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The only way to live an extraordinary life, is with a powerful mindset. Alex Young from The Powerful Mind blog shares his experiences in life and entrepreneurship and how they’ve helped him to develop a powerful mindset. Although not a millionaire, Alex supports his lifestyle through his entrepreneurship and business consulting endeavors, which are in turn supported by his mindset. The key to success in business and life begins with the mindset you have going in. Alex began his mindset-crafting mission in the world of meditation, then expanded into minimalism, mindfulness, and various other practices including active breathing. He spends his time exercising, eating, traveling, meditating, and shares how weaving these practices into your life can enable you to accomplish any dream you set your mind to, without the stress.

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TPM 084 : Build a Multimillion Dollar Business while Traveling the World, with Yuli Azarch

A Powerful Mindset: One that is controlled by you and not by others. – Yuli Azarch Welcome Back! In today’s episode we’re joined by Yuli Azarch of Rich Laptop Lifestyle. He’s managed to travel to over 30 countries in the last four years, all while building two seven figure businesses. That sounds like a dream, and for some, it really is. Yuli breaks down many myths surrounding the life that surrounds living a life abroad. It might look like a vacation in the Instagram or Facebook photos, but he’s working and living in a similar way to most of us. Only instead of having a commute and an office, he travels. And he talks about the ways that he’s been able to do this, and surprisingly- it’s something that anyone can do. You don’t have to be a millionaire to start, but the mindset and habits that he talks about can help make you into one. Traveling is amazing, and if you have the chance, it’s a great way to expand your mind and build a global perspective. Listen in to the episode for tips on how to be the most productive that you can, and possibly, build a laptop lifestyle. Links: Facebook @yuli.azarch  Instagram @yuliazarch Website: Rich Laptop Lifestyle Podcast: Rich Laptop Lifestyle Podcast  And here’s a photo of Yuli in Thailand! Check out his website for more inspiration, information, and free guides for how to make a living while traveling! The post TPM 084 : Build a Multimillion Dollar Business while Traveling the World, with Yuli Azarch appeared first on The Powerful Mind.

18 Jun 2018

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TPM 085 : Strengthening Relationships to Strengthen Your Business, with Dr. Jenev Caddell

A Powerful Mindset: Openness to experience, openness to being impacted. To be able to be influenced by someone else and be vulnerable. Welcome Back! Today’s episode features Dr. Jenev Caddell, a psychologist and integrative coach who helps innovators and high performers connect more deeply to themselves and others so they can live their richest, most fulfilling lives possible, and be even more powerful change-makers. Jenev is the author of Your Best Love: The Couples Workbook and Guide to Their Best Relationship – grab your free chapter by visiting her site at www.mybestrelationship.com. Mental health is an area that often gets overlooked, especially among entrepreneurs. There was something that Jenev said early on in the episode that I found very interesting, and accurate, “Our emotional needs as adults, aren’t entirely different from what they are as kids.” It sounds silly, but often times as adults, we ignore how we feel in order to accomplish our goals. We can get tunnel visioned with what we want to achieve, and ignore things like proper sleep, nutrition, and maintaining relationships. We’re willing to sacrifice our health in the pursuit of our goals, thinking that by doing this we can accomplish more than we would otherwise. Unfortunately, the contrary happens. Our businesses suffer, our health suffers, and our relationships suffers. Ultimately, this means that we’re less efficient, and accomplish less than we otherwise would. Dr. Jenev drops a ton of value on this subject, and what we can do about it. The answer is simpler, and more comfortable than you may think. Check out the links below for resources mentioned and to connect with Jenev! Links: Facebook @mybestrelationship Instagram @mybestrelationship LinkedIn YouTube – My Best Relationship Twitter @DrJenev Emotional Agility by Susan David The post TPM 085 : Strengthening Relationships to Strengthen Your Business, with Dr. Jenev Caddell appeared first on The Powerful Mind.

