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50 - Brandon Webb: (Part 1) The Story of Former US Navy SEAL Sniper, New York Times Bestselling Author, Experimental Aircraft Pilot, and Entrepreneur

Brandon Webb was a 12 year kid when he started learning how to Scuba dive. Brandon had an alternative childhood as he grew up living in a boat at a harbor during that time while his parents wanted to sail around the world with the family, living that cruising lifestyle. And from that his father bought a 47-foot boat for the same purpose. Brandon's life had been adventurous all through. One night at age 13, he had to go down into a shark infested water, to get the anchor of his ships unstuck from a rock. Sea lions were flying by as he swam down to the anchor with a flashlight his hand and the experience, an amazing one, certainly boosted his confidence at such a young age. At 15, Brandon was making $150 a day, doing miscellaneous jobs in the harbor, when at the same time his father wanted to sail to Australia, ye, for some reason, the trip somehow appeared crazy to Brandon and from there he and his pops got into a large argument. Why is this important? 16 year old Brandon packed his bag and off he went, away from home thinking he had the answers to all the world’s problems. Not quite yet Brandon entered the Navy, became a Navy Seal, and was deployed to the Middle Eastern countries and went on to become a Sniper and a trainer, who began to implement technology and advanced training methodology used by performance coaches who trained Olympic champions. Post retirement, Brandon put all his life savings into a business from which he had to walk away empty-handed; his wife divorced him when he needed her most. Brandon started all over, putting together all his experiences. And now he’s now running an 8-Figure business. Listen up as Brandon reveals all his life's adventure, drama and action with Manny Patrick on the 'A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick' show. In this episode, you’ll learn: Brandon's alternative childhood, his adventures in the sea water His departure from home at age 16 The grips of bad addictions on his friends and the lessons he learnt His entry into the Navy and his training as a Navy Seal His deployment into Middle Eastern countries and the adventures there in Advanced Sniper training he went through and his promotion as a trainer.Modernizing the military with technology; implementing Olympic style training both physically and mentally. His humbling experience, where he lost all his life savings and friends’ money in a business adventure ---- Tweetables, Social Sharing Clips, Make Mention..I was into everything; getting my stomach pumped once a week for drinking anything from bleach to gasoline. It was an amazing experience to live and grow up in the harbor on a sailboat. There are plenty of people always with these dreams but never doing a thing to pursue their dreams. I was deployed to Middle East and shortly got attacked in Yemen by suicide bombers We decided to adopt positive psychology and mental management applied to Olympic arena and professional sports I really rebuilt from scratch, funny that people come up to me and tell how lucky I am, they have no idea what it took My book went into New-York times best-seller list People are really fed with the modern news media


27 Sep 2017

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61 - Closing Out 2017

Enjoy the holidays and prepare for the best year ahead. 


26 Dec 2017

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60 - Anil Gupta: Forgiveness, Love, Relationships and Why They Matter

Do you need clarity and focus in life? Are you loaded with baggage that are holding you back? Do you have issues in relationships in both your personal and professional life? Have you ever tried virtues like Forgiveness and Love? Forgiveness Expert Anil Gupta says 'Forgiveness is the Express Pathway to Freedom' Anil is on the mission to make a difference in the lives of millions these days, and he has made transformations in people’s lives, overnight, sometimes just from single consulting sessions. But, back then, he had been through his own deepest valleys in life. Times were very challenging for him in 2008, so much that he even contemplated suicide. He was thinking, he's such a failure even if he did try and commit suicide, he might even mess that up, as well. Those days, having his identity around money and being surrounded by rich people and constantly comparing himself with them, he thought he’d lost everything. But, an absolute stunning eye opener came for him when his wife asserted that his identity around her and the kids is very much there. In this episode Anil says, ‘We do things for other people thinking that's what they want; all you have to do is have that simple conversation with someone, “What is it you want from me, what would make you happy”; and you'll be stunned by what they say. Now, do you accept your children as they are? See below the insight from Anil. “In that moment the child is born we accept that child as it is; but as the child grows we stop accepting that child and that's where the discord happens between the parent and child which ultimately ends up affecting the entire life of the child from an emotional standpoint” Are you blaming your partner for YOUR happiness? Anil says, “Don't let your partner be the source of your happiness; let YOU be the source of your happiness” Listen on as Anil talks about; How do You Find Your Worthiness, The Power of Giving, Positive Results of Clarity, What Pure Love is, The Power of Forgiveness, Outcome for Getting Uncomfortable, How do You Choose a Date and many more.   Here’s what you’ll learn: The Journey of Anil Gupta; the challenges he had and how he ended up coming out on top What did Anil learn about himself when he went through pain, where he even contemplated suicide How do you undo what was previously controlling you and create a new blueprint for yourself, so that now you operate from a different perspective with new processes in life What is it that actually prevents people from having that conversation; what is a great way to approach your spouse openly and with humiliation How do you find your worthiness and what is the process involved; why people had lost it and what is a good way to get back in How to forgive someone and let go when somebody is just having a difficult time doing so What is the definition of Love and Fulfillment What is the biggest killer of relationships today between a man and a woman; and what can somebody do to adjust the outcome of their particular relationship How do you choose a person who you want to date or have a relationship with What is the process to follow when you choose a partner Why is it we put so much weight on shoulders for our partners, to be everything to us and for us Who are unhappy people; why are they unhappy and what can they do to find that immediate happiness How do we get rid of the distractions; to live in the now, live in the moment What's the definition of Happiness, what does it mean Resources: Anil's book titled 'Immediate Happiness': Great stuff, Several Different Formulas in there Forgiveness is the Express Pathway to Freedom: Anil's tagline on his Home Page, click to Visit Being Happier is Easier than You Think: Anil's Facebook Page Immediate Happiness on Instagram

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13 Dec 2017

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56 - Cy Waits: Nightlife Mogul, Turned Chief Experience Officer and His Journey of Success

