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Welcome to Meet the Author - where you can see authors introducing their books in their own words. Some of the authors you will know, some are bestsellers, some are newcomers, but they are all speaking in their own words about the books that they are passionate about. The video clips are NOT reviews, they are NOT written by the marketing departments of publishers - these are authors speaking from their heart - to YOU.

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Orchards in the Oasis

Author: Josceline Dimbleby. Celebrated cookery writer Josceline Dimbleby is widely credited with introducing new ways of using spices to the domestic kitchen. This enchanting memoir explores the food influences of her rich and varied life and provides an outstanding collection of exciting recipes. Published by Quadrille


20 Sep 2010

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Portraits and Persons

Author: Cynthia Freeland. Portraits have for centuries been one of the most important art forms. But what do portraits tell us, what do they mean and what makes a picture into a portrait. Published by Oxford University Press


19 Aug 2010

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Bible: The Story of the King James Version

Author: Gordon Campbell. This is a history of the King James Version of the Bible - known in Britain as the Authorised Version - over the four hundred years from its remote beginnings to the present day. Published by Oxford University Press


18 Aug 2010

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Just Because

Author: Rebecca Elliott. This heartwarming picture book tells of a brother's love for his sister. He is so enthusiastic about just how loving and special she is, and delights in telling us about all the fun things they do together. Only as his tale unfolds does the reader begin to realize that his sister has special needs and by then we just accept as he does all the wonderful things about her. This amusing and often touching story encompasses the issue of disability in a charming celebration of sibling friendship to which all children can relate. Published by Lion Children's Books


18 Aug 2010

Rank #4

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Crisis and Recovery

Author: Rowan Williams. The financial crisis is about more than money. It is also about morality, casting an uncomfortable light on the links between the activities of bankers and the wellbeing of society as a whole. The idea that economics is morally neutral or that finance should be above ethical scrutiny deserves to be challenged. The Most Reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and Larry Elliott, Economics Editor of The Guardian, bring together a group of distinguished commentators to open up the ethical debate in the search for a fairer vision of economic justice. Published by Palgrave Macmillan


17 Aug 2010

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The Waste Land

Author: Simon Acland. The Waste Land tells the story of Hugh de Verdon, monk turned knight in the first Crusade. On his actual and spiritual journey he discovers the truth behind the Holy Grail. Suspense, humour, mystery and literature combine in this gripping, original tale. Published by Charlwood Books


10 Jun 2010

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Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia Since Live Aid

Author: Peter Gill. Peter Gill was the first journalist to reach the epicentre of the 1984 famine and one of the TV reporters who brought the tragedy to light. This book is the story of what happened to Ethiopia in the 25 years following Live Aid. Published by Oxford University Press


5 Jun 2010

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Women and the New Business Leadership

Author: Peninah Thomson. Women and the New Business Leadership discusses the role women directors can play in the reform of corporate governance systems following recent financial, crises in leadership, governance and the economy. Published by Palgrave Macmillan


21 Mar 2011

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On Being

Author: Peter Atkins. Peter Atkins confronts the big basic questions of existence, the areas often thought to be the property of religion and philosophy.He brings the clarity of his scientific analysis to bear and explains what he sees as the truth. Published by Oxford University Press


13 Feb 2011

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Reaching Muslims: A One-stop Guide for Christians

Author: Nick Chatrath. Tens of millions of Muslims live in the West.This book is a call to anyone who identifies themselves as Christian to develop friendships with Muslims. Published by Monarch Books


9 Nov 2010

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