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Need a little pick me up? Get a fresh perspective or learn something new, this is for you. As an entrepreneur, personal development is non-negotiable. To have a successful business, you have to always overcome obstacles or get growth hacks to take you to the next level. I'm always looking for ways to get the most of life and this is just me sharing my findings, tried and tested methods. You'll be surprised by how much we have in common. I hope this show makes you feel warm and fuzzy! Also, gives you a boost to give your best to the day ahead and in general, life. I'm a great believer in self knowledge, everything around us is a mirror of everything we carry within. It's worth to take out time to improve yourself so you can have the biz and life you want :)

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Need a little pick me up? Get a fresh perspective or learn something new, this is for you. As an entrepreneur, personal development is non-negotiable. To have a successful business, you have to always overcome obstacles or get growth hacks to take you to the next level. I'm always looking for ways to get the most of life and this is just me sharing my findings, tried and tested methods. You'll be surprised by how much we have in common. I hope this show makes you feel warm and fuzzy! Also, gives you a boost to give your best to the day ahead and in general, life. I'm a great believer in self knowledge, everything around us is a mirror of everything we carry within. It's worth to take out time to improve yourself so you can have the biz and life you want :)

How to get out of a funk

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Been in a weird funk lately.. 

In this episode, sharing what's been happening. Not a very organized episode tbh. But just my thoughts on what to do when you're in a funk. 

I usually start by taking into account of what's been happening - cleaning up my physical space, mental clutter and just daily habits. 

Letting go of things that you're resisting to change and asking yourself big picture questions. 

Lastly, I talk about surrender and going with the flow.

Hope you find it helpful x

Jul 12 2022



Life's too short for these.

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It's been a while. But recently got inspired for a topic. One of my clients and bff's dad passed away in the same week and that really made me ponder on the shortness of life. 

I made a list of things that life's too short for and i even backed it up lol

So basically six things life's too short for, I'm sure if I put my head to it could come up with more but this is what I came up with. 

Life's too short for: 
- not being your authentic self
- doing work you don't really enjoy
- Playing small
- worrying about what others thing
- surrounding yourself with fake people
- being busy to just be busy

Hope you enjoy itttt! And you can find me on insta at @nabeelah.munshi

May 18 2022



3 Reminders For When You Feel Behind In Life

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Somehow all of us feel behind in life lol IDK, maybe there's someone out there who feels like they're on time. haha

But I was stuck pretty deep in the comparison trap on Saturday. And then I found out that one of my friends and my mom were feeling the same way.

So in this episode, I shared 3 reminders for when you feel behind in life. Why it's not fair for you to compare your life to a stranger on the internet or even your friends for that matter. 

Some thoughts on self love and my personal journey of accepting myself on my worst days. And treating myself like a friend. 

Also, being kind cause what goes around comes around. And you really don't have any idea of what people are going through.

Hope you enjoy it and it give you a good perspective! 

Feb 28 2022



How to improve your relationship with yourself

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A full circle. Always coming back to yourself. 

In this episode, I talked about 2 recent epiphanies I've had that have helped me improve my relationship with myself. 

The first has to do with just creating space in your week to be able to explore your natural intuitive urges! It'll give you hints about yourself. 

The second is a lesson on self-worth that I've recently learned. 

Hope you enjoy x 

Find me on Instagram @nabeelah.munshi

Feb 11 2022



When it's time to let go

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Letting go is hard. It's almost like you're diving back in to the unknown etc. I get it. 

In this episode, I talked about when do you know it's time to let go of someone and 3 beliefs that help me make peace with it 

  1. Trust. Trust that if it’s hard and you’re second guessing it. It’s time to let go. If it is somehow meant to be it’ll find its way back. If not, with a heavy heart, you let it go. As Steve jobs says, dots don’t connect looking forward, they connect looking backwards.
  2. Take it as a lesson. Don’t think that this experience was just a waste and this lil tiny scratch on your heart is there for no reason. Find the lesson. Get curious. How can you evolve from this? And what have you learned that you’ll do differently next time?
  3. You don’t know what you don’t know yet. You don’t know what the future holds and it could be massively incredible. And you’ll look back and probably be thankful that you had to go through this because it prepped you for it. 

Hope you enjoy :) Find me on Insta @nabeelah.munshi

Jan 25 2022



5 mistakes I made in 2021 + Lessons

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Reflecting on the past year and what my takeaways were. 

In this episode, I talk about 5 mistakes I made in 2021 that you can learn from. Hope it helps you out. 

1. Fell into the trap of hustle culture
Working hard is important. But honestly, A 'good life' has a lot of different components than just working.

2. Lost an epic friend 
I pride myself with how articulate I am. Though, It doesn't equal to having good communication skills.

Learning to actually bring up things that bother me rather than doing dumb sh*t haha

3. Knowing how to make money is one skillset and learning how to manage it is a whole other skill 
You can't be spending more when you make more. Gotta learn to save, invest etc to create wealth. 

