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Beverly is a town 40 minutes north of Boston, Massachussets. Join three Beverly residents, the hosts of this podcast: Lucia (a foreigner), Alison (an actress) and Michael (an archivist ) in their quest to get to know their neighbors. Beverly Talks's episodes include clips from interviews with neighbors and the hosts' comments on what they found unique or interesting. The interview clips bring atmospheric sounds, to transport listeners to the place and time when the hosts met the neighbors.

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Bill Mantone - A warrior behind a clarinet

Bill grew up knowing he wanted to be a musician but from an early age he found multiple obstacles to pursue his desire to play music. From getting kicked out of high school to life after the Vietnam war, Bill Mantone is a humble example of resilience. Music credits:1. Bill's first song is "Song for life" from Rodney Crowell.2. The podcast intro song: "VIntage Electro Pop Loop" - by Frankumhttps://freesound.org/people/frankum/sounds/384468/3. Bill's last song is "My old friend" by Steve Earle.4. Melodies played in clarinet and saxophone: "Louisiana Calls" composed by Bill Mantone; "Wrap your troubles in dreams" composed by Harry Barris and "Misty" composed by Errol Garnel.


17 Mar 2020

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Nancy Coffey - Adventurous woman explains a historic division in Beverly

Nancy Coffey is a Beverly Farms resident and she documented the stories of immigrant workers that worked at Beverly Farms back in the late 1800 and early 1900. In her effort to document these stories Nancy learned why Beverly Farms, a neighborhood in Beverly, remained as an isolated community overtime. Also, in this episode, we’ll learn some of Nancy’s adventures around the world before she married and settled in Beverly Farms.Music Credits:1. Intro song: "VIntage Electro Pop Loop" - by Frankumhttps://freesound.org/people/frankum/sounds/384468/2. "Solo duet"- By Myakumithishttps://freesound.org/people/myakumithis/sounds/218863/3. "New York Jazz loop"- by FoolBoyMediahttps://freesound.org/people/FoolBoyMedia/sounds/347848/4. "Jazz Loop 01 50" - by Carlos Cartyhttps://freesound.org/people/CarlosCarty/sounds/427705/5. "Wholesome" - By Kevin Mcleodhttps://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5050-wholesome/6. "Hard boiled" - By Kevin Mcleodhttps://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1700076


8 Dec 2019

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Tony Toledo - Enjoying his life while telling stories

In his own words, Tony Toledo is: "Freelance artist, Storyteller. Book collector. Folk music fan. Letter writer. Professional pie taster. Corn Party Co-Host. Speak Up Spoken Word Open Mike EMCEE. Bicycle rider. ASL talker." In this episode, Tony shared what brought him to Beverly from growing up in Defiance, OH and how he got into the storytelling profession. Tony inspired us with his fun and fulfilling lifestyle; from sending handwritten letters to one of his friends in Ohio to organizing yearly community events, Tony lives his life fully. Don't miss Tony's engaging storytelling style and a visit into his attic at the end of the episode. Music Credits: 1. Intro song: "VIntage Electro Pop Loop" - by Frankum https://freesound.org/people/frankum/sounds/384468/2. “Rhodes MK1 Funky Style – 3rd Ding 01” – by Raggamanhttps://freesound.org/people/Raggaman/sounds/26979/3. “Brit Pop Guitar (70 Bpm) in D” – Abbethttps://freesound.org/people/abett/sounds/316983/4. “Retro 60's Guitar 180Bpm in C” – by Abetthttps://freesound.org/people/abett/sounds/398327/5. "Jazz Loop 01 50 bpm"- by CarlosCartyhttps://freesound.org/people/CarlosCarty/sounds/427705/6. "In The Middle Of July Music Loop"- Rhodesmashttps://freesound.org/people/rhodesmas/sounds/323545/7. "Wah clavinet funky"- EKVelikahttps://freesound.org/people/EKVelika/sounds/168578/


24 Nov 2019

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Rick Heath - Magic show artist in love of human potential

Rick dedicated most of his adult life, here in Beverly, working closely with the late Cesareo Pelaez, the former owner of Le Gran David Spectacular Magic show. This show was awarded a Guinness Record for being the longest consecutively running stage magic show in the world. In this episode Rick shares what lessons he got from working with Cesareo as well as stories that portrait Cesareo as a positive influencer in Rick's life and the Beverly community.Music Credits:1. Intro song: "Pistachio Ice Cream Ragtime" - by Lena Orsa.https://www.jamendo.com/artist/494669/the-piano-lady-lena-orsa2. "80's Analog Synth"- by Yellowtreehttps://freesound.org/people/YellowTree/sounds/479212/3. "Misterious Ambiance" - by distronayahttps://freesound.org/people/dystronaya/sounds/323087/4. "Good Evening Loop" - By Ddmyzik https://freesound.org/people/DDmyzik/sounds/469418/5. "Happy Again" - Setunimanhttps://freesound.org/people/Setuniman/sounds/170914/6. "Slap" - by Mrwolf14https://freesound.org/people/mrwolf14/sounds/51198/


10 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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Ricardo Fernandez - Nostalgia fuels his love for Beverly

Ricardo Fernandez is a Peruvian/American who has lived in Beverly for almost 30 years. Ricardo is an active contributor of the artistic and cultural development here in Beverly. Join us in this episode to learn why Ricardo stayed in Beverly, instead of going back to his beloved hometown and how he appreciates and wants to preserve Beverly's art history.Music Credits:1. Intro song: "Pistachio Ice Cream Ragtime" - by Lena Orsa.https://www.jamendo.com/artist/494669/the-piano-lady-lena-orsa2. "Voyage Loop" - By Zagi https://freesound.org/people/zagi2/sounds/319407/3. "Danger is near" - By  NightwolfCFM https://freesound.org/people/NightWolfCFM/sounds/436592/4. "Cinematic moments- dreamy> Chilhood 1P63" - By Situniman https://freesound.org/people/Setuniman/sounds/403968/5. "Loose message" - By Xhale303https://freesound.org/people/XHALE303/sounds/463995/


5 Oct 2019

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