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"Damn, Falbo!!"....

We talk all things Tennis, Sports, Health and Fitness, and Entrepreneurial Business and Money related, in addition to an Ask Falbo Segment during each show.Special Guest Appearances will hopefully provide Excitement, Debate, and Entertaining and Varied Perspectives and Enrich each Topic and Episode, as well.

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"Damn, Falbo!!"....

Why Pam Shriver's grill is MOST at risk during the 'Heat Wave' in NYC at this year's US Open!!:))).... And, how a True Professional Prepares and Competes in the Toughest of Conditions, without whining, complaining, taking ridiculously long breaks with ice baths, massage - and who knows what else - to alter the Virtuousness Of Sport and the Sacfrifice, Discipline, and Struggle necessary for True Achievement!!....


30 Aug 2018

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