25 Jun 2018

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TPM 080 : Learn Intelligent Investing with Eric Schleien (Replay)

A Powerful Mindset: Have a commitment to authenticity, and to truly knowing yourself. –  Eric Schleien Welcome Back! Today’s episode features Eric Schleien, host of the Intelligent Investing Podcast. His show features interviews with great value investors from around the world.  Prior to this, Eric has a many years’ long interest in Investing. He discovered at a young age that if he learned the principles behind investing, he could work almost any job, and still retire a millionaire. In todays episode he breaks down many long-held tenets of investing including:  You have to earn a lot of money before you can begin investing. You can’t invest intelligently as a teenager or young adult.  You can’t consistently beat the market, or make large gains through your own investments. …And much more.  His authentic approach to living a powerful life can not be emphasized enough. There is no hack for building real relationships and living authentically. When you have no ulterior motives, you are able to build very real and very deep relationships. Your networking benefits immeasurably, and this will in turn, benefit your business, project, and life in ways you would not imagine.  Links: Website: ericschleien.com Granite State Capital Management: gscm.co The Intelligent Investing Podcast in iTunes The post TPM 080 : Learn Intelligent Investing with Eric Schleien (Replay) appeared first on The Powerful Mind.

13 Aug 2018

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TPM 090 : Creating Systems for Explosive Growth! with Brittany Dixon

A Powerful Mindset: Being able to have an open mind and push through hard times. Be open to new things. – Brittany Dixon, Founder – Brittany & Co Welcome Back!  This week’s episode features Brittany Dixon of Brittany & Co. She’s a Business Process & Systems Consultant for overworked creative Entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping her clients create, document and refine structures and systems in their business to save time, create freedom, generate income and make a big impact in their own way. Brittany loves working with her clients to implement systems and processes that work for their lifestyle, as productivity is not a one size fits all approach. She loves showing women entrepreneurs how to get more work done in less time, more efficiently so they can go back to spending time doing what they love! I can’t state the importance of systems. Each time I take on a new project, I immediately sit back and create a system to make it easier for me to fit it into my schedule so that I’m able to approach it as optimally as possible.  Any time we’re doing something on our own, it’s far too easy to become overwhelmed, to procrastinate, or otherwise make our lives a lot harder than it should to be. We often start a new business to achieve greater levels of freedom, but a lot of the time it turns into a new job where we’re working more hours for less pay. That initial hustle is often inevitable. But with systems in place, it can be a lot more fun, and we can work “less” and grow more!  There’s a lot of value in this episode and over at Brittany’s website. Have a listen, and check out her content over at the links below:  Links: Website: brittanyandco-consulting.com FREE Trello Training Video: www.bit.ly/bco-contentplanner Facebook: @brittanyandco.consulting Insta @brittanyandco.consulting Pomodoro Timer (also called Tomato Timer): https://tomato-timer.com The post TPM 090 : Creating Systems for Explosive Growth! with Brittany Dixon appeared first on The Powerful Mind.

30 Jul 2018

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TPM 089 : Overcoming Pain, and Living Your Best Life with Joe Miller

A Powerful Mindset: Putting others at the forefront of what you want to accomplish. – Joe Miller Welcome Back! Today’s episode features Joe Miller. When Joe was younger, he learned that he had a potentially life-threatening illness called Trigeneral Neuralgia. Because the symptoms and the pain that you experience through this disease, it has been called the suicide disease, because the pain is that difficult to live with.  In today’s episode, Joe talks about: Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, and how that helped to shape his mission in life. How he is able to build his own thriving business, and cope with the illness and pain that comes with it. How serving others can save your life. He gets very real with his experience, and is a very real example of overcoming pain in our lives, and choosing to be the best that he can be. Links: Facebook: @stevenjosephmiller Instagram: @steve.miller.pri The post TPM 089 : Overcoming Pain, and Living Your Best Life with Joe Miller appeared first on The Powerful Mind.

23 Jul 2018

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