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Fortnightly techno and house music podcast, showcasing some of the amazing DJ talent that we're surrounded with at our base in Sheffield, and beyond.Heavily influenced by and linked to the UK Climbing scene.Decomposed Radio: It's not going off......It's gone off......

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Welcome to another Decomposed Radio show! With the rain lashing down here in Sheffield and throughout the UK, it's high time for some much needed uplifting, soulful summery vibes, and our go to minister for this sort of thing is the one and only 'Dimitry Soul," who we last featured all the way back on show number 020!! After an amazing summer in Ibiza involving 150 DJ sets at venues including The Beach Star Hotel, Savannah, Ibiza Rocks, Paradise Lost and Enigma, we expected nothing less than the lush mix of deep and soulful house that he's put together for show #072, which is guaranteed to put the smile back on your face! So break back out the sunglasses and party hats, stick a middle finger up to the UK weather, and get your groove on to Dimitry Soul, in the mix for Decomposed Radio 072......

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25 Oct 2019

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You're back with Decomposed Radio, and show number 075. As promised, we're rewinding again to Code Nightclub in early December 2019 for the outrageously good Climbing Works party. We've got quite a few of the sets recorded which is ace, so this time round we have my own set from the night, which closed out phase I of the party, and kicked off around 4.30am I think. I really can't stress enough what a privelege it is to play for a crowd like we get at this event, and looking out to a packed dancefloor full of happy, super up for it faces. You just know you can let loose a bit and lead people on a bit of a journey which they'll be more than happy to follow you on. I really enjoyed listening to the set back again whilst putting the show together, and remembering how up for it and properly locked into the music I was, confident that I could dish out some feisty acid techno, as well as some deep, tough spacey stuff, separated by what's become a bit of a traditional old skool breakdown slap bang in the middle. So let's waste no time and get stuck right in. This is GusN8r in the mix, recorded live at Code in Sheffield. Crank it right up!!

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24 Jan 2020

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Bless me Papa Sven for I have sinned, it has been over a month since my last techno broadcast....... We've had a bit of a break here at Decomposed Radio so apologies for the radio silence, but I've been busy collecting and processing some great music for the next few shows, not to mention recovering from the incredible Works Party (and after parties) back in December. Speaking of which, the next few shows will feature sets from the 2 rooms at the Climbing Works Party; Solid techno from the main room, and some weird and wonderful stuff from the amazing "Rave Cave" which had me unexpectedly dancing like a lunatic on the night! First up on the techno side of things, is this year's special guest "E-Kul" who kicked things into overdrive in the main room around 3am! He's been DJing, and promoting and running techno nights since the age of 16, when he managed to scrape together enough money to buy a pair of decks and a 2-channel mixer. Nights like "Havok" at Phoenix Club as well as the legendary "Orbit" were major influences, as well as artists like Ben Sims, Jeff Mills, Speedy J and UR. All this results in a high energy, tough and fast style which you'll hear in the mix today, but the great thing about this type of techno is that it still has a real tangible groove to it, which drives it along nicely! So strap yourselves in, and travel back in time to the 6th December at Code nightclub in Sheffield on 6th December last year... This is Decomposed Radio, in the mix, with E-Kul......

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9 Jan 2020

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You're locked back in with Decomposed Radio for another high quality techno fix. We still have a couple of wild sets from the infamous "Works Party" back in December to share with you, but for show 076, we're focusing on some up and coming new talent as per one of the Decomposed Radio mission briefs. Featuring on today's show is London born DJ/ Producer "JDC" who after making waves in London at venues such as XOYO, 93 feet east and Lightbox, is now based firmly in Sheffield, and heads up the always unique local underground electronic music experience "Magnetic North" alongside Decomposed Radio favourite from show 063 "Brutalist." Head over to Facebook ASAP and check out the full details on Magnetic North nights, including their techno heavy line up later this evening, and settle in for this stellar journey through solid deep techno cuts, from JDC.....


21 Feb 2020

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You're back in the game with Decomposed Radio....and another welcome return from a podcast favourite. All the way back on show #013 "DJ Decent" announced his arrival onto the scene with a superb mix of deep, characterful techno. Since then he's gone on to continually impress audiences at loads of underground nights and parties, from The Lakes, to Sheffield, to Leeds. His sets are often the stand out feature of any night he appears at and whilst always different, unique and original they're always incredible audio journeys through sonic landscapes, dreamy synths, and deep tough techno. So that's 100% what you can expect on the show today. we've been trying to pin Nathan down to do another mix for us for a while, so I'm really happy to welcome him back. If you're up and about at the Kendal Mountain Festival this weekend, The Decomposed Radio takeover will be happening at the official festival afterparty on Saturday night, at Ruskins bar, so be sure to get your tickets and check it out if you're there! In the meantime however, treat your ears with this perfect mix of lush synths and deep hard techno from DJ Decent, on Decomposed Radio #073.........