Cy Waits was named America's most eligible bachelor when he was 30 years old. Within the first couple of years of starting a business, they were doing about 40 million dollars with a 70 percent profit margin. They had colleges, and business leadership classes, interviewing them, media all over them. They were on lots of covers of magazines. Is he from a Royal background? Did all this come as a family heritage? Did they hit a lottery in the casinos of Las Vegas? On the contrary, their beginnings were actually humble. Cy and his brother come from a broken family. They lost their mother at a young age of 13. They were working at gas stations, in the nursery, at the lake, and all these random places to have something to eat and for a place to sleep. Wanting to get out of the small town mentality, they moved out to Las Vegas. Cy started off as a security and within 3 years going through all the ranks of lead and the supervisor, he landed up in a place where he became the General Manager by the age of 26. The youngest General Manager in Vegas. He's actually in the kind of business where you make one mistake and, it can be all snatched away from you literally in seconds. Listen on to his story as he unveils his roller coaster journey with sheer hard work. He even goes into his personal life of dating with a famous personality, and the regular fist fights with his brother, Jesse. In this Episode you will learn: Cy Wait's journey; where he started, what it took for him to constantly, consistently and persistently develop his way to get to his position today How to have that love and care for a sibling and also build out successful businesses and maintain that with full character and integrity without losing brotherly love and family orientation, because some people can't even manage a regular brother or sisterhood What was the biggest lesson Cy learned about himself going through setbacks or disappointments as an entrepreneur even on a personal level How did Cy remain trustful to himself being in such an untrustworthy environment What is it about Fame that most people that attain it cannot handle it? Why people with that lifestyle see their own demise or self-destruct as a result Who's been the biggest influence in Cy's personal and professional life in his journey

1hr 15mins

8 Nov 2017

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54 - Jen Betts: On Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

Tragedy struck Jen Betts, in the year 2000. As she was walking into a room, a playful environment, where somebody was swinging something around and she walked right into it, causing ocular damage to her left eye, and leaving her blind in one eye. Now, after the tragedy, she's left with only a couple of options; just sit down and be depressed, or get up and keep going. Courageously, she chose to keep going, keep pushing, and be more positive, in spite of the setback. Fast forward to, today. Jen Betts now runs a Public Relations company called Innovative PR and her specialty or area of interest is Entertainment Strategy. Now, this is where things get interesting. Her educational background came from nursing which is super different from PR. She's done her Bachelors, Masters in Nursing and thereafter, her specialty and Family Practice all related to the medical field. More so, she's born and raised in a family, that has only dealt with medicine and nursing throughout her lifetime. Innovative PR specializes in social and digital media with marketing and content creation capabilities. Their clientele ranges across various industries, including entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, nonprofits, corporations, content creators and digital influencers. Now, how did Jen get into PR the world? How was she able to make the Pivot and become super successful? When asked about what it took her to get to where she is today, she simply answers, 'There's just a lot of no sleep' Listen to her interesting story and mind opening insights. Click below. In this show you will learn: What was the process for Jen Betts from start off, to her current position of being the president of her firm in the public relations industry How did Jen realize it was the right time to make a pivot and go start an own company, what were those decisions like and what she learnt about herself in those decisions The specific skills set that Jen learned as a nurse that she was able to take into the PR world and using them effectively to date Challenges Jen faced in bringing top characteristics from a very service minded, medical, taking care of people, nursing background into Hollywood where there are people that are trying to do things for their own best interests and they're very selfish and it's all about me. How is she able to maintain a level of authenticity in the process What is most important to Jen in the midst of all the opportunity to accomplish the next thing or to get to the next level, while still standing for integrity What Jen does actively and regularly to make sure she's at the top of the list What does it take to turn a tragedy into triumph? What could be the process to help somebody overcome tragedy and become triumphant in their life? What keeps people from asking for help What you do to build and sustain a high quality relationship with people so that they do care about you and want to be around you so they don't think you're just there to take from them How would you increase your personal and professional value in life and business so that you can become more of an asset or ally to somebody else's life or a business What would a small business owner without the money or budget do, because of their  love to do some Public Relations One message of Inspiration to the listeners Tweetables What has got me here, there's just a lot of no sleep I made the decision of starting an own company after being loyal to a group of people in my industry for a certain amount of time People are so scared about asking for help and they're so prideful Everybody needs to use toughest times in their life to persevere in business and take our personal challenges and conquer business in a proper and positive and courteous way Anybody who's going through a dark time, to become triumphant; you need your time to work through the phases of crisis It's really important for people to take the time to get to know people and then understand how that relationship can flourish for business It's not about what others can do for you; it's about that you're interested in them because of their talent In life, it's so much easier to be negative and not to be positive. It takes time and will to be positive Drive is that want, that desire, that want to do it, the hard part to try and find within your soul

1hr 8mins

25 Oct 2017

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51 - John David Mann: The Recipe and Ingredients of Greatness

The Go-Giver the book, 10 years after its publication, has just won the 2017 Living Now Evergreen Medal. It's a medal given out to books that have stood the test of time for their contribution to positive global change. Its author John David Mann, New York Times bestselling author has now teamed with a very famous chef, Charles Carroll who does 80 to 100 food functions a week. Charles even represented the United States, in the World Culinary Olympics and won some gold medals. Together the duo set out to write a parable, to help people understand how to create success through parallels with making food. YUM! Their idea of readership for the book is people who love both personal growth and food, winner on both sides. It’s a story with a central character, a troubled angry young boy and that crusty old enigmatic chef. An excerpt, “Always be hungry, Owen,” the Chef said softly. “Don’t ever let life just wash over you. Savor it—every smell, every taste, every sound. That’s Rule One, Owen: Taste everything.”  A STORY OF LOSS, LOVE, AND THE INGREDIENTS OF GREATNESS In this episode you will learn: How John David Mann narrows down on options and qualifies, to help write books when he gets these interesting stories from different people Is it automatic for publishers to accept your book proposal, if you're a well known, New York times bestselling author? The ingredients somebody would be able to pull out of this new book from John David titled 'Recipe for life' John's perspective of the difference between excellence and greatness, and what does it take to have both Where does one really discover how to achieve excellence Why is the recipe for success and/or greatness so intimidating for people How self doubt and self critique, are keeping a ton of could-have great businesses from ever getting off the ground Positive effects of passion What does it take to have a long-term mental diet plan that can effectively support a physical diet plan: Their importance Life-changing nugget or piece of information from the new book, 'Recipe for life' Resources: http://johndavidmann.com http://johndavidmann.com/books/the-recipe/ http://theingredientsofgreatness.com/  (For pre-order and bonus offer)

1hr 13mins

4 Oct 2017

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63 - Relationships, the Meaning of Success, and Being Human with Brandon T. Adams

