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TALKING HOLES Reboot Coming Soon! - 2016 TBA!!!Checkout Twitch.tv/GamewithM or www.GoWithM.com for details⇢ The Talking Holes is an hour long show hosted by a former drug dealer, a recovering cult member and a professional gamer. They talk about cultural idiosyncrasies, real life and the human race.The first show was recorded in 2001 in a 1987 Chrysler minivan in Compton, CA — long before podcasts even existed. The show currently boasts a passionate audience, mostly concentrated in South Africa.Ready to strap on?Due to the abnormal amount of cerebral resources required, it is recommended that you do not listen to the show while fornicating or driving.Join Us.

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#039: Retard Caveman

In this episode, In-studio guest Ken joins us to talk about political correctness, bill clinton, childhood cartoons, starting religions, ancient civilizations, and solving world problems.Connect with us on Instagram @ https://instagram.com/talkingholesYou can find extended show notes and old episodes @ http://talkingholes.comThe best way to contact us is to leave a voicemail (or text) @ 424-704-1547 so we could address it on the show.Thanks for listening you rascals! ;)

1hr 30mins

12 Sep 2015

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