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The Single Mom Tribe is a podcast for anyone interested in discovering what life is really like for single-moms. Whether you are a single-mom in need of a good laugh, or the support of knowing that you aren’t in this alone… or maybe you’re the man that just started dating a single mom and you’re still trying to figure this all out, hoping for the inside scoop on what life is really like for her. This series is created by a single mom and survivor, with a passion for empowering, educating and supporting this oftentimes overlooked community. My name is Bri Camille, and it’s an honor to be here, I was labeled a single-mother 8 years ago, but this journey began during my pregnancy, if I’m being honest. With this series I aim to shed light on the wounds, the wisdom, the triumphs, the tragedies and everything in between in life as a single mother. What was once a taboo subject, and all too often swept under the rug, I plan to shake things up, tackle the tough subjects, and shatter the stigmas that single-mothers face. I hope we can share a few laughs as I remind you - you are not alone - we are a tribe of incredible strong women, and we are worthy of everything we desire, so join me in speaking our truths, sharing our stories and fully stepping into our power… You’ve got this!Visit Us at: www.singlemomtribe.net - Follow Us on IG: @single.mom.tribe - or - Connect with Your Host, Bri Camille on Instagram: @iam.bricamille

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Heal Your Heart & Stop the Unhealthy Cycles for Your Child's Sake with Bri Camille

This week Briana surprises Natalie with her venture in Women’s Mentorship: guiding the multi-dimensional woman through the process of healing her heart in order to live a more fulfilling life and equip her children with the tools they need to live a more abundantly with ease; integrating mindfulness and self-nourishment in order to tap into their Divine gifts and create the life that they deserve, JOY is your birthright.Connect with us directly: IG - @iam.wildheart or @lovewildheart (www.lovewildheart.com)


9 Apr 2019

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It's Like Learning How to Date (AGAIN) with Relationship Expert: Kenna Renee

Kenna Renee is a Dating Coach and Love Revolutionary; she is working passionately with others to end the story of separation, by helping to guide people's hearts back to love. Kenna provides her audience with the tools that they need to tap in to in order to re-emerge as the best version of themselves in the dating world. She also has many tested, tried and true practices about how to be a successful online dater.This week on the Single Mom Tribe, she is giving us the inside scoop, and I couldn't be more excited to share these tips with you! If you're anything like me, your dating experiences since becoming a single-mom are laughable, and although it feels like you've done the work and you're CRYSTAL CLEAR on the type of partner you want to attract in your life, you still continue to see the same characters play out in different scenes over and over again.Well Ladies (and gentlemen)... Kenna is here to help us out! Give this episode a listen and discover the ways in which we've been doing it all wrong, all this time, and how she can help!Follow along with her on Instagram @thekennarenee to keep up to date on her latest discoveries regarding self-love and the dating world, follow her advice, and watch as your love story takes on a whole new narrative.


15 Aug 2019

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Weathering the Storm with Brittney Matack: One Woman's Journey from Wife to Single-Mother

When your marriage is unraveling and your husband's affair seems to be the talk of your small town, it can feel as though you are walking through a hail storm without an umbrella (or a jacket), and that's exactly the trials that Brittney Matack faced. When faced with the storms of life, we can seek shelter until it passes, or we can face the downpour and learn to dance in the rain; while neither may be ideal, one of those options will remind you just how strong and capable you are of getting through some of life's greatest hardships. Brittney fought hard for her marriage, and she finally remembered she needed to fight even harder for herself. As women we often dedicate so much of ourselves to exterior aspects of our lives: partner, children, career, family, etc. We forget to pour into ourselves and it isn't until we are struggling to pour from an empty cup that we realize something has to give. Brittney faced her storms head on and prevailed; she, her sister, her dogs and her two beautiful children journeyed 1,500 miles to begin again and when they arrived, the sun was shining. Although no season is guaranteed without its storms, it's nice to remember that when the rain washes you clean you'll know (Fleetwood Mac) and your rainbow will await you, this too shall pass.


