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Tremendously clever grown-ups Andy Stanton (bearded author of the Mr Gum books) and Carrie Quinlan (unbearded actress, comedian and and all-round weirdo) answer questions set to them by flocks of shamefully ignorant children. ‘Who invented cheese?’; ‘What are trees for?’; ‘What’s the meaning of life?’; ‘Why don’t dogs poo in the toilet?’ No inquiry is too difficult or too smelly for the Nincompoops.So listen in as Andy and Carrie generously share their ‘wisdumb’ and ‘nollidge’ with you in a feast of nonsense, hilarity and truly outrageous lies. Your children will laugh their tiny trousers off! *BONUS LOCKDOWN SHOW!*‘hoMe sKOOLin’ wiTh the niNComPOOps’Armed only with a couple of school dictionaries and whatever nonsense happens to come out of our mouths each morning, we’re putting up short videos to give you all a few extra giggles right now. There’s a brand-new episode of ‘hoMe sKOOLin’ wiTh the niNComPOOps’ on YouTube every weekday and you can find all the previous ones at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSSnHwYXq8GFOCstGuvozWg/videos Take care, everyone!Love fromCarrie and Andy(aka the Nincompoops)xx

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Term 2, Lesson 5: What Are Trees For and Why Are They Everywhere?

Are you a very unintelligent child? Of COURSE you are. It's well known by clever adults that you kids know NOTHING.But don't cry because you won't be unedumacated for much longer. Carrie Quinlan (a VERY clever grown-up) and Andy Stanton (who is also a VERY clever grown-up, thank you, actually) are here to educate the world's children and answer their soft, squashy brain questions using GROWN-UP KNOWLEDGE. It's time to....Ask The Nincompoops!Today it's the turn of tiny squidlings DOUG and SEVAN to be informed and educated by two very clever adults.This podcast is suitable for all the family!See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


29 Nov 2019

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