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14 Nov 2019

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Welcome back to Decomposed Radio! For show #071, we're going back in time to relive some incredible scenes in the Lake District, at the end of July earlier this year. The music, antics and general mischief at the "Freeborn Man Techno Tent" in what has now affectionally come to be known as "Sesh Valley" are now nothing short of legendary, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to play a set there on the Friday night of the 3 day event. With such an appreciative crowd there, plus alot of friends it's an event at which you can let loose a bit, and play some tracks that you might not normally, as well as the odd comedy addition mixed in for a bit of fun! So with that in mind, we hope you enjoy this slightly wild and random set. This is Decomposed Radio's own "GusN8r" in the mix, for show number 071........

1hr 24mins

26 Sep 2019

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You're back with Decomposed Radio! After a month off for our summer holidays, we're back with a vengeance, plenty of fresh psyche and fresh new artists and music just in time for the autumn season! Just before heading away, I was lucky enough to attend a very special gathering of awesome characters up in The Lake District, with what's now become known as the "Freeborn Man Techno tent" in full effect! As ever, it serves as a lovely reminder of the suberb, unique and often quirky scene that exists between the two worlds of climbing and techno within the UK, and essentially why Decomposed Radio exists. Amongst all the amazing musical talent on show across an apocalyptic 3 days, were a fair few new faces, so I'll be making it my mission over the next month or so to pin some of these individuals down and showcase them here. First up amongst these is "Middleman" who's very kindly replicated his sublimely deep but subtlely groovy set from the Saturday night of the party weekend. Despite it being one of his first outings, he looks as at home behind the decks as pretty much anyone I've ever seen, and his track selection and mixing are second to none. So turn it up, and get psyched... for Middleman, in the mix for Decomposed Radio show 70......

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2 Sep 2019

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You're back again with Decomposed radio, and a welcome return from podcast favourite Stacie-Ann Churchman, who helped us launch the Decomposed project back in the day, with a storming mix of deep, dark and very tough techno for only the 2nd ever show!! Since then, tons of people have been pecking us to get her back on the podcast, so I'm super psyched to feature her again, this time with a slightly more leftfield mix, with the same high quality as we've come to expect. Three years on from Decomposed Radio show #002, Stacie-Ann's still doing her thing music and techno wise, and has some exciting, if secret projects in the pipeline with various labels. She's promised to keep us in the loop, so watch this space and we'll ensure to word you up when the time comes! If you've not checked her outrageously good mix from show number 002 out, we highly recommend you do ASAP, but in the meantime, I'm happy to welcome back Stacie-Ann Churchman, in the mix, for Decomposed Radio show #069...........

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28 Jun 2019

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Welcome to a very special Decomposed Radio 3rd anniversary show! Just over 3 years ago, I had a bit of a mad "eureka" type moment when I realised just how much amazing musical talent that I was surrounded by in my extended circle of friends, family and artists that I'd been lucky enough to share the decks with at some amazing events and parties over the years, and decided to create a podcast with the aim of showcasing some of these talented individuals. Decomposed Radio was born, and since then it's snowballed along nicely, and I'm really proud of the collection of amazing artists and mixes that we've accumulated, and made accessible to people. For the third anniversary show, it was always gonna have to be something pretty special, and I wanted to put together something a bit different, so I roped in Decomposed radio favourite DJ Galup, also know as Sam Whittaker, for a special B2B mix alongside myself. We got psyched and got the beers in, turned up the speaker volume and with no real plan just dived headlong straight into a freestyle 2 hour recording session that seemed to fly by in no time! I'm really happy with the end result, which is a full excursion through some great and varied techno records, with each of us reading each others mind with track selection at times and randomly jumping into the mix to layer in extra tracks and effects to spice things up! It's also a bit of a battle between the light and the darkness, with us both pulling in different directions throughout the two hours, which hopefully gives it a good dynamic, and keeps it interesting. Huge huge thanks to all the listeners for your support, pyche and encouragement over the years. Please please keep sharing and spreading the word, it really does help us do what we do!! So now.....Decomposed Radio presents...... Galup vs GusN8r.....a special back 2 back mix for the 3 year anniversary show! It's not going off.......it's gone off.......