He’s 29 but and doing what successful folks in their 40s and 50s do. He is an Emmy Award Winning Producer and Co-Host of SuccessinYourCity.com Brandon T Adams is the Man...  young man.. On his talk with Manny Patrick, Brandon talks about importance of relationships, meaning of success, what being human gets you, by what means he built his brand, where his best ideas came from and much more. Guest Highlights Brandon T. Adams is a serial entrepreneur, Co-Host and one of two Executive Producers of Ambitious Adventures, a reality television program focused on the compelling stories of young entrepreneurs around the country. Working with the Napoleon Hill Foundation for the film Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, he is the youngest person to be featured in the film. In addition to his T.V. and film work, he is the host of the influential business podcast Live to Grind and has been the guest on over 100 shows. Brandon and his team at Accelerant Media Group work with high-profile clients like Kevin Harrington, John Lee Dumas, the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and others on successful crowd funding campaigns (raising over $1.5 million dollars in the past year), branding, PR, and digital marketing. What we talk about: What it is like to be getting married and what other people who're already married to success learn about it Brandom’s upbringing where he had parents that were very committed and loving who raised him correctly- being the reason for all his present ability Why his name is Brandon T Adams, why not just Brandon Adams What are 'deals' according to Brandon What does Brandon do when he hits a wall; when he takes these big chances and risks, what does he do to pivot out and not stay in a negative space Does Brandon ever have a hard time getting out of bed What is Brandon still scared of What's on Brandon's bucket list Impactful Quotes: “Success does not mean a shit if I don't have a person I love next me to share with“ --- Brandon “When you're married or in a relationship with another entrepreneur: it is not like just having another relationship, it's very different“ --- Brandon “If you marry someone-- that's the person you're to be with in sickness and in health“ --- Brandon “Your significant other will make you or break you, be able to decide your future“ --- Brandon “Whatever the mind can't believe, it can't achieve” --- Napoleon Hill “Success is when you set a specific goal and you achieve it“ --- Brandon “The more humanized you can be, show who you are as a human; the more attraction you're going to get“ --- Brandon “If you're trying to cut corners even on a small court, it's going to hit you hard maybe even two or three years later“ --- Brandon “When you do things that are lined with morality and you're doing good and working hard; good things will happen“ --- Brandon “If you have even the slightest hesitation for what you're offering and you don't 100% believe in your product; then you cannot sell it“ --- Brandon “How do you connect with great people: add value and help them make money“ --- Brandon “I did it all by building relationships up, investing in mentors' relationships building my brand“ --- Brandon “I made people money, and after doing this enough at a high level, people started reaching out to me“ --- Brandon “How you start your day will decide the rest of your day“ --- Brandon “My best ideas have come from the gym“ --- Brandon “I just want to make sure I'm the most efficient with what I do“ --- Brandon Be in touch with the Guest Facebook:  www.facebook.com/brandon.adams.73 Instagram: brandontadams Web: http://www.SuccessinYourCity.com/ http://BrandonTAdams.com/ http://LivetoGrind.com/


4 Feb 2019

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49 - Sean Stephenson: Three Foot Giant Ridding the World of Insecurity

When Sean Stephenson was born, doctors predicted he would not survive more than 24 hours because of a rare bone disorder. Sean’s bones are extremely fragile and they have been broken about 200 times, all by the time he was 18 years of age. He has stunted growth, stands about 3 feet tall and is confined to a wheelchair. BUT the man, has a GIANT HEART! All this did not stop Sean Stephenson from becoming a well known motivational speaker, author, and businessman, whose message has been heard at live events in over 16 countries and, 48 states, in the past 23 years. Despite the challenges he faced, he’s taken a stand for a quality of life that has reached millions of people around the world, including Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. Sean has appeared on everything from The Oprah Show to online videos with hundreds of millions of views. Today, Sean joins the ‘A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick’ Show, and talks about his personality, bumps and bruises he’s faced and, several processes that helps one navigate through life. In this episode, you’ll learn: Where Sean started and what he's gone through, the bumps and bruises he had along the way, ultimately to where he is today.    What was going through Sean’s mind as he went through adversities, how did he strategically combat and fight through those. How could that really help somebody to think that and say, what you’re going through is only temporary and it's part of the process. 2 bags that Sean carries with him every time, how his journal makes him a lot of money. The actual strategy and a 3 step process for someone to find their way through insecurities, to pass through them. 16 things in Sean’s win life work’s list. What’s the strategy for someone to find themselves comparing against somebody and say this is not the right thing. Examples of leaving the comfort zone, what does it mean for somebody to be out of one’s comfort zone? Is tolerating pain an important part to live a good life? How do you stay so centered and develop the passion and patience for yourself in a world where there’s nothing but uncertainty. Message of inspiration to the listeners. Key points in the episode: The bumps never stopped, the bruises never stopped. It’s a misconception that when you succeed the bumps and bruises go away. I think the bigger game that you play the harder you get hit. It’s all about figuring out how to navigate life to avoid the bumps and bruises to the best of your ability and acknowledging it’s still going to come. Confidence is the result of taking acts in courage, taking acts in courage is the result of knowing that you’re moving forward in the queue. When something is temporary and it’s 10 years, it sucks. Time is a very elusive thing because all that exists is now; your past is not yours, your future is not, all that exists is now. If you’re creating a life that you love, every ‘now’ is enjoyable, but if you’re creating life where you’re waiting for things to be done and to ‘feel good’, your ‘now’ is always going to suck. When you want to succeed in life, you only prove it to yourself if you’re doing something now. If you don’t enjoy your life without money, you won’t enjoy with money. If you don’t enjoy life without love, you won’t enjoy with love. When you want to succeed in life, you only prove it to yourself if you’re doing something now. You won’t have that life that you love, if you allow your insecurities to garb your dreams. But if you’re on the win life SUCKS’ list, it will tear you apart; your insecurities will run the show. You have to have a connection to your life’s purpose. Everyone is born for a purpose, to nudge the human race, planet and the universe forward. When people hate what they do, they’re not connected to their life work. We have to be supportive with the empowering environment; you have cut off anything and everything that is lowering your vibration. You need to compare yourself to yourself, are you evolving? If you’re doing it right, you should always be embarrassed of your previous self. People who really play big in their life; they are constantly outside their comfort zones. I’m not going to return back to some place, which is negative and guilt driven just because I shared DNA. The more that you step outside your comfort zone, the quicker you realize how unstoppable you become. Pain is like a warning that says you’re running low on something. You can’t wait until you feel sorry for yourself, you have to move forward while you feel sorry for yourself. Your life partner reveals you what is repressed in you, what is not fully worked out and honed yet.