17 Oct 2019

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You Can Build the Life of Your Dreams - Branding Strategies with Sarah Lynn Co.

This week on the Single Mom Tribe, we’re talking to Sarah Lynn Wallace of Her Exchange Media, a Personal Branding Strategist, and Single-Mom; she’s a self-starter and self-employed entrepreneur, and she believed that her risk was worth the reward if it meant seeing her visions for a more fulfilling life come to fruition.Sarah left her safe corporate environment just over a year ago to chase her dreams, proving to herself and her child that if you believe in yourself and put in the work, you can live the life you’ve always imagined. She didn’t want to spend any more impressionable years of her sons life telling him he can be anything, while insisting that he do whatever will make him happy, yet leading from a very different plan in her own life, she knew it was time she make a change!In this week’s episode Sarah shares with us the Top 3 Steps to Building an Online Business, the Key to Your Success, and the importance of Personalizing Your Brand! Sarah reassures listeners that we too can start an online business at no cost, in a matter of seconds; begin right where you are, commit for 90 days, and watch as things evolve.As both women and single-mothers, we often fear the glass-ceilings, but Sarah believes we built them ourselves and it’s time they be shattered. Sarah emphasizes the importance of breaking free from the stereotypes and stigmas cast upon single-mothers, because WE CAN!So if you’re tired of day dreaming and are ready to live out your dreams each and every day, do yourself a favor: LISTEN NOW & START TODAY! Don’t look back on your life a year from now and wonder, what if I’d started then?Follow along with Sarah Lynn’s story and strategies on Instagram: @sarahlynn.co


25 Sep 2019

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When One Door Closes: Holding Tight to Faith in Single-Motherhood

A hope-filled conversation with Steph Elle, a member of the Single Mom Tribe, shares her journey into single-motherhood; how she was guided by faith and how her hope has kept her firmly planted and trusting of God's will and guidance within her life.As a spiritualist, I am sensitive to all religions and belief systems, so this episode is in no way pushing one belief over another, it is simply highlighting that when we hold firmly to our faith (no matter what that might look like to us as individuals), that faith becomes the foundation on which we are able to overcome our hardships as raise abundant children with ease, even when we are doing it alone.To follow along with Steph's story or hear more about her testimony, you can find her on Instagram @surfcitymumTo be featured on an upcoming episode of the Single Mom Tribe, please reach out to me directly on Instagram @lovewildheart (business) or @iam.wildheart (personal) or visit our website: www.lovewildheart.com


23 May 2019

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Conscious Parenting and the Power of Play with Natalie Vires

Conscious parenting is a shift of awareness, it is not a set of rules for parents to follow, but rather a change of perception between the roles of parent and child. It is more a set of beliefs that aim to equip parents with what children need in order to develop and thrive.Conscious parenting engages and connects with the child using emotionally intelligent choices and method of discipline which embrace decency and respect towards the child as the whole being that they are, it’s not seeing them as less than simply due to their age.A child’s brain blossoms with connection and empathy and Conscious Parenting methods offer children just that, as opposed to other punitive methods of raising our precious little ones.Natalie Vires is the Playroom Fairy, she teaches conscious parenting through the power of play, and she believes that the world can be saved one fun moment at a time. It was such an honor to explore this belief system with her and I must say... Timing is everything! Natalie and I recorded this episode in early August as I was prepping it for publication it was the exact message I needed as a gentle reminder as to why I’ve taking in the initiative to parent my child the way that I do.Whether the term Conscious Parenting is new to you, or your an avid practitioner of this empowering style, this episode is an eye opener for caregivers of all types. Our children are often here to teach us just as much if not more about life as we have to teach them. Triggered moments can be an opportunity to dive within and every day stresses can easily be diffused with a small dose of silliness.So do yourself a favor and have some fun today with your little one!To follow along with Natalie's teachings, she can be found on IG @theplayroomfairy


