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Path to business - the podcast. We are your hosts Luc & Bethany Barrette. We’re husband and wife team building a legacy with our 3 children that we’re so damn proud of! School of Youtube graduates, Full-time wedding photographer and videographer operating a thriving 6-figure business. We share all our best strategies & experiences that we’ve learned along the way. Featuring other amazing businesses so you can genuinely get inspired. This is YOUR… path to business.

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31. Wedding Speech Tips

Wedding speeches, do you love them? do you hate them? For some people it's terrifying, other's are complete naturals at public speaking. Either way, it's always best to be prepared for them! Weather its your wedding, or you're the one giving a speech, it's a good idea to have a structure. We always recommend having an order to your wedding as to who and when the speeches are coming from. We've prepared some tips for you to give the best wedding speech there! Looking for more wedding planning tips? Be sure to head over to our website! https://greyloftstudio.ca/podcast


11 Jun 2021

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30. Ana Brandt - From the Beginning to Now

Ana Brandt is one of the most recognized newborn and maternity photographers in the world. It all started when Ana was coming to my city wanting to host a workshop. I quickly volunteered my own studio that's in my home, and here we are today still keeping in touch!  She is seriously one of the most hard working people I know, I deeply admire her and I'm so happy to be able to call her a friend. She is one of the most successful newborn photographers in the world, with over 20 million YouTube views, 100k subscribers, and followed by over 400k people on Facebook.  Ana's ambition and passion is truly inspirational. Having Ana on my podcast was so amazing! We dive into her life as professional world renowned photographer. Ana's story is inspiring. Her business is thriving and only growing more and more each day. Be sure to check out Ana's work here: https://www.anabrandt.com/ 


3 Jun 2021

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29. How To Find a Great Wedding Photographer

Struggling to find your wedding photographer? With endless search results and options it can be overwhelming, but don't worry. We've come up with a few tips and tricks to help you decide on your perfect wedding photographer! One of the first things to decide is the style of your photos you'd prefer. Get inspired and gather those Pinterest photos! Careful research is key, it's so important to read photographer's reviews and portfolios. We always encourage finding time to do an initial interview with your potential photographer before making a final decision. Proper communication is so important! You will be working and planning with your photographer before, during, and after your wedding; so it's important you can communicate well and get along.  Want learn more about today's episode, head on over to our site here: https://greyloftstudio.ca/podcast


27 May 2021

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28. Why Bring a Psychic Medium on a Business Podcast

Why Bring a Psychic Medium on a Business Podcast is more about the need to truly understand how we make decisions and take action in our business. The little voice kicks in and we make decisions based on things out of our control at times. Listening to our inner self, our spirit guide, god, these are the higher vibrational universe guiding us on our path. Jennifer Hall joins us and we talk all about that gravitational pull that we inherently have towards the direction we are meant to be going in. Incorporating spirit is inherent whether we know it or not. Spirituality broadly means relinquishing a certain amount of responsibility for your own life and believing that there is something bigger at play. It is the belief that you are guided at least in part by a higher power. But it doesn’t require you to follow a specific religion, just to be open-minded about life beyond earth. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re following a spiritual path because it’s so engrained in our culture. For instance, the horoscopes we might read in the newspaper on our commute to work and take comfort in, because we’ve been told we’re going to have a great day or that good fortune is coming our way. For more about this episode, check it out on the show notes page HERE: https://greyloftstudio.ca/why-bring-a-psychic-medium-on-a-business-podcast/


15 Apr 2021

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27. Path to Wedding Planning with Sea & Silk

Path to Wedding Planning with Sea & Silk, episode number 27 on the podcast. Amanda began her business after university, even though she always dreamed of becoming a planner. Her story is so relatable. She's an intern who became a business owner. Amanda has gone through incredible business challenges. That was just the beginning of the wild journey of business and life this GirlBoss has continued to ride. However, she's become a fine-tuned version of success she’s creating for herself and others today. Ecstatic for this opportunity to have a candid conversation with Amanda about business highs and lows. Creating a company that aligns with what you actually want. Taking everything she’s learned and turning it into valuable teachings for herself and others. However, documenting this amazing story of perseverance, especially given the current economic status of the event industry, is near and dear to my heart. For all the show notes and how to get in touch with Amanda, visit the website: www.greyloftstudio.ca/podcast


8 Apr 2021

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26. Starting a Podcast in 2021