1hr 8mins

20 Sep 2017

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55 - Liza Glucoft: Executive Producer Talks Awesomeness and Execution with Excellence

Liza Glucoft is a Millennial digital strategist, producer, and director who’s been crafting digital content for nearly 10 years. She worked at both ‘Who What Wear’ and POPSUGAR, where she served as the head of fashion and beauty, video. She also worked as Supervising Producer at Conde Nast Entertainment in New York where she developed and oversaw productions across all the Conde titles including Vogue, Glamour, Allure, and Self. Most recently, she was Head of Video at one of the biggest VC-backed e-commerce platforms in Los Angeles, Thrive Market, launching their video marketing channel to an audience of nearly 1 million. She’s now an Executive Producer at Awesomeness TV. How did her journey begin, what was the path that got her to the point of being involved in digital media and film, and creation of all kinds of cool stuff? “It was not a straight line,” she says. It all started in high school, in college when she used to produce her own plays that she wrote and didn't quite realize at the time that she was a producer. But now she can trace the seed. It was in 2008 when she wanted to be a television writer, like a Sitcom writer. She was the finalist for the Disney program which was a program lot of people want to be in for screenwriting. It was at the same time she also realized that the writers themselves didn't really have that much power. Then, who had the real power? Who’s in that position of just come in and change the whole show? Why was she not as thrilled as she used to be of being a television writer? Listen up as Liza talks about her entry into production, her hard work, her greatest investment, how to find your self-worth and much more. In this Episode you’ll learn: What the journey has been like for Liza. Where she started, how she began, the path that got her to the point today, of being involved in digital media and film, and creation of all kinds of cool stuff What could she speak to somebody who's experiencing a setback, how'd she encourage one to confidently move forward and accomplish some big dream Is ambition a developer skill or is it an innate thing and somebody lacking ambition can actually find that and follow through on it? Does Liza believe that she's actively into her calling or is she still on a journey to find it out? How does Liza continue to strive for excellence in such a distraction friendly environment with so many different things going on, different personalities, and so many different attitudes constantly surrounding her How can somebody eliminate the ego and really just be true to your real values What could a woman or man do to build more self-confidence and worthiness in themselves Why is it that some people lose their creativity and give up on it What inspired Lisa to take the decision of building her own thing, her own business What would Liza say is the best investment that she made up to this point What motivates Liza, to inspire her every day to continue to push herself to be the best woman, to be the great producer in her space Why is it important that women should be in their person and use their voice when it's a male-dominated world around One message of inspiration for the listeners Inspirational Quotes and Tweetables My goal is to inspire everyone to do their best   I constantly have a little conversation with myself; where I'm like, did I do that, well is it good enough You have to have a little conversation, a little little pep talk with yourself to make yourself feel confident From this disheartening experience, I learned what not to do the next time and how I'm going to be more careful the next time The most strength or the most power you have is in creating Don't wait for someone else to give you the green light, don't wait for whatever to get in place, before you make the project; you push through the thing You create in order to find your self-worth You only lose your creativity if you're sitting in a bubble, not being inspired for that matter You just have to push yourself out of a zone of stagnancy   I had worked really hard for the last ten years and developed the skill set so I felt confident in my work enough to approach people I like say to myself is like a mantra, it's 'Execute with excellence' I'm the greatest investment, in myself. The commitment to constantly try to be better and focus on happiness If I push myself to the top and get there, then maybe I can make a change and maybe I can at least be part of the movement of change I'd like my kid to say that I made a good kid who’s another good citizen of the world


1 Nov 2017

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62 - Transitioning Smoothly: Vulnerable Talk with NFL Champion, Desmond Clark

Our Guest Desmond D. Clark is an entrepreneur, investor, author, mentor, and keynote speaker who is dedicated to excellence and enhancing the lives of others.  After an outstanding 13-year career in the NFL as Tight End for the Chicago Bears, Desmond D. Clark currently serves as President of the NFL Alumni Chicago Chapter.  Guest Highlights  . CEO of the Corporate Cup Celebrity Challenge; a mission to bridge the chasm of poverty through educational empowerment  . Served on the board of the 2013 Make A Wish Foundation, and was awarded the “Mentor of the Year” award by Senator Danny Davis for his outstanding leadership and dedication to the community.  . Leveraged his years of leadership on and off the field to help others achieve their maximum potential and build a better community   What we talk about: · The false picture that society has painted up for grown men · How Desmond Clark manages to through a transition · 2 different ways you can look at situations · The culture in the environments with all the muscles and energy waiting to compete · Difference between being hurt and being injured · Where Desmond developed the capability of transitioning smoothly from one thing into another thing · Best piece of advice Desmond ever got from being in the NFL · What is Desmond Clark fearful of? What is he still scared of? Quotes "Get up every day and attack the day based on your standards"- Desmond "The last thing that you want to do is disappoint somebody" - Desmond "You've got to be committed and if you're not then you're going to let somebody down, even if somebody is yourself" - Desmond "I told myself that I have would not be a disappointment to my mom and I told my mom that I would be successful" - Desmond "I want my kids to say 'I'm so proud of my dad because of what he was able to do not only for us but for other people as well'"-- Desmond "If I can't be true to myself I can't be true to anybody else" - Desmond "I'm always going to make sure I try to put people in position to have victory" - Desmond  "Every door that I walk in I try to walk out of that door where I could walk back and somebody's going to greet me with a hug and a smile"-Desmond "People who become champions are people that do too small mundane things better than their competition" - Desmond "It's the ordinary people that become champions because they do the small things at an extraordinary level" - Desmond  "Reason people don't become successful is because they get bored and they have a more superior interest in actually make themselves feel really good in the immediate time: instant gratification" - Manny Patrick Being comfortable can definitely be the enemy of progress - Desmond "There's always somebody with something more than you and there's always with somebody something worse than you" - Manny Patrick Connect with the Guest Instagram: dezclark 88, Clark 88  Twitter: dezclark88  Facebook: Desmond Clark


21 Jan 2019

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59 - Brian Wright: Radio Personality on Owning Your Voice and Setting a New Standard