10 Sep 2019

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Single-Moms in the Workforce: From Stay at Home Military Wife & Mother to Shattering Glass Ceilings with Natalie Wainwright

From a stay at home military wife and mother of two to a single-mother in the workforce shattering glass-ceilings, Natalie Wainwright shares her stories and the life changing journey that brought her to where she is today. This is her path to single-motherhood and snippets of her present-day life; listen as we discuss the early years of her life, the sabotaging of self-esteem and what lead to becoming a teenage mother, life as a stay at home mom, Natalie’s experience with marriage and her desire to one day have that love again, how she wound up in Las Vegas and her path to single-motherhood, dating, entering the workforce and the success that she has found in her career.


31 Mar 2019

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Loving My Dots Helped Me to Find Joy & Freedom - Nathalia's Journey with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus

Loving My Dots is here to promote connectivity among diversity. Launched by Nathalia Freitas in early 2019, Loving My Dots started as her attempt to reach out to people with similar stories but transformed into a journey of self-love because of her personal relationship with its cause. Nathalia was born with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which is a non-genetic birthmark that can form on a person’s body. CMN left a birthmark covering 40% of her face plus moles, or satellites, all over her body. Her case is an example of a giant nevus, which occurs only once in 500,000 births. From ages nine months to 13 years old, Nathalia had many surgeries to remove her facial Nevus. Hailing from south Brazil, Nathalia immigrated to Los Angeles, California in 2012 to continue her career as a marketing professional. After spending years in the Los Angeles rat race - working for one of the largest nonprofits in the country, Homeboy Industries, as a chef teacher for children in extracurricular activities in Los Angeles schools, and working in events - it dawned on her that life served another purpose. In 2018, Nathalia began sharing her heartrending inspirational story on social media, drawing the attention of people and publications worldwide. Nathalia was asked to collaborate in the first women-led global Instagram takeover of the EmpowHer NY platform, highlighting her uniqueness and touching story. While visiting Brazil, Nathalia was invited to be a speaker and tell her story at various events and was interviewed at a local TV station in Porto Alegre, Brazil. ​In February 2019, Nathalia was chosen to be featured in a short documentary by the British news agency Barcroft TV. The documentary will give viewers an inside peek at Nathalia’s life and will chronicle her role as a panelist in EmpowHer NY Talks event in New York City.Not only is Nathalia the creator of Loving My Dots, but she also gives motivational speeches on building self-esteem and is a body positive advocate.You can follow along to hear more of Nathalia's story on Twitter & Instagram: @lovingmydotsFollow her on Facebook at: http://facebook.com/lovingmydotsofficial/ - or -Visit her website: https://www.lovingmydots.com/


17 Jul 2019

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Maternal Badass: Unmasking Your Truest Self

A refreshing conversation with Lindsay Benjamin, the Maternal Badass and founder of Unmasked a program empowering women to authentically reclaim their power and personal freedom! Bri has the honor of connecting with an inspiring woman and mother that she met in 2017 while in a business coaching program, these two women found themselves in very similar phases of their lives having the desire to chase their dreams, while feeling trapped in unhealthy relationships and unfulfilling careers, and the demise of that secure income when lay-offs left them both unemployed. Tune is as we explore how she Unmasked the truest version of herself, and today she will share just how she overcame the heartache of divorce, rose from the ashes of her devastation and started her life anew as the woman that she was always meant to be! Lindsay is a first timer to the Podcasting world and will definitely be a feature on future episodes as she has so many resources to share with women and single-mothers as it pertains to helping women take off their masks so they can step into their authentic power and break free from a life they created around other people’s standards!Connect with us Directly - Lindsay: IG @maternalbadass FB: Lindsay Benjamin Bri Camille: IG @iam.wildheart & @lovewildheart (www.lovewildheart.com)


9 May 2019

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Write Your Own Story: The Power of Choice with The Lion & The Elephant Book as Presented by Miriam Dorsett