We are going to discuss how to start a podcast in 2021 and tell you about the reasons why having a podcast in 2021 is where you want to be if you've never met us before. Why would somebody start a podcast in 2021? Doesn't everybody have a podcast these days? That's true. But you should also start the podcast because it's just another way for you to get noticed using the podcast platform, either online, Spotify, Apple Podcast or other people, clients and other photographers can find you and that just grows your network. What's really cool to you about starting a podcast is being able to interview people that perhaps you never thought you would ever be able to talk to you. Imagine being able to interview your idol, which we've been able to do on our podcast more and more than once. Yeah, more than once. It's been so amazing to be able to connect with people on a different level podcast just kind of get you in the door. If you are somebody who is really passionate about what you do, this is such an amazing tool for you and it's never too late. It's just like starting a YouTube channel or a blog. I think that if you are passionate about what you do, then you definitely need to consider doing a podcast because it's another avenue for your potential clients to get to know you. You never know who's listening, which is the beautiful thing about podcasts. One of the first things you need to do to start a podcast is to brainstorm what it is, what niche you're going to be going into with the podcast. Anyone that thinks they're going to talk to every single person on their podcast really ends up talking to nobody. Just find one specific thing that you really want to talk about. For example, we use Path To Business and we interview people about their journey from where they started to now being entrepreneurs. We relate to them on certain things because every entrepreneur always goes through the same kind of steps. You start a business and then you get super busy and you start hiring. There's so many things that are relatable between different businesses, and you just need to find the thing that makes you stand out. And if you what you want to do is just give value constantly. You just have to make sure that you're giving the audience or whoever is listening something to keep them interested. On our podcast, we give little insights and tips on our own business as well. That's the beauty of a podcast or running your own business in general. You can make the rules up as you go. There really is limitless potential or opportunities for you to use your podcast. So if you start doing a season talking about your wedding photography business and then you want to talk a little bit more about just weddings in general. Niching is really important, but don't feel like you have to pick a specific topic and stick with it forever. I know that that was something that I struggled with. I wanted to be about what I want to talk about. At first it was just me doing the podcast and now I've actually added Luc onto the podcast because I found that we work better together and we were better as a team. It felt more like a chore doing it just by myself than doing it with him. You need to understand that your podcast can grow, it can change and evolve just like your business does.


2 Apr 2021

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25. Go Clean Co - Interview Part 2

Go Clean Co Interview Part 2 where Sarah joins Bethany for the second episode about growing her business. The approach that Sarah takes when it comes to growing her business is pure gold. Her vision of what and what she's been able to do in such a short amount of time is inspiring. The candid approach she takes to influencing and her digital growth is raw and real. The main advice that she gives is that you need to give more than you receive. If you want to see your business grow, you need to do things that align with you. Alignment with core values, building Sarah's business with a fall-forward approach is a pure win. Fear of failure isn't something that she lets get to her. People are living better, cleaner lives because of the work she does and that is important. I started following Mrs. Hinch and quickly became obsessed and perhaps is why Go Clean Co felt like Christmas day to me when I stumbled upon it! As much as I still love a good "Hinch" hack, it wasn't the same cleaning products. It never felt the same. I wasn't sure if I could ask her about other people who do what she does, but she did! She follows and adores Mrs. Hinch. Who couldn't, she's the sweetest and so real. Also, very funny just like Sarah. Scrubbing toilets and seeing gross things makes you want to laugh or cry right? For all the links in the episode and how to get your hands on Sarah's Cleaning Handbook, head on over to the show notes page: www.greyloftstudio.ca/pathtobusiness


25 Mar 2021

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24. Go Clean Co – Interview Part 1

Go Clean Co – Interview Pt. 1, Sarah McAllister joins Bethany on the Podcast and shares some amazing insights to how she’s grown her business. This is Episode Number 24. Today we are chatting with the queen of clean and learning all about the path that she’s taken to get to where she is today. We dive deep into her story and how she manifested her success and that she’s not above getting deep into the dirt with her team. Her story resonates with me, especially as a self-made entrepreneur and I can’t wait for you to feel as connected to her as I felt from this interview. GO CLEAN CO BEFORE THE FAME Whenever we interview guests we ask them the same questions. However, we really wanted to go deep and learn how Sarah started. Hearing how she’s grown her dog walking business and stumbled upon a gap in the market is inspiring. As business owners we can relate to this story so much! Her mom is the entrepreneur in her life and always instilled in her kids that they should do the work and never feel shame in doing the “not-so-pretty” parts. Want to get your hands on her Cleaning Handbook? CLICK HERE. Make sure you follow her on Instagram HERE. Follow Path to Business Podcast on Instagram HERE. Check out Path to Business and who Bethany & Luc Barrette are HERE.


18 Mar 2021

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23. Jennifer Hall Psychic Medium Business

It's difficult to put into words how transformational my life has been since meeting with Jennifer outside of the podcast episode. Even before meeting her over zoom, I knew that I needed to have her be on this platform with me. Her story and how she's been able to create a business and life around her passion is breathtaking.  There is no doubt in my mind that Jen is doing exactly what she should be doing and her talent is remarkable. She makes you feel completely at ease and is so good at what she does. Almost immediately my somewhat skeptical husband Luc was floored by how accurately she was able to describe us both. Being able to connect with my deceased loved ones was truly remarkable and an experience I will never forget. What is wonderful is being able to listen to it again and hear something a little different each time as I have had time to process the messages.  If you are considering having a reading done, I would HIGHLY suggest reaching out as she books months in advance. Her genuine ability to make the experience so beautiful is what has drawn me into her, and I know you will be too! For more information on how to reach Jennifer, check out her website here: https://www.jenniferhall.ca/


11 Mar 2021

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22. Who Teaches the Teachers with A Playful Purpose

Once the teachers are done school, who truly teaches them how to do the work they do? Where do they get all the materials to create and foster an environment that get's kids truly engaged in play? Engaged in learning? This missing piece is where Mariah comes in! Started out as just a fun way to share her creative teaching ideas and after a bit of time and hard work has turned into a really profitable side-biz turned almost full-time! Mariah Scrivens shares her journey and how she got to where she is today and it's an episode you're not going to want to miss! To get in touch with Mariah and learn more about her, check out the episodes show notes: https://greyloftstudio.ca/podcast


5 Mar 2021

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