Brian Wright...during high school one of his  teachers, who is also a speech coach, encouraged him to go out for speech events, but the idea of speaking in front of an audience terrified him. He got involved in a radio event all because he doesn't have to face an audience. He did really well in the event and from there went on to the district, and state levels. Awesome! Brian's by-birth Radio voice, makes him a number one choice to be on the radio. But, he did his part of the hard work. When a lot of people took to scuba diving and all kinds of the fun stuff, Brian purposely sought out to do activities that he thought could improve his career. He ended up teaching Speech and English Composition as well as Business Math in a 2-year business college environment, then he had to make his job fun, because a lot of the students didn't want to be in those classes. Today, Brian runs his own radio network 'Success Profiles Radio' which he started in the year 2012 interviewing all these amazing personalities like Kevin Harrington, Erik Swanson, Greg Reid, Darren Hardy, Jack Canfield, Tom Ziglar and many more.   Brian strictly believes and lives what Evander Holyfield said during one of his interviews, 'You have to have higher standards than everyone else around you' In This Episode You Will Learn: How did Brian's journey start, where did it all come from and what was the process in between for Brian to land up to where he is today What could somebody do to get over FEAR when they're speaking in front of a group or in an interview on a radio How do you continue to develop your skills even if you're already a subject matter expert and want to  get better What's the best thing that Brian learned about himself since he started his radio show in 2012 What's the process to muster up the courage to get out of your comfort zone and to set the new high standard for yourself What is a standard connection process to connect and converse with an Influencer What is a perfect pitch to connect and converse with an Influencer How can someone without any connections, or audience get started to connect with these Influencers What is the best investment that Brian ever made into somebody else during his journey What is Brian's motivation to be successful, what drives his engine every day What's the next big thing for Brian after capitalizing on all these great interviews and being in the presence of great thought leaders A story about a guest or a lesson that can really wrap the idea of storytelling One message of inspiration for the listeners to take home EPISODE RESOURCES Link to Brian Wright's Success Profiles Radio Link to Brian’s Blog, Books, Podcasts and Testimonials Brian’s Success Profiles Radio on iTunes, Subscribe and leave a Rating Success Profiles Radio on Facebook Email Brian Brian's new book coming out with Morgan James publishing called 'Conversations with High Achievers' which contains 11 of his best interviews Brian's new Launch: Success Profiles Magazine Napoleon Hills’ Book: Think and Grow Rich mentioned in the show by Brian Darren Hardy's Book: Entrepreneur a Roller Coaster mentioned in the show by Brian


29 Nov 2017

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David Lipp- 3 Year Business Owner of The Kingdom in Calabasas, Ca opens up about building a 7 figure business within a few years, weathering the startup storm, and doing whatever it takes in the face of a pandemic

On this episode I have a best bud, David Lipp, join me to discuss his approach on wrestling the nature of launching a company, what were some of the major steps he and his partner took to avoid going under, the tireless days and nights of uncertainty, yet continuing to fight with grit and the constant approach to making himself a more savvy businessman during the ride. Enjoy, and you know we would love your feedback! Leave us a review with your thoughts. Rock on!

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11 May 2020

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George Chanos- Former Attorney General of Nevada, Capriotti's Sandwich Chairman of the Board, and Acclaimed Author of Millenial Samurai, opens up about his views on coronavirus, personal and business pivoting, and improving your mindset for the future

On this episode I have a mentor and dear friend, George Chanos, join me to discuss his views on the coronavirus, leadership, how to pivot, and really sharpen your sword- your mind, so that regardless of any external event, you always remain in full control. And without a doubt, control of mind and the certainty that tops it off, yields a great sense of freedom. I would love your feedback! Leave us a review with your thoughts. Rock on!

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1 May 2020

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67 - Gabriela Lopez- Building a Life from the Foundation, Up

At 18, Gabriela Lopez, ran away from her family who realistically speaking, she says, “are very old school type. Their thinking is like: a girl stays at home, gets married and that's what she does.” So, Gabi said to herself, 'that's not her way to live, everyone looks so miserable in that kind of living'. She moved to LA with $10 in her pocket and into an apartment with 8 dudes from high school. “It was the funniest and craziest time of her life.” She said. She set out to build a solid and pure foundation but just on her own terms. Of course it was very difficult to go through all the challenges she was putting herself in. Now, Lopez is a fitness fanatic. And, today she is chasing the dream of becoming a superstar fitness trainer. She is also into acting. And not to mention, she's soaring in the social influence space with an Instagram following of 97K. What We Talk About What does pressure mean? What is Gabi's definition of pressure? What are good and bad pressures? What has been the anchor for Gabi to constantly pursue growth, what was the ignition to move in the right direction and not give up as a woman Who/what are the reasons for 90% of everything Gabi does and why she works so hard What was the reason for Gabi to put so much emphasis on her fitness For folks that are stuck and not working out, what can they do to start building their own path to success How do men or women if they're dating and having these breakups, equip themselves from not ruining themselves completely What is the best definition for accountability What difference has it made for Gabi building the social influence that she has today? and a community of people that like, trust, follow and expect certain things from her? What are Gabi's suggestions for women to be more confident What's the next big thing in store for Gabi, what else is on the agenda now that it sounds like she got her identity back What would affect the sensitivity sensor in Gabi's life Actionable Quotes We perform better under deadlines At the end of the day you are the reason for 90% of your consequences because you put yourself in these situations You need to be okay to do things without needing someone to validate your choice After a workout-- that high and the endorphins flowing through the body, there's nothing compared, nothing can give you that kind of joy Of working out--- it's not about the physical, it's the mental   If you're going to mess up, which is inevitable---pick it up, learn from it and don't do that again If your foundation is solid, anything else that comes to you you're going to be able to give it and keep going because your foundation is so strong The fear being alone keeps a lot of people in really bad relationships If you really want something sincere and beautiful, your approach needs to be soft People aren't getting opportunities because of a lack of intelligence or a lack of education and knowledge The creativity that spurs from working out ---the ideas and the possibilities and the imaginative flow it's endless so that's another purpose for working out

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20 May 2019

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66 - Get Motivated With Brian Forte

