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Welcome to a New Dawn of Engineering Challenges. If you are concerned or interested about the current and future life as an engineer, then this Podcast is for you. We look closely at what it means in today's society to be an engineer, and we discuss some challenges our guests are facing or working on. Every Friday, Mel & Dom share a discussion they've had with an engineer. They will talk about their career and provide thoughts and advice for future engineers.  Engineers Australia is proud to present Engineering Heroes.

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Flipping career advice for engineers with Rob Bell

Rob Bell is an engineer who is in his dream career. After working with a career councillor he now advocates the importance to take time to learn about the student before offering advice. Rob also shares some of his amazing engineering experiences with us.What to know more? Check out our very detailed show notes:Detailed Show NotesWe are TURNING ONE!! JOIN US... Friday, 19 July we will be celebrating with Young Engineers Australia Sydney to put on a live show at Sydney's Seymour Centre. Tickets available to join us IN PERSON. Or there's our LIVE FEED if you just can't make it to Sydney!You can show Support for our show and our mission to promote engineers. Donate today for as little as the price of a beer.Take part in our drinking game for 2019 - Leave us an iTunes review and Dom & Mel are the ones who do the drinking. Contact us if you want to provide input on our future drinking games!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Jun 2019

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