being someone in the eyes of the world, and that his life didn’t match up with the Scriptures. He realised all the kingdoms he built up were for naught and needed to be let go so he could see something more beautiful. 11:20-13:00. Dom shares who he still keeps in touch with from his old crew. For him, it’s mostly Tommy who’s like a brother to him.   13:00-16:00. Dom discusses whether he would play in a band again, why the music industry was hard for him.  Although he wouldn't tour, he is still enjoying the process of writing lyrics and working on a project called New Noise with a friend.   16:00-17:00. Dom discusses how he feels about playing worship in the church. 18:00-23:00. Dom shares how he continues to live a faithful lifestyle amidst the ups and downs of life. The trick is to look for ways to see and experience God afresh... to never become complacent in your knowledge of him. 24:00-26:00. Dom revisits a previous question on Throwdown and whether he would ever play in the band again. 26:30-34:00. Does hardcore belong in the church? He believes worship will evolve but that it shouldn’t be about the individual expression as a solo concert. Playing that out will be difficult. 34:00-36:45. Playing board games with Cory from Slipknot. 36:50-39:00. Dom’s dream festival line-up: Sigur Ros, Refused, Sleeping Giant, and Chris Dicker. 39:20–45:00. How straight-edge made Dom feel prideful, but also saved him having grown up with patterns of addiction. A bad hallucinogenic trip on weed first made Dom renounce ‘those college years’ of drugs and alcohol. Also why Dom stopped being edge, and whether he would ever re-edge. 45:30-49:00. How tattoos hurt and are not fun, but also his views on tattoos and the church.   49:30-51:00. Dom shares how he manages discontentment in the world and his own anxiety and depression, with the concept of heaven. 53:00-59:00. What makes people fear and hate God is the hypocrisy of Christians. The Bible speaks about grace, and loving God and people,  but Christians are so judgemental because we forget the grace we have received in Christ. 59:30-1.03:00. How much of the Bible is literal, and how do you approach stories like six-day creation and the flood? Much of the Bible is allegorical, and if you wish to look into rationalisation of scriptures have a look at apologetics.\ 1.04:00-1.08:00. How the church has handled homosexuality, and why they need to be more flexible to what the Spirit wants to do with this generation. Jesus would have some strong things to say to the church regarding the issue. We have to learn to love people in their journey, and have conversations, but the topic is a lot more complicated than can be discussed in 10 minutes. 1.09:00-1.13:00. Open mic discussion with Dom, Sarah, and Josh around the difficulty of discussing homosexuality but the need for it to be addressed, and for the church to pick a side. 1.13:00-1.1:16:54 lighthearted close answering the question of ‘what is your favourite food?’ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support

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28 May 2021

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an interview with amanda warrick

Amanda, former Events Manager at World Vision, Australia Red Cross, and Many Rooms, speaks of the centrality of prayer to the Christian life, her rough upbringing, faith in suffering, and mercy ministry. Whilst raised in a Christian home, her dad left Amanda’s mum to take care of four kids on her own. Despite the circumstances, she made the emotional well-being of her kids central and did her best to provide for her kids and nourish their faith. Because of her past, and with the compassionate heart God gave her, Amanda served in World Vision for almost a decade, and even now continues to work in mercy ministry. She encourages us to use our skills and resources to advance God’s kingdom, but first, we must focus on our personal relationship with Jesus, then look after our family, then our sphere of influence, and then the world.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support


24 May 2021

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an interview with candice colgan

Candice is an Australian lawyer who works in the UK public service. She runs a consultancy that specialises in trauma recovery. Through her coaching program, she empowers people who have been through traumatic events, including those who have been hurt by the church, to come out stronger into the life they’re called to live. She discusses the social and pastoral implications of a shame culture where ‘bad things aren’t talked about and everyone says they’re fine. She also discusses marriage and post-natal depression. In trauma recovery, it’s crucial to feel seen, safe, and loved. It’s a slow journey in walking with them as they learn to love themselves again, and heal holistically (mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually). Even among those who are not Christian, belief in a higher power and listening to someone pray for them is liberating and hope-giving.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support


17 May 2021

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an interview with tegan philip

Tegan Philip is a retired Australian Netball player for the Melbourne Vixens. She discusses the lifestyle of a professional athlete and also the role her faith plays. She discusses the importance of work-life balance, how mental and physical strength is crucial to her performance, and what the life of an elite athlete looks like. Tegan looks for opportunities to share her faith and acknowledges God’s grace through the life she’s been blessed to experience. Although she finds sharing faith difficult, she finds comfort in her Christian friends and family that help keep her accountable.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support


10 May 2021

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an interview with titane laurent

Titane Laurent is a Moroccan-Born, Belgium-raised travelling artist who now resides in Melbourne. She discusses her journey as an artist, her understanding of success/failure, hearing the voice of the Spirit, having visions, and her thoughts on the role of husbands and wives. To the single, she says “find yourself first and God’s purpose for you. Don’t find your identity in your spouse, and don’t let your joy be stolen away from you. Marriage is about sharing happiness, not stealing it away from the other.” To the Christian artist, she says “art is about creating the voice of the Spirit, which is a form of worship, not about fame or money.”--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support


3 May 2021

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an interview with julie-anne laird

Julie-Anne Laird is the Archbishop's Canon for Church Planting at the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Director of Missional Engagement for City to City Australia, and a Young Adults Pastor at All Saints Anglican. She discusses her decades of vocation in ministry as well the life of a female pastor. She encourages women in ministry to continue being stewards of Christ and the gospel, while challenging other brothers and sisters to hold lightly to secondary beliefs.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support


26 Apr 2021

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an interview with dr. sandra glahn

Dr. Sandra Grafe Glahn is one of only five female professors at Dallas Theological Seminary where she serves as the professor of media arts and worship. Dr. Glahn is also an author, editor, journalist, mother, and public speaker who advocates for transformative thinking in the arts, gender, and sexual intimacy in marriage. In today’s episode, live from Texas during the crazy cold front, Sandra highlights her life in Texas, the state of the world, and how her faith ties in with the chaos. She further discusses gender roles, feminism, and misogyny.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/life-together-unscripted/support


19 Apr 2021

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