2hr 5mins

14 Jun 2019

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You're back with Decomposed Radio. After a bit of a short summer holiday, we're firmly back on it with Show #067, not to mention a very special B2B mix for our 3rd anniversary incoming on show 068! This time round I'm super psyched to welcome "Anagramm" one of the original founding members of the incredible "Sheffield Techno Institute" who are to blame for putting on the best local techno nights and parties for the last 10 years! Also known as Fred Oxby, I've been really looking forward to getting him on the show. He's a highly accomplished musician, producer and DJ, having been at the helm of UK label "Planet Terror Records" as well as enjoying releases on "Red Skull Records" from Hungary, and French Label "Pavillion 36." The mix he's put together for show 067, is one of my favourie off- genre sets on the show for quite a while, featuring all things funky, wonky and ravey, including amen breaks, house, and good old detroit techno, all put together with a pair of technica and a pile of quality vinyl! So here goes, this is Anagramm, in the mix, for Decomposed Radio #067......


31 May 2019

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It's high time for another Decomposed Radio, and for our 66th show we're again heading over to deepest darkest North Wales, which has become a bit of a techno hotbed! Today's mix is provided by "Translate" a DJ/ producer duo consisting of local artists "Becket" and "Vidian." Becket's solo mix of outstanding techno all the way back on show 024 is still one of the most downloaded episodes, and when these two guys team up under the Translate alias they concentrate on the darker, deeper and sometimes more simplistic industrial sound of techno. As such the mix you're about to hear will be a real treat for the purists out there! Becket and Vidian have only been performing together as Translate for around 6 months now, and this will be the first mix that they're putting out there, so we're incredibly honoured to be featuring it here on Decomposed Radio. Translate will be playing the closing set of the Gottwood Festival on Anglesey later this year, so if you're in North Wales on the 9th of June definitely check that out! I can also highly recommend that you head over to Soundcloud for more information on these guys, as well as original productions, tracks and loads more mixes. So without further delay, Decomposed Radio proudly presents an exclusive mix from "Translate" for show 066. It's not going off, it's gone off...........

1hr 9mins

3 May 2019

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You're back with Decomposed Radio. For show 065 we're featuring new DJ talent and friend of the show, "Jeorgia," who's put together a deep and dreamy mix of Sunday morning techno for us. Jeorgia's become a familiar and more than competent face behind the decks at lots of events that the Decomposed Radio crew and regulars frequent, as well as single handedly co-ordinating what sounded like an incredible party in a cave, somewhere in Dorset last August! Any listeners familiar with Richie Hawtin's "Closer to the Edit" mix are really going to appreciate this one, with some fantastic unique tracks in there and a really nice vibe to it. So settle in for the next hour or so, with Jeorgia, in the mix for Decomposed Radio show 065......

1hr 8mins

14 Apr 2019

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Spring is most definitely springing and it's time for Decomposed Radio number 064! This time around we have Bristol based DJ and producer "Beat Mongrel." Also known as Paul Twomey, he's one of the original climber/ DJ's and has been a big influence and inspiration behind my own music and DJing over the years since meeting him out in Spain back in the day, whilst out on a European climbing trip. He helped me out of a bit of a tight spot when I was stranded at the "La Mussara Refugio" after crashing the trip car, and generously supplied me with lifts and belays, whilst also getting me psyched for his music. He was always that hard working face behind the decks at the original and awesome Dorset DWS parties, along with some truly outrageous Pembroke bank holiday weekend raves, and has put together a deep tech house mix perfect for the sunny spring vibes around at the moment. So turn it up loud, and get right in the mix with Beat Mongrel, for Decomposed Radio 064..........


25 Mar 2019

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Hi and welcome back to Decomposed Radio. For show 063 we have another techno treat lined up for you, Sheffield DJ "Brutalist," which in a genre packed to the rafters with fierce DJ monikers is a strong contender for "most savage....." As such, he's known to his friends as George Boynton, and is a thoroughly sound geezer. He's the founder and curator off up and coming Sheffield techno event "Magnetic North" which already has successful nights under it's belt at venues like The Harley, and Cafe Totem. He's played sets in a multitude of different cities and venues, and held down residencies in both his hometown of Hull, and here in Sheffield. He's a great example of the sort of young, talented, passionate and pro-active DJ's really putting the effort into the scene, who deserve as much exposure as possible, so make sure you get Brutalist and Magnetic North firmly on your radar! His mix takes us on a journey through some of his favourite recent releases spanning sounds of ambient, techno, electro and even some fast and feisty trance, with influences from labels such as "Blue Hour" and "Kulor-kulor - 001" So crank it up and get in the mix, with Brutalist, for Decomposed Radio show #063........

1hr 8mins

11 Mar 2019

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Welcome to another very special, climbing inspired Decomposed Radio. Back on Show 053, we featured a unique mix of the amazing original music from one of the most iconic climbing films around....."Hard Grit." It was really popular with Decomposed Radio listeners, so since then I've been working hard to collect all the music from another old skool and equally iconic climbing film...."The Real Thing" which features Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt dishing out the justice on some hard and classic boulders in the magical forest of Fontainbleau. You can say what you want about Alex Honnold's impressive "Free Solo" that's showing at the flicks at the moment, but those of us that are really clued up know that the best climbing films ever made, are The Real Thing and Hard Grit, and as ever it's always the music that helps make a film truly great! So with this in mind, Decomposed Radio proudly presents your training and climbing soundtrack for the 2019 season.....Get ready to get your old skool funk and tech trance heads on, get down to some nitty gritty climbing, be rayt positive, and smash in some personal bests on your birthday.......This is The Real Thing mix on Decomposed Radio show 062....."In the snow....."