This week on the Single Mom Tribe, I have the pleasure of interviewing Miriam Dorsett, a community builder, published author and successful entrepreneur; while she humbly refers to herself as an artist, I see everyday her accomplishments reach far beyond the works that she’s produced.Initially, I wanted to bring Miriam on the podcast to promote her recently launched children’s book, The Lion and The Elephant, an interactive art book about the journey of life and friendship, offering the children the freedom to write their own ending to the story. Some other amazing aspects to the book include illustrations done in black and white, allowing each picture to be treated as that of a coloring book; tutorials teaching the kids how to draw each character on their own are also included.What really struck me while reconnecting with Miriam about her book, was finding out that she too had been raised by a single-mother, it was that discovery that confirmed we were meant to have this conversation. I obviously knew that Miriam was a beautiful biracial woman, what I didn’t know was that she was raising by her Caucasian mother; and here I am a white woman raising my biracial daughter, I was eager to learn more.I always wonder am I doing enough to help my daughter to embrace all of who she is, especially when we are not closely connected with the Belizean side of her family. In a society where there is still so much “hidden” hostility surrounding someone’s color and creed, I worry about the days when she might struggle with how to identify herself and where she fits in. So to be able to hear the firsthand accounts from a woman that has gracefully grown through such difficulties, was both inspiring and reassuring.I highly recommend you follow Miriam to keep up to date with all that she has going on, especially those local to Miami - To stay in the know in her upcoming projects find her on IG: @mdorsettnow | @zenzonemiami And to get your very own copy of @thelionandtheelephantbook - She is generously offering a 10% Discount with the code: TRIBE10 and Donating an additional 10% of all sales to fund future events with the @single.mom.tribePurchase Now: chibur.info/books


31 Oct 2019

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When Your Purpose Pursues You with Shannon Reynosa

This week we reconnect with Bren (from our Power of Vulnerability episode), and she brings with her a friend; Shannon Reynosa, you may recognize her from such features as Why Women Kill (2019), Tell Me A Story (2018), and Queen Sugar (2016).As dedicated as Shannon is to her acting career, she is just as devoted to her role as a Single-Mother; this week we discuss the demise of her relationship, the devastation of divorce and how she planted herself and flourished as a single-mother. Throughout her entire journey, she continuously had unexpected opportunities practically land in her lap, it was as if her purpose was pursuing her, and in finally accepting her purpose, she decided to pursue it with a passion. That passion ignited the fire within her and she dedicated herself to bettering her skill in the art of acting, which led her to a self exploration and development. In doing the work to better herself, she broke down the walls that she had built up due to the dysfunctional relationship she had found herself in for nearly a decade. In tearing down these walls, she healed her heart and opened herself up to the ability to manifest all that she had desired. Her life now consists of a happy relationship, healthy boundaries with her daughter’s father, a fun-loving daughter and a thriving career. You can find Shannon on CBS All Access and OWN… that’s the Oprah Winfrey Network… this powerhouse is chasing her dreams and doing BIG things and we couldn’t be more proud of her. To keep up to date with all of Shannon’s upcoming features, you can follow along with her journey on Instagram @_shannonreynosaShe can also be found on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6359168/#actressLove Light & Many Blessings!


7 Aug 2019

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Breaking the Mold: Embrace Your Evolution with Parris Hodges

