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Welcome to the Party For ONE, an online media site/platform that strives to empower individuals in fully embracing their unique and exclusive, personal potential and power as diversified human beings, by celebrating individuality: the beauty, passion, and diversity that makes us who we are and this LIFE one big PARTY. A party that starts with ONE.

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Hyde Park Storytelling

Five years ago, Erin Givarz and Matthew Stoner became roommates in Austin, TX, after crossing paths via Craiglist. Realizing they held the same love for sharing human experiences through storytelling, Matt and Erin decided to invite hundreds of Austinites to join them in their own back yard.At Hyde Park Storytelling, local storytellers share their real-life experiences all centered around one common theme. On March 7th, the theme of the night was lucky, but unlike other storytelling events that are highly curated, no one knows exactly what these storytellers will share until the moment they reach the mic.As a stand-up, comedian, co-founder Matthew hopes Hyde Park can be an empowering space for those who wouldn’t otherwise have the stage, because "everyone's stories matter". From heart-wrenching tales of love and loss to hilarious moments with a loved one or simply once in a lifetime moment of pure luck, these storytellers captivated the audience. More than an outlet for simply sharing these captivating moments of life, Hyde Park Storytelling serves as a unifying community for Austinites of all walks of life. For Matthew and Erin, it's all about bringing people together. "It’s really hard to hate people when you hear their stories," Givarz explains.While no two stories at Hyde Park are the same, storytellers and audience members alike can find comfort in the fact that they're never truly alone. It's this space's refreshing dedication to honestly, compassion, and mutual vulnerability that makes "Austin feel a little bit smaller," according to co-founder, Matthew Stoner. While millions around the world must now must shelter in place due to COVID-19, communities like Hyde Park Storytelling that give us something to look forward to.To learn more or attend one of their virtual storytelling events, visit Hyde Park Storytelling on Facebook.This story was produced on the behalf of UT Austin's J-school.


13 Apr 2020

Rank #1

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Ep.3 - Self Discipline and Success with Nikki Naghavi

Party For ONE is "Celebrating Young Artists"; those proving that success in the art industry is about much more than mere luck, but strategy, hard work, and a never-ending hustle.Nikki Naghavi is a 17-year-old violinist who's already found great opportunity and success in the classical music industry, but it's the self-discipline she's learned to enforce that Naghavi credits this to.This year, she made her orchestral debut with the University of Baylor Chamber Orchestra and from there, soloed for the Plano Symphony. In 2017, Nikki was selected as a concert master for the Texas All-State Symphony orchestra, holding 1st chair after competing with every high school violinist in the state. Naghavi is on the right track to a successful career in her craft, buy what’s her secret? Is it simply a god-given ability, or does it take something more? Continue listening as Nikki Naghavi dives into the depths of her art and how self-discipline is the gateway to greatness, for any young artist. Keep up with Nikki Naghavi @nikkinaghaviviolin


1 Jul 2018

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Ep. 2 - Mariel Pohlman on art as a business

Party For ONE is “Celebrating Young Artists”; those proving that success in the art industry is about much more than mere luck, but strategy, hard work, and a never-ending hustle.In this episode, Party For ONE sits down with Mariel Pohlman, an artist from Dallas, TX, who specializes in murals and small illustration, collaborating with businesses, all throughout the city of Dallas, including Walmart, the Common Desk, Smart City Apartments, Local Hub Bicycle Company, Fiction Coffee, and dozens more.There’s more to Pohlman’s story than simply creating great art, although, as she first began her professional career, as an accountant. After six years in the corporate world, Pohlman, sold her things, packed her bags, and left on a 10 month excursion, traveling around the world. Now, back in Dallas, she’s established a career in freelance art, however it was the skills she learned in the corporate field, that Mariel Pohlman says has led to her ultimate success, because money-making art is more than a passion, but a business. Tune in to a conversation, where we talk on how to quit your day job, by turning that creative hobby into a career.You can follow Mariel Pohlman on Instagram @marpohl


13 May 2018

Rank #3

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Ep. 1 - Meet Bailey Womack: fashion stylist, college student, and professional side hustler

Party For ONE is “Celebrating Young Artists”; those proving that success in the art industry is about much more than mere luck, but strategy, hard work, and a never-ending hustle. For the first episode of this series, Party For ONE chats with Bailey Womack, a stylist and student at the University of North Texas, in Denton studying Fashion Merchandising. The queen of side hustles, Bailey can be seen regularly styling for local photographers, model agencies, and has created her own brand, the pop up shop, Golf Fish Thrift. Her work recently even grabbed the attention of, women style magazine, Marie Claire. Clearly, Bailey Womack is successfully on her way to the career of her dreams, so we sit down to learn just how she does it, and how other young creatives can, too.


21 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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