The 12 year old had to return back to the owner the over sized Reebok tennis shoes which he coveted and wore. His mother was not able to afford such shoes for him. What an embarrassing moment of his life! It was then he determined in his heart he's never going to live poor. Brian Forte was the kid who has now grown up to produce the largest business seminars in the world. His programs have featured seven U.S. Presidents, countless heads-of-state and the world's most successful personalities from Sports, Media, Politics, Business, Finance and Entertainment. Each year there are more than 50 large-scale events and more than 500 follow up educational workshops. The Events are attended by more than 500,000 people each year in the U.S. and internationally. More than 10,000,000 people have attended programs in 30 countries around the world, with audiences up to 55,000 attendees. What was his secret to success? Is he a master at neuro-linguistic programming? Definitely not Listen as Brian narrates his own success story and the ways you too can follow to increase your wealth, have that abundant joy and peace, and the much needed extra power. What we talked about: What struggles Brian as an entrepreneur had to climb and fight on his way, all the bumps and hurdles that landed him in the awesome place that he is today How does one learn to trust the process if he doesn't know necessarily how that works How could we educate people who're afraid to trust God about why that's important How are things different today: what adjustments is Brian still using to improve the outcome for the people that come to his events What are the dots that are to be connected Was there a point in Brain's life where he was tested to let himself away far from his identity What would it take to reach that level of success, just in 1 word according to Brian Noteworthy Quotes: “Even things that happen to you that you think are bad, may not actually be so bad when you look back”   Brian Forte “The circumstance that is making you feel bad in a moment may be the circumstance that pushes you to where you really feel great”   Brian Forte “Those low points are often times like tipping points to push us the other way”   Brian Forte “Storms don't last forever even really those bad storms”   Brian Forte “Appreciate the grind; appreciate the crap, the problems, the work, the stress along the way to success”  Gary Vaynerchuk “When you're in a serious business and you take it seriously; you don't work hours, you work whenever it's necessary”   Brian Forte “Successful people work, successful people don't stop”   Brian Forte “Any time I have ever put my trust in God, He's always come through”   Brian Forte “There's only one True Source for that real trust and that is having a relationship with Jesus Christ”   Brian Forte “The only way to know if it's going work is to close your eyes and say 'God I give this to You' ”   Brian Forte “Just because you can't meet the payroll, that doesn't mean God is saying 'close the business it's not a good idea'. Maybe it's God saying 'Hey, how committed to this are you? ”   Brian Forte “If it's in your heart and that desire is there and it's not going away, even though it's a struggle, it's difficult you just keep going; you keep on that road, and eventually you will see those breaks ”   Brian Forte “We have so many God-given talents that are there to be utilized”   Brian Forte “If we recognize God in our life and those talents are from Him and what we have is from him, we give it over and turn it over to him”   Brian Forte “God will use us and do things through us that are unimaginable, but it starts with trust”   Brian Forte “There's a lot of hurting people out there; lost people need help and it's our responsibility to help them”   Brian Forte “Having that higher power in your life helps you to help other people, it helps make a difference in their lives”   Brian Forte “Without that higher power in my life I would never have been able to do the things that I've been able to do, God has propelled me so far beyond what I could have done on my own”   Brian Forte “If you want to have abundance in your life, have the increase, things of a good value; have a relationship with the Lord”   Brian Forte “The gospel is simple: we have a loving God who created us to worship Him”   Brian Forte “If you want to increase wealth, abundance, joy, extra power; find a Bible”   Brian Forte “Without a relationship with The Lord, you could never find joy”   Brian Forte “It's impossible to have long-term lasting joy in your life unless you have that foundation”   Brian Forte “If you will bring the spiritual into your business, you'll be more successful. That's why we've incorporated it and it's really not complex, it is actually very simple”   Brian Forte “If you're preventing the spirituality, then that's the indication that you need to go into it, and face the fear and push through it and understand it”   Manny “In the idea of faith and spirituality; I found that in a 20-minute session I can get somebody to the same place that it may take 4 hours for another speaker to get them”   Brian Forte “With spirituality involved you can get there a lot quicker”   Brian Forte “If I'm in prayer before a meeting; it's going to be way more effective than me trying to go in and do neuro-linguistic programming on my prospect”   Brian Forte “The best definition that we found for success is when you have love, joy and peace”   Brian Forte “You can't expect to live a millionaire lifestyle if you've got the work ethic of a homeless person”   Brian Forte “The Lord is always right”   Brian Forte “Success is not in the money, or cars, multiple houses or a super-smart great partner”   Brian Forte “Not having all the nice things but still being able to have love, peace and joy is Success”   Brian Forte “If you really want to make a difference, create positive change in the lives of others; you don't need money, you don't need anything materialistic”   Brian Forte “If your goal is to help other people, make a difference; you don't need to worry about the money, because money will chase you down”   Brian Forte “Materialism leads to death and destruction here today in life, and when we're gone”   Brian Forte “The bad time that you might be having in your life right now, may really be just meant to push you to where you're supposed to go”   Brian Forte “You're not guaranteed to succeed if you don't quit but you are guaranteed to fail if you do quit”   Brian Forte

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18 Mar 2019

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65 - Susan McVea From Big Paycheck to Life on Her Terms

Susan was in a lucrative sales leadership position working for a massive global company with 80,000 employees, and a wonderful paycheck. Tragedy struck as she had a major health catastrophe. Eventually, she followed the only option before. Retirement from the corporate world Mid life crisis in movies looks much glamorous: guy with a beautiful woman, fancy cars and all. But here, Susan was just left to literal crying. But the skills she learned in corporate combined with the no substitute tool-Hard Work, has made her an unbelievable 15 million dollars in just 18 months. Yes, when most other women hardly make 15 grand a month; she's rakes in 8 figures, yearly. In this episode, Susan talks about an important skill set that anyone can learn, especially women. With the skill set you can write your own ticket, create a life in your own terms even if you are an introvert. What we talked about: What kicked Susan into gear and helped her accelerate the idea of doing more meaningful work or making that adjustment? How was she able to deal with fears and hesitation? What was the strategy to move on? How in the world do you identify a support group or a network if you don't have one? How did the transition happen; from being great in the corporate world to coming out and becoming a successful business owner What is it that it takes to make marriage work? Would Susan be the person that she is today without the marriage? What are the insecurities Susan have today; the fears and challenges even though she's very successful in her marriage? Why women only? What does it mean to be less sleazy when influencing and persuading for sales? What's her strategy, and tools for success? Why don't women assume their power and step into this idea of being a prominent sales woman; being wealthy and being on the top of the lists? How can you encourage a woman to go take her stand and be ready for the sales world? Noteworthy Quotes: "Everybody adds value to us and we add value to others" Susan "The hardest part is to actually ask for what we want, believe we deserve to receive it and be relentless and ruthless about actually preserving that space for ourselves" Susan "You can change your beliefs but your core values do not change; they are your guideposts that help you in good times and bad times, bad times in particular" Susan "Sometimes emotions complicate things and they make things really messy" Susan "I'm not a natural-born salesperson, I am a huge introvert but I'm a huge observer of people and of life, that one characteristic has really helped me be extremely successful" Susan "In order for people to actually help people they wanted through their businesses, utilizing their gifts or skills or experience and expertise; they had to get better at selling" Susan "Sales is a skill that you can teach, it's a skill that people who are willing to learn can actually learn and get better at" Susan "Selling is not sleazy unfortunately” Susan "It's really important that you get the help that you need that's going to help you to adapt what it is that you're struggling with" Susan "Women actually sell better than men, are often more recognized because they're louder and they tend to be just more confident" Susan "Women tend to be better at collaboration, they're better at listening,  they're better at thinking outside of the box, in terms of the subtle clues" Susan “People want more attention, they want more care, more relationship and that's where women personally do excel" Susan "If you learn the sales skill set, you can write your own ticket and you really can create your life on your terms" Manny "As a business owner and so you have to be willing to do the thing that nobody else is willing to do in order to keep moving forward" Susan "Building a business is hard work; it's not all rainbows and sunshine and smelling the roses and unicorns" Susan "There is no substitute for the hard work, it's really looking at what are you willing to do that nobody else is willing to do and how can you do it better than anybody else" Susan "Sometimes we get so consumed with what's happening day-to-day that we lose sight of ourselves, we lose sight of the joy that we inherently have as human beings" Susan