4. Abandon myself for someone, always choose you first
I went to therapy for a year to work on my abandonment issues + few other traumas that were specifically affecting my dating life. 

TBH, I just wanna say it really paid off.

5. Being too rigid and strict with my routine & goals
I'm extremely goal oriented. So I wouldn't go off plan or be open for a detour because it feels like a waste of time. 

But I've learned that magic happens in the unexpected detours. So learning to stay open and saying yes to different opportunities. 

Jan 02 2022



becoming better at self-love w/Dynas Purins

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Self-love can be complex because you're not really sure where to start. I was there once too. 

In this episode, Dynas talks about talking to different parts of ourselves to find acceptance and peace within ourselves. 

He also spoke about his own journey of building a million dollar business then losing it and finding his confidence in himself again. 

Dynas also guided me through 'the work' and I spoke to different parts of myself. You may be able to resonate with it as well. 

Hope you enjoy x

Dec 06 2021



Here's what to do to get unstuck

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Feeling stuck and unmotivated? Like things around you are a bit dull?

Recently had a burnout and felt pretty gloomy tbh. In this episode, I talked about 4 steps I took to get unstuck. 
1) Examined why I was feeling that way. What was really the root cause?
2) Reflected on what success truly meant to me?
3) What did I have to let go of?
4) Took a complete break 

Hope this helps you get unstuck faster. 

Find me on insta: @nabeelah.munshi

Oct 28 2021



Creating your perfect day to maximize joy & fulfillment

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How you spend your days is how you spend your life. 

I'm so introspective and intentional haha. But recently, I was feeling a bit stuck or almost like I was low on inspiration which is a very rare state for me. I realized that I need some time off to do some more introspection and re-align myself

I asked pretty big questions and this episode was actually inspired by my roommates question. And how I answered what my exciting life would look like. 

Then I had another epiphany that I can already start feeling that way and take actions that fill up the buckets for my priorities in life each day. 

I also shared a little bit about my move from Spain to Dubai! Hope you enjoy and it get something out of it!

Find me on Insta: @nabeelah.munshi

Sep 21 2021



How to become your most authentic self w/ Michael S. Seaver

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In this episode, Micheal S. Seaver shared how you can be your most authentic self. We talked about your soul's purpose on earth and how you can know you're on the right path. 

We also talked a lot about spirituality and trusting the universe. Also, how you can deal with feelings of unworthiness and process your stuck negative emotions. 

Honestly, we covered so many topics on just being human and the universe.  I can assure you I asked all the possible questions that you may have and Micheal answered all of them. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes ever so check it out. Hope you enjoy x

Sep 02 2021



Expanding your consciousness w/James Petrossi

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Here's a very candid conversation with the founder of PTNL, James Petrossi.

As a 25-year marketing veteran, James Petrossi, witnessed firsthand how a myopic focus on work culture made younger generations struggle with their own identity as they navigated the corporate landscape. And when he saw just how many seemingly successful, celebrated business leaders, like himself, were left feeling unfulfilled in the long run, James knew there was a significant disconnect that needed to be addressed. 

So he left. He left the advertising world and went on a quest to find WHY employees are unfulfilled, addicted to technology and unsure of who they really are.

Now, as the founder of PTNL and as a researcher on human connection, James aims to help HR leaders, workforce management professionals and CEOs battle the oversaturation of technology in order to fight the disconnect many employees feel. His new book, Know Your True Self, teachers readers to: 

  • Find the interaction between human consciousness and technology in order to establish work/life balance
  • Identifying the skills needed to rewire the brain and create new healthy habits at work and in life
  • Breaking down self-awareness in order to better manage emotional distress

Check out our conversation on mindfulness, unconditional love and so much more. Hope you enjoy x

Find me on Insta @nabeelah.munshi 

Find james on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamespetrossi/
Check out his website for more info: https://www.ptnl.com/about

Aug 20 2021



How to become more self aware and deal with triggers

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Triggers are your teachers. After a certain point, now, I usually get excited when something triggers me because I know there's something to heal. 

And when I heal from that, I can become more of myself. 

In this episode, I talked about what being triggered actually is trying to tell you. How you can recognize it. Also, gave a 3 step process to integrate it and start learning from them. 

Hope it helps :) 

Find me on Insta: @nabeelah.munshi

Jul 27 2021



Listen to this if you're in a funk

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There's something in the air these past weeks. I swear anyone I talk to tells me their feeling off

and that kinda reminds me that this is life you know. You have highs and lows. 

And the lows are uncomfortable and you want to shake them off very fast. I get it. but uhh, have to learn to deal with them more effectively. 

In this episode, I shared 3 reminders that I usually tell myself when I'm in a funk. 

1) I try my bestest to sit with it and not avoid. Sometimes I'll try to avoid it by planning things or going out or something but I've learned the feeling doesn't go away. So I guess it's more efficient to actually feel it and ask yourself why you're feeling this way? and what you need right now

2) I'll shift my perspective of the problem. and think about what I can learn from this? or how is this actually serving me in some way. 