This week on the Single Mom Tribe, I’m swooning just a bit over Parris Hodges, I’ve followed bits and pieces of this mom’s journey over the years, gawking at all of the creative ventures she’s taken on in her career path. But behind the glam of Instagram are the true stories that we don’t all get to see, so what I thought I’d known in the assumptions I’d made, I truly had no idea.Oftentimes we will place people on pedestals and spiral into a flurry of comparison and self-doubt, I could have let that happened when a mutual friend suggested she introduce us, as she thought Parris would be perfect for the show. But rather than let my own insecurities get the best of me, I embraced the opportunity and held space for a powerful woman to share the struggles she’s faced, many of them quite similar to mine.Parris takes us through her personal evolution from a college athlete battling a severe eating disorder to catering event supervisor, nail artist to retail manager, from social media marketing to funds processing. Today we meet her in another state of transition, a woman that is once again receiving a nudge from spirit to follow the calls of her heart and despite her own fears and insecurities, she’s going for it. Studying integrative nutrition and training in the art of Yoga, Parris hopes to serve underprivileged mothers in the Bay Area and far beyond.Parris reminds us that it is ok to break the mold of what society says we should do, she reminds us that it’s over time embrace our personal evolutions and find the freedom in transformation. Although her life may seem like one of constant changes, but she healing different aspects of herself with each new season.Parris reminds us of that little girl that we all once were, the one with HUGE ambitions, the tiny dreamer that didn’t just shoot for the stars, but galaxies far beyond. We all know how easy it is to let our fears hold us back, Parris reminds us to allow our courage, hope and desire to set us free, pushing us forward into the life we want to lead.To follow along with her journey, you can find her on IG @parris.hodges - She will be announcing the launch of some very excited projects she's been working on, so STAY TUNED for that!!!


14 Nov 2019

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The Power of Vulnerability a Soulful Conversation with Two Women, Friends & Single Mothers

A Mother's Day Conversation with Bren, a friend from college that has many stories to share... Throughout the course of this podcast we have requested our followers to reach out to us, to build community, to speak their truths in order to fully comprehend that they are not in this alone. As Bren stepped into single-motherhood and I began this project, she new her story was one to be told. So on her first Mother's Day as a single-mom, we dove in to a soulful, raw, real, heart-felt conversation about life, love, intuition and the power of vulnerability. I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend this holiday!


16 May 2019

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Style & Slay: What's Your Signature Style?

On this episode we share many laughs and lots of self-love as we discuss the importance for every mom to find her signature style and embrace body positivity... Ayron Bloss is an Image Consultant that specializes in helping women find their signature style through body positivity, enlightenment, and empowerment. With over 10 years in the Fashion Industry, she has styled runways shows, photo shoots for print and advertisements, bloggers, and modern business women. With focusing on body positivity and self love, Ayron has changed so many women's lives."When you work with me, you gain so many things such as confidence and self love, a great wardrobe and style is just a bonus." ~ Ayron BlossTo follow along with her work, Ayron can be found on Instagram: @ayron.bloss, online at: www.ayronbloss.com, or join her Facebook Group: Style & Slay


30 May 2019

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A Bit Much: Step into Your Strength & Femininity with Stacy Dymalski

A fun conversation that all comes back to - Self Acceptance - After years of failed romantic relationships (which includes divorce), Stacy Dymalski is ready to admit that the common denominator in all of these disasters is, well in fact, Stacy! Shortly after men get to know her they feel compelled to to... MOVE ON... I know I can relate! After a while they find her to be just a BIT MUCH, and she's left to figure out what men want when it comes to strong, independent women who unintentionally do intimidating things like run their own lives. My conversation with Stacy was funny, insightful and illustrated how women can comfortably step into their own brand of strength and femininity without compromise, while still attracting and maintaining a healthy relationship.SPOILER ALERT: it's not impossible, but definitely a lot harder than it seems!Stacy's one-woman comedy is being featured at the Hollywood Fringe during the month of June, to see her live and follow along with her journey - please connect with her through the platforms provided below:Facebook: Stacy Dymalski EntertainmentInstagram: @stacy_dymalskiTwitter: Stacy DymalskiLinkedIn: Stacy DymalskiWebsite: www.TheMemoirMidwife.comTo get tickets for A BIT MUCH go to the Hollywood Fringe website at https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/5898Also, Stacy has created a discount code for our listeners to get 33% off the ticket price of 'A BIT MUCH' in the Hollywood Fringe. Enter the discount come SINGLEMOMTRIBE at checkout and tickets will be $12 instead of $18 for the two remaining shows of 'A BIT MUCH' in the Hollywood Fringe.


13 Jun 2019

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