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4 Mar 2019

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64 - The Best You - Bernardo Moya

As an entrepreneur, Bernardo Moya failed many times and got up even more. That's been the attitude of his life. Now it all developed into what is known, his best. Our Guest: Bernardo Moya --- author, speaker, publisher and TV producer started his entrepreneurial journey aged 20. Since an early age he had to take the responsibility -- he was doing things, managing things, being in charge of the situations.   Now he is the CEO of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Life Training. He is the seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development in UK. Guest Highlights: In his pursuit of self-improvement, Bernardo founded The Best You in 2009, and as Chief Inspiration Officer, continues to grow the company, which now includes 8 product lines, 26 international staff and numerous partners. He navigated economic adversity during the 2008-2009 recession by seeking opportunities, where others saw obstacles. Bernardo also runs Europe’s largest personal development trade fair The Best You EXPO, and is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher and television producer. What We Talk About: What's going on with Bernardo, what's his plan, how it surfaced with his life and what's the mission behind it what did Bernardo do and how he felt about when he was embracing failure and keeping to move forward The warrior type mentality: Who taught it to Bernardo, where does it come from How does one separate himself from all the negative people around him. What can anyone do to change from that negative mind set? What does it mean when you say you “got to” do what's best for you What is the process for reinvention and what is it that you do on a regular basis for that reinvention The 3 pillars in life that you need to succeed or to stand out Bernardo's definition of what a Man is What are the most proud daddy moments Bernardo had Quotes: ”You have to make those big pictures: where am I going, what am I going to do, how great is it going to be”-- Bernardo ”I don't want to be at the end of my life looking backwards and thinking 'oh my god I should have done this, I should have done that', rather know that I've given it 100%”-- Bernardo ”Focus on where you're going and focus on the work you're putting in today, however take responsibility for the past, and create a plan to keep it from occupying the mental space: you can't be scared to face it”-- Bernardo ”When the vision is so big and large: it just drives you, just pulls you in”-- Bernardo ”By making things really big and visualizing what you want to build or create or who you want to become; these other things then fall into place”-- Bernardo ”Personal development all is down to learning how to think”-- Bernardo ”You need to be aware what you're saying to yourself and make those thoughts and that thinking process positive; it needs to say the right things”-- Bernardo ”You need to start asking yourself the right questions, the right questions are : how great is my day going to be, how can I achieve more, how can I find love, how can I find happiness, who can I help today”-- Bernardo ”If you ask yourself positive questions; your brain, your mind, your unconscious is going to start finding ways around it”-- Bernardo ”When it comes to problems: you go through one problem at a time, one challenge at a time”-- Bernado ”It's never too late to change: you need to really convince yourself; yes you can change and you have to”-- Bernardo ”You have to do what's right for you”-- Bernardo ”People like to be comfortable, people don't like change”-- Bernardo ”You simply require small changes in your life but they can result in dramatic changes”-- Bernardo ”A lot of people tend to do these things but their level of commitment is zero”-- Bernardo ”A little bit of change with work will have a phenomenal impact in your life and you're going to feel great”-- Bernardo ”There's absolutely no room in this world for fear and love to co-exist at their maximum points. “--- Manny ”If you can't take care of yourself, if you can't have the right thoughts for yourself or you don't feel great about yourself: you're going to struggle in helping anyone else”-- Bernardo ”If you're focused, if your brain is working, if you feel fit and you feel healthy you're driven, you're motivated: everyone around you is going to feel it”-- Bernardo ”If you feel just great positive energy great things are going to come your way, you're going to get surrounded by great people”-- Bernardo ”We can all do something, we can all contribute”-- Bernardo ”You help one person you're having an impact in their world, you're their hero”-- Bernardo www.thebestyouexpo.com Twitter: @Bernardo_Moya Website: www.bernardo-moya.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/bernardo.moya1 LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bernardo-moya-b387333


18 Feb 2019

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46 - Kevin Hogan: On the Principles of Influence and Persuasion

It’s almost unbelievable… A few years back, Kevin Hogan (International speaker, Influence and Persuasion expert) got a telephone call from a government agency in Poland. They told him how Kevin was good at making companies make money and all, but they have a growing problem in Poland which is, 12 - 13 year old girls are getting aids because they’re on the streets and truck drivers are stopping by. But, Kevin knew nothing about AIDS. He’s totally ignorant at this point. However, they want to him to put together a program. He told them, “I have no clue right now of what it is but I will learn about AIDS and will come there. We will have a program set up and a plan that will work.” Today, Poland has the lowest AIDS rate in entire Europe. Part of that reason was, somebody was good at influencing other people to do things that were going to be good for their lives.       Over the last 10 years, Kevin cannot tell you how many of such incidents have happened where Governments or major companies said something he never would have thought of. Kevin authored 24 books in the space of Personal Development, Influence, Persuasion and more. He is a dynamic, well-known international public speaker, consultant and, corporate trainer. Today, Kevin joins the, ‘A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show’ and talks about his journey, definition of influence, persuasion, selling and a few more. In this Episode you will learn: Where and how the journey started for Kevin and how did it unfolded. How can we consciously program ourself to influence our minds so that we’re no longer responding to just the influence of others. The process for a person to find a top level influencer to build a relationship with, who could possibly be a mentor. How you grab somebody’s attention in such a high paced world today and how do you keep that attention. In this process of influencing someone to make a decision how does it work for you to get someone to say 'yes' to you in any circumstances. What will somebody do if they wanted to build character? How will they start? How to go about that? How do you help others make decisions without having them feel pressured into it? How would somebody gain the language in a conversation around influencing sales. What does it take emotionally to become an influencer. One powerful message of inspiration for the listeners. Interesting Quotes by Kevin Hogan during the interview: Influencing is a cool feel and it’s fun to have been a part of it. Selling is the most important thing that you can be doing cause if you don’t sell, there's no income in the corporation, and nobody makes money. Do something really nice for someone who you want to hang out with, just a bit more. It’s so important to cause people to move now, in this moment and time, towards a decision. When you’re talking to a person who's going to be your client, you communicate with him in the same way you do with your roommate. As people see your work, whatever it is, they’ll respect you. As you get better, you become an authority, an expert. People will come to you if you have that certainty about who you are, when you have a track record and you have an impeccable character. Pretty much everywhere I go; I really like to leave an impact, saying something good. If you have a great message to share with your customers start with the word ‘imagine’.