15 Feb 2019

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Welcome to the discotheque for Decomposed Radio 061, and our final rewind and revisit to Plug Nightclub in Sheffield back in December. DJ GALUP, also well known throughout the techno and climbing scenes as Sam Whittaker has been the driving force behind the outrageously good annual "Works Party" for 12 years now and is a huge Decomposed Radio favourite. His previous appearances on the show are by far and away the most popular mixes, clocking up over 6,000 downloads to date. So by now you'll have come to expect no less than an absolute smasher of a mix from this guy, and I'm glad to say you won't be disappointed with this live recording of his awesome and varied set between 2am and 4am at Plug on the 7th of December. There's not much more that needs saying here, you know exactly what's coming, so batten down the hatches, lock off 'til you black out, and get your froth on, with DJ Galup live in the mix at Plug nighclub in Sheffield, for Decomposed Radio show #061.......

1hr 34mins

1 Feb 2019

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You're back with Decomposed Radio. For today's show we're again rewinding to an amazing night of mayhem and music at the infamous "Works Party" at Plug in Sheffield back in December. This time around we have Decomposed Radio big boss, GusN8r, who's tough and frantic set between 4 and 6am closed out the main event, before we headed for round 2 at the afterparty! It was an incredible feeling to cue up a first track and look out across a dark dancefloor, only for a light to flash illuminating hundreds of people, including many close friends getting ready to go crackers and share some epic moments together. So hopefully you enjoy this mix as much as we did putting it together and reliving it! Standby standy for Gus Hudgins, live in the mix at Plug, Sheffield....

1hr 52mins

21 Jan 2019

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Merry Christmas from Decomposed Radio! As promised, over the next few weeks we'll be featuring live mixes recorded at the amazing annual "Works Party" back in Early December. Next up amongst these is Sheffield DJ Sophie Keltie, who featured in one of the original early Decomposed Radio shows all the way back in August 2016! Her mix from Show number 005 is still one of the most downloaded and listened to episodes, so it's fair to say that her unique, melodic deep, progressive house and techno sound is a firm favourite with Decomposed Radio listeners, and you're in for an absolute treat again with this one! Sophie's early set at Plug nightclub took the place from standstill to going absoluteley crackers in no time at all, and set us all up for an incredible evening! So have a banging New Year, and get set for Decomposed Radio favourite Sophie Keltie, live in the mix at Plug nightclub, Sheffield on the 7th December 2018.


28 Dec 2018

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Welcome back to Decomposed Radio. Here in Sheffield we're still reeling and recovering from the outrageous "Works Party" last weekend. The main event at one of Sheffield's best venues "Plug" nightclub, aswell as the afterparty at a secret Sheffield location were both absolutely incredible and the weekend was well and truly full to bursting with awesome music, fun and mischief! Every DJ on the lineup really stepped up to the mark and played outstanding sets, and I'm very very happy to say that we managed to record all the muisc in the main room, so expect to hear those mixes on Decomposed Radio over the next few weeks! First up from this selection is our special guest for the night, Kelvin Briscall, who's a really accomplished DJ and producer, having made appearances behind the decks at all of London's landmark clubs, aswell as holding down residencies in Ibiza, and playig legendary gigs alongside Groove Armada on Bondi Beach! After years of playing vinyl, he was one of the earliest adopters of  digital DJing, and these days he uses a blend of production and DJ setups, controlled with a unique concoction of self built hardware meaning he has loops, effects, multiple decks and drum machines at his fingertips. In addition to all this, and especially for this mix, he's managed to mix the audio from his set with the live sound of the crowd at Plug last Friday night, so if you missed out you can feel like you were really there, or maybe re-live some memories if you were on the dancefloor in the main room! So turn it up, and get lost in this multi-genre mix from Kelvin Briscall, for Decomposed Radio 058.........

1hr 48mins

14 Dec 2018

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For Decomposed Radio show 057 I'm psyched to welcome back James Williams, otherwise know as "GAENZ," back by popular demand from over in North Wales. His previous appearance on show #042 is one of the most popular of the more recent shows, and after hearing rumours about an outstanding set at the now notorious Underground Llanberis bunker rave, we knew that we had to get him back on Decomposed Radio. So turn up the volume, get set and get psyched for this tough but dreamy techno mix from GAENZ...........

1hr 9mins

22 Nov 2018

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