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Beware The Algorithm!

trevor skies is confused about the state of comedy in a world increasingly being more surveilled and controlled by corporations. can we all laugh while no body talks about health care during a pandemic? of course. so long as we are all on some kind of substance.

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 17: "Shuttle to Salt River"

posting ahead of time before i die on the salt river this Saturday PENDING no thunderstorms. i also have a clip of tom brady killing it at the white house and i explore the sectional we're eyeing 2 buy at american-furniture-whhhhheeereeeeeehoouuussseeee as opposed to *gasp* an inferior costco one. also if u got questions and wanna be part of the incredibly successful AMA series on my "Trevor Skies" YouTube channel email BewareFriend@protonmail.com ;)


25 Jul 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 16: "I Cleaned the House Get Over Here"

my party almost gets cancelled but i cleaned the floor so some1 has to come over. biden says zuckerberg is killing people by staring into their eyes too long and does elon musk have a robot penis or is it just a rumor? if you have any questions about my mental state or the incoming eviction bonanza plz email BewareFriend@protonmail.com


18 Jul 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 15: "Do You Know What Gets Me Hard?"

i dive into one of my favorite CEO roasts where liz warren ego checks mr.sloan of hellz fargo. our puppy special agent tail cooper costs me a leg and bezos goes the extra mile and flies him and his brother into the sun. do u read these descriptions? lmk in the comments and if u wanna b apart of the weekly worthless AMA? send it BewareFriend@protonmail.com


11 Jul 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 14: "First Promise Broken"

the great mike pence talks about how he jacks it to the U.S. constitution and a trivial broken promise i plan to redeem next week. it was recorded on a Friday sooooo Happy 4th of July. make sure to light all the fireworks really close to the American Flag. want to be in a stellar weekly AMA? ask all questions at BewareFriend@protonmail.com (last one was PRETTY GOOD)


4 Jul 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 13: "Walmart Customer Service, Hello?"

i try to buy a tv from walmart and my card is rejected cuz the algorithm doesnt like me. some guy from ohio talks about being against a "4 the people act" which makes elections more fair. i love ALDI's and the box combo from Cane's chicken.for my future failure of an AMA plz send all questions to BewareFriend@protonmail.com


27 Jun 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 12: "Happy Juneteenth Poor People"

i reflect on the epic week of another paid holiday unless you're working at a fortune 500 company that needs you to work that day. i also feel shame of a recent puppy training experience. other than that pretty great week of unemployment. so privileged. fk billionaires bruh i need a jerb.


20 Jun 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 11: "You're Under Warranty So You Owe 75 Dollars"

whats the point of a warranty if i still owe money? these cucks want to rob me blind in bs fees they should have to pay. this world is insane and idk why it costs so much to live in a hellscape. good news: "This Week Sucks Tonight!" is back at Stand-Up Live and had a strong return!


13 Jun 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 10: "Memorial Day John"

i DM'ed @w_budgick who was screwed over by amazon buying gold bullion. i also dive into the Arizona government refusing to pay me unemployment after working the front lines as a pharmacy tech in the pandemic. you think after help facilitate giving patients the COVID vaccine there would be some reward. no. there is no money in helping people. may everyone who has crossed me find the lights of a speeding bus. plz rate 5 stars on apple podcasts and leave an offensive comment on the vid. oh i also leave a set i bombed at woodshed this week at the end. enjoy the last joke!


6 Jun 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 9: "Rest In Pence"

i crave 5 star apple podcast reviews because every performers goal is being sponsored by an undies or mattress company. Mike Pence wins the hearts of dozens talking about Space Force in December 2020 and inspires me to take a half-shot of Mother's Sweet Tea Vodka. rating? two out of five clouds. 


30 May 2021

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Beware The Algorithm! Ep. 8: "Camtasia Software Owes Me Money!"

i lose my mind because Camtasia software thought i wanted an old file and when i clicked the wrong thing it deleted original podcast. so here's take two. to recap: free Steven Dozinger, shop at ALDI's, and follow @theanwarnewton. oh and come by and watch "This Week Sucks Tonight!" June 10th 2021 at Stand-Up Live 8pm. pretty sure they still validate parking.


23 May 2021

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