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The Fated Arrow

Konnor is a normal, human flower merchant who accidentally gets roped into an adventure when a ceremony goes wrong due to forces of an ancient evil storming the ceremony. The ceremonial arrow, Which grants the power of an elven god to whoever it strikes, Is accidentally launched, and instead of hitting Netzach, the high lord of the elves, is shot into the distance and strikes Konnor, Who passes out and wakes up in a tent, with a strange, wise looking woman looking after him...Credits:Vivian-Bryn CurryMikael-Dustin Vuong NguyenTyrek-Blake HusseyKonnor-BurnwitchNetzach-Kurt Helsel

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The Fated Arrow - Episode 1

A raging war spreads across the elven homelands as the ceremony of power commences, and a simple flower merchant called Konnor is busy delivering an order. How do these two events link? Find out in episode 1 of, The Fated Arrow! Credits :  ELF 1: Grant Plaster ELF 2: Vicky Henness UNNAMED VILLAIN: Callum Garner MIKAEL: Dustin Vuong Nguyen NETZACH: Kurt Helsel KONNOR: Burnwitch TYRAK: Blake Hussey MAGE 1: Lawrence Armstrong / t:LarryHArmstrong / ccc: lawrencearmstrong MAGE 2: Callum Garner VIVIAN: Bryn Curry


15 Apr 2021

Rank #1