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Beer Thicker than Water

Enjoy this family quality time as my cousins Jurdon and Austin talk to me about our experience with beer, the similarities and differences we share when it comes to beer, the culture of beer, and plenty of jokes and memories that will bring a smile to your face. Growlers of Basic, Crossbow IPA, Rustic Season, Panama Red, and Midnight Resolution from Fountain Head Brewing Company in Sacramento CA keeps the fun going.


1 Apr 2019

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A Novel of Beer

Brian and Teresa, owners and operators of Novel Brewing Company in Oakland CA, described how they went from working a 9-5 to opening a brewery. Starting the brewery journey by buying a brew kit on their second date to throwing house parties where they looked for criticism on the beer Brian brewed, this duo shows a love for beer and community that is evident in the beer, environment, and team at the brewery.


17 Oct 2019

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From Math D to the Family Tree

You don't pick the family your born into, but you do pick the people in the family you create. Kuyik Akpan and Ryan Sims are two men who are part of that family. One is a beer enthusiast while the other is just entering the world of beer. We reminisce on our first interaction in college, first time drinking beer, Africans beer of choice, thoughts on beer, where beer is going, and how to get more people who think of beer as one dimensional to experience beer culture. Lots of laughs and beer courtesy of Shadow Puppet Brewery. 

1hr 46mins

25 Aug 2019

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Research & Development Enjoys Beer

Always had fun when I had the opportunity to do Research and Development on new or existing products. Thankful Michelle, Senior Research and Development Manager, at Del Monte Foods Inc. grabbed a few flights with me at Buffalo Bill's Brewery to talk about her love for R&D, Food Science, and the joys of drinking beer. The flavor descriptions are fun, the beer is cold, and the memories are flowing. Cheers.

1hr 7mins

6 May 2019

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The Road to the Livermore Valley Craft Beer Fest

The 5th Annual Livermore Valley Craft Beer Fest is just a few weeks away on May 11, 2019. Jon Sylvester, the craft beer fest organizer took time out of obtaining breweries and food vendors for the event to discuss his experience with beer, how the craft beer fest started, beer he enjoys and breweries that make them, and what makes beer something worth talking about. Altamonte Beer Works provided the space and beer for a great interview. 

1hr 43mins

26 Apr 2019

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A Brewer's Guide to becoming Head Brewer

Craig Danielson, Head Brewer at Shadow Puppet Brewery in Livermore CA, sat down over a few pints to discuss how he ended up becoming a brewer. From college days with light lagers to 1,700  different beers down the hatch, Craig's enjoyment of beer continues to show in his beer making and in his mindset that getting input from those who drink your beer will make it better. The Bistro in Hayward CA provided the space, beer, and the music. 

1hr 7mins

9 Jun 2019

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Food Safety and Beer Culture Go Hand and Hand

Ellie Ogle, founder, owner and operator of Tandem Food Safety Consulting LLC, discussed her experience with beer culture, road through the food industry that assisted in the creation of Tandem Food Safety Consulting LLC, her move across the states, her culture, how beer culture and food safety are similar, experiments with beer at home, where she prefers to drink beer, and where beer culture and food safety culture will be in the next 5 years. 

1hr 3mins

27 May 2019

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Two Food Scientist and The Table of Beer

Adam Yee the host of the amazing podcast My Food Job Rocks and Food Scientist for The Better Meat Co., shares his intriguing history of how he stared My Food Job Rocks, experiences as a Food Scientist in the food industry, introduction to beer, science's future contribution to the beer industry, and why he makes time to be available for those who want to become an entrepreneur. Join us as we socialize with a crawler of Porter, Belgian Blond, Puncheon Paradise, and Cherry Bomb from Cleophus Quealy Beer Co in San Leandro CA.

1hr 38mins

1 Apr 2019

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The Brewery Chef Take Over

When you think of snack foods gourmet may come to mind, but when you see snack food behind the bar of a brewery, Chef Kev's Speciality Foods will be the brand you want to see. Chef Kev's enjoyment of food and beer has given him a focus to provide gourmet snack foods to breweries enhancing the experience of craft beer. Join us as we discuss the path of Chef Kev


1 Aug 2019

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The Urban Roots Of Sacramento

CoFounder/Brewmaster Peter Hoey and Head Brewer Peter Salmond sat down to discuss how Urban Roots Brewing operates, and how both of them became apart of beer culture. From their first beer to the continuous focus of meeting schedules while ensuring quality is the top priority, these brewers give an in depth perspective of how brewing beer is what they love.    

1hr 7mins

13 Mar 2020

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