3) I'll remind myself that I'm not alone in this! It's super human to feel sh*t feelings :) so that's that. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Jul 23 2021



Lessons on mindfulness and dealing with anxiety w/Katy Bandy

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Katy Bandy is an anxiety specialist helping women destress and reconnect with themselves. You can find her on Instagram @Katy Bandy. 

She talks about how you can start practicing mindfulness and what it means to actually be mindful. She also talks about the roots of anxiety and how they show up in your life. 

She shares how you can make little shifts in your daily life to feel more balanced and deal with daily stress. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Jul 13 2021



Expanding into your complete self

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Always blown away by how you can literally keep growing. You might not be aware of the roles you play that actually keep you away from being yourself. 

Recently came across this huge realization of how I've been always playing a savior. I also talk about the victim mentality and how it's something that triggers me if I see it in other people. 

I talk about the Drama triangle and how you can use it to observe the role you're playing and eventually change the script. Also, how it presents itself in different areas of your life. 

May it be your business or relationship. 

I talk about how you can identify and consciously make a better choice! 

Hope ya find it helpful :)

Jul 04 2021



Does law of attraction really work?

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Yes, it works! I can't for sure guarantee HOW?

But so far, my life is legit a living miracle haha 

How do I ever get to live this life as a Pakistani woman. I really couldn't tell you. 

The more I think about how I got fortunate to be living so freely and traveling to all these countries. Plus, meeting all these people. 

It somehow really feels like maybe I manifested. This is how I actually got into learning more about it. 

And I have consciously created things in my life. Though, I don't have the concept perfectly down lol 

Sometimes I'll still question a lot of things and the concept of 'higher power'. BUT, lately, there's been some changes and I just want to share them with you because maybe you can resonate. 

In this episode, I'm just sharing my thoughts on 'higher power' and law of attraction! Hope you find it useful! :) 

Jun 27 2021



Best Unsolicited Dating Advice

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Dating. I really want to but OMG, it's so annoying in this era to be honest.

I recently had convos with 3 friends on consecutive days telling me about their relationship. And I (the single one) was giving them advice. 

While I was giving them this amazing advice, I realized I currently wasn't taking it myself.

Like oookaaaayyy 'Don't settle for anything, there's probably a lot better guys out there too' hahah 

But really compiled most of my dating wisdom into this episode. THAT I AM TAKING MYSELF. 

I think dating someone/being in a relationship should ultimately make you feel good and supported. Well, also you need to feel that spark. 

However, did my best at this topic cause it's been a theme lately. Hope you enjoy!

May 05 2021



What makes a 'good life'?

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'I don't want to grow old and regret. Feel like I wasted my life. Or I did it wrong' said my friend

This made me think a lot. And I realized that I'm finally at a stage of my life where I feel like I'm doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. 

I feel so aligned and good, that I didn't know it was possible. 

I shared 3 aspects that make my life 'good'. Like I feel I wouldn't want it any other way. 

I feel deeply fulfilled and at peace. Even though, it's always a journey and I'm sure it can get even better. 

Most importantly, I think finding peace within yourself is the key. This is a very random episode lol but I'm sure it'll give you an AHA moment. 

Or the courage to just follow your gut. Because I think things just fall in place when you just do things that spark joy or feel good to you. 

Hope this helps! 

Apr 25 2021



Breaking barriers to love

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You want it but it's so hard to give and receive. 

I've always been fascinated by this concept. Okay, love is real. But I meant to say romantic love. 

I also get that it kinda fades away. Tbh, I'm pretty confused by this topic altogether because it doesn't have an answer. 

However, I love exploring it. And also, the fact that we're so excited about it when we're younger but lose hope when we get older. 

And also, talked about how we build barriers to love and how healing traumas can help us overcome that. 

This episode is pretty open ended and philosophical as I don't really have a concrete answer :) 

But if you've been thinking about this, maybe it'll give you some more perspective and a laugh. 

Thanks for listening!

Mar 14 2021



3 reminders for life transitions

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Life happens. ALL THE TIME. There's so many things that can happen that change the course of your life. 

Especially when you're at a crossroad where you don't have a clear path in front of you. 

I'm currently going through something major and when I was talking to some of my friends, I realized they were too. 

Here are 3 reminders to keep you grounded in this time of transition. Big or small. :) 

1. When things don't work out, maybe secretly they are working out.

2. Today is just as important as any day in the future.

3. Do your best and then trust the universe, things that are meant to be usually unfold easily. 

Hope this was helpful! It'll definitely help you feel less anxious and more hopeful about whatever transition period you're currently going through. Also, threw in my recent EMDR experience. 

You can find me on insta: @nabeelah.munshi 


Mar 07 2021



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I love your last podcast! Great reminder to love ourselves!

By kchill2 - Feb 02 2019
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I will work on judging people less and being more aware of it with you 😀

Worth it

By sebastianHermes - Oct 29 2018
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I really love this podcast and you have great advice! I feel much more calm when I listen to it