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30 Aug 2017

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45 - Mike Domitrz: Keys to Healthy Dating, Sexual Maturity, and the Culture of Consent and Respect

Mike Domitrz was very determined he was going to be on broadway, was going  to be in movies, going to be an actor. He graduated high school, went to Chicago, did college, and studied theatre. Until one day while in college, he learnt from his Mom that his sister was sexually assaulted. The incident changed the entire course of his life and career, which in turn had changed many people’s lives. He attended a program on sexual assault and decided then and there, that he's going to do something about it. He started speaking out in colleges, working in schools. He now takes a tour around the country, speaking in universities and military installations throughout the world, spreading the message of building the culture of consent and respect. Though a different topic compared to my regular other episodes, I've decided to bring Mike on to the, A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show, as I feel this is a top priority, people's topic. In this Episode you will learn: How it all started for Mike, why he's decided to go down this mission and what got him to where he is today. What can be an ideal example about mutual consent between adults? Why most people are not sexually matured?How much of an impact do our parents’ relationships have on our lives on that particular understanding / that knowledge? What the approach can be for somebody who’s had the abuse, the rape incident but is afraid to speak up. What would be a complete step process one should take to get through that? Is there a part of our health that we should be focusing on more if we’re worried or scared to date? How do people discover what their values are? What’s the biggest thing that Mike learned about human behavior and his work in doing this type of stuff? One impactful powerful message of inspiration for the audience. Interesting Quotes by Mike Domitrz during the interview: People in our society lack sexual maturity because we lack the discussion skills. Our society don’t talk about sex, it just makes sure people don’t get pregnant or diseased. That’s completely sexually immature. Every survivor has strength and courage inside them, that’s really pivotal important for every survivor to know. The key to health and dating, it’s a combination of emotional and spiritual. Lot of people in the dating world think, how can I make myself LOOK good. What we forget is how do I FEEL good about me, forget about other people's feelings. When I learnt to feel good for myself, I was different person; I was more attractive to be around. What energy do I walk in a room with? Not for others but for the universe and for yourself. If you wanna see someone’s values, look where they spend their money and their time, especially their time. People want to do the right thing, but we fail to give them the ‘how to’ About the Guest: Mike Domitrz is an Award-Winning Author & Publisher, Educator, Ally, and Expert. He's the Founder of The Date Safe Project and has such an intense passion and drive to: Dramatically improve society’s approach to healthy dating; Create a better understanding of how “consent” is obtained in intimacy; Reveal the keys to effective bystander intervention with alcohol and sexual activity; and Teach how to properly support survivors of sexual assault? https://www.datesafeproject.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/datesafeproject https://www.facebook.com/DateSafe/

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23 Aug 2017

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44 - Regan Ann Hillyer: Creating the Time, Money and, Freedom You Desire

She spent half a million dollars just on education to follow her NEW vision of career and life. Because, after years of schooling, college and, university, she one day visualized her education and the system she grew up with, was not taking her in the direction she wanted her life to be going in. Regan Ann Hillyer grew up in Auckland, New Zealand studied and worked hard to be an architect, but, while in university, one day she realized she was going down the path of a life that wasn't in her turf. At that moment, she wanted to figure out why she's here on this planet. She wanted to live a life of contribution, to help people to do something meaningful and, which threw her into the world of personal development. Now, Regan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker. She has transformed the lives of thousands and is obsessed with what makes people successful. Her mission is to establish a community of successful women who think differently. She is rapidly changing the psychology of women to ensure that anyone can more forward and secure fulfilling lives and futures. Today, Regan joins the, A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show. In this Episode you will learn: How the journey and things started for Regan and where the turning point was to set her up on        this new course that got her to where she is today A good suggestion, resource or tool that Regan followed early on to get the ball rolling and catch the momentum How Regan wanted to turn this personal development space into a business, what point did it start making the most sense that this is the right path? A process or plan for somebody to really remove themselves from their own path to see the possibility and be opened up to a new light so they can begin down a path for themselves. Top 3 non-negotiable exercises and disciplines that could help somebody to remove them out of a scarcity mindset to more of an abundant mindset. How does somebody monetize their God given gift, a process for them to make it an income stream? What would Regan like to say about the life she lived, difference she made, contribution she made to humanity? Interesting Quotes by Regan Ann Hillyer during the interview: The only resource I had at the beginning was my own commitment; it was the only resource I was able to draw on. I didn’t have any money. I really started with me starting to figure out my own life, how do I not be in a job, how do I be happy at it, how do I have little bit of more freedom, I didn’t even have really big goals. I just wanted to live life a little bit better. So many people are conditioned that firstly they have to DO more in order to achieve more which is NOT true. Again you need to BE more and then ACT from that place in order to ACHIEVE more Not just action for the sake of action, but action that’s aligned to your vision, everything I do in life is getting me closer to the vision Just because your family was brought up in scarcity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in scarcity. You can tap into an abundant mindset at any given time. About the Guest: Regan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker. She has founded several companies, invested in real estate and has transformed the lives of thousands. Regan is obsessed with what makes people successful and her mission is to establish a community of successful women who think differently. She is rapidly changing the psychology of women to ensure that anyone can more forward and secure fulfilling lives and futures. Regan’s expertise falls in several different areas including training, empowerment, architecture, music, property, mindset and education. She has a 3 phase approach to becoming a truly successful woman. Regan is qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner, a Success Strategist and a Global Development Coach. www.reganhillyer.com https://www.facebook.com/ReganHillyer/ https://id.linkedin.com/in/reganhillyer IG: @reganhillyer

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16 Aug 2017

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