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Our Wondrous World with Helena Margareta

Although very spiritual, and once ranked one of the world's top psychic healers, Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn is known for being very outspoken and is not afraid of speaking out, saying things the way they really are. In spite of this she fun and usually takes a positive approach to looking at our world . Her vast life experience and spiritual knowledge is without comparison in today's inspirational- motivational arena and you'll learn a lot through her programs. Author of award winning books Constant Awakening and The White Light- A limitless Reality. All shows include a channeled Power Meditation. For more info: www.bodysoulconnection.com.

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The Secret Signal From the Universe Telling You the Purpose of Your Life

This and more subjects like: What is happening to our world? How to use your inner GPS System and your Road Map for a new life. Are tarot cards valid for our modern world? and more interesting subjects, including a powerful meditation.


29 Nov 2017

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Dreams, Psychic Symbols and Past-life Experiences

Dream expert Dr. Gillian Holloway will be Helena Margareta's guest today, speaking about dream symbols, psychic dreams and how past-life times can appear as dreams.

1hr 2mins

28 Feb 2011

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When does Spiritual Healing Work, and When Does It Not?

This is about healing in a different way. It is spontaneous and from the heart and full of motivational light meditations and energy- tune-ups. We have heard from many who are raving about these downloads that they can use in their daily lives for more  energy and well being. At this time still at no charge.


7 May 2013

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The Amazing Connection between Mathematics and Spirit

Tuesday April 17, 2012 The Amazing Connection between Mathematics and Spirit with guest author & metaphysician Vipin Metha from India.Engineer uses Construction Principles to lay the Foundation for Global HealingHelena Margareta meets with Vipin Mehta, a licenced engineer,  metaphysics lecturer and noted spiritual counselor. By breaking things down into formulas and processes, people can predict outcomes and change patterns to help avoid other outcomes.

1hr 2mins

17 Apr 2012

Rank #4

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Yes, we can, or "How to Handle Conflict"

The impact of our changing times is making a subconscious  impression on us. This impact seems to build up new emotions and impressions within us in a way we haven't experienced before.The way we look for solutions to our conflicts has to be different from before. Where, when and how do we start ?

1hr 2mins

20 Jul 2019

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The Amazing Power of the Light

Do you find your life is unfair and no luck is coming your way?  Maybe  this is not so at all. We can make the choice to have a good day or a miserable day and it is easier than you realize.Questions from Helena's mailbox are answered.


30 Nov 2019

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Unseen Powers Influencing Our Body And Life. Is This Happening To You Too?

Everything is energy and everything is connected. You may be able to guide certain things to come your way.Tune in and find out HOW.We are, more than we realize, in control of what may come our way and how.For more information about Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn, her books, CDs and workshops visit: Activale.com


29 Mar 2017

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A Christmas Basket of Gifts for YOU

Helena Margareta has prepared a Christmas Basket of gifts for YOU; With affirmations for strength and Well-Being, a Helena-Margareta- New- Wave- Feel-Good Meditation, and questions answered regarding Angels, Channeling. Helena Margareta will share the antidote technique with you to get rid of negative energies.

1hr 2mins

7 Dec 2010

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The Return of Helena Margareta

Why do things happen a certain way? And many more questions piling up in Helena´s mailbox.Many answers are channeled  and to the point..Sometimes with some shocking answers. Helena will also reveal the reason for her long absence...

1hr 1min

12 Mar 2012

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12 Ways to Nurture Your Soul

What is a soul, what does it mean to care for your soul, and does it matter at all?This and more questions about our Inner Self with Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn, spiritual healer and  soul researcher.

1hr 4mins

28 Sep 2019

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Life Was Not Meant To Be A Time Of Struggle

With all the Control Drama in the World today, can I still make my OWN life a good life? Where do I start? Who is out there to help me? Can I have some magical advice how to find success? YES, there are answers and we'll talk about it on the show. I will also be answering more mailbox questions & a healing meditation will be given at the end of the show.For more information about Helena, her books, CDs and workshops visit: Activale.com


26 Feb 2016

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Answers to many questions about improving your Creative Mindset and Attitudes and how to stop destructive thoughts. Program includes a Healing Meditation. EXPAND YOUR CREATIVE MIND


28 Feb 2019

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HOW to GET RID of YOUR FEAR and a healing meditation. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn has been ranked one of the world's top psychic healers.


7 Jul 2018

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How to cope with Energy-Virus

On the basis that everything is energy we forget the fundamental law of energy:It is contagious. Learn what to do and what not to do for a balanced life.

1hr 4mins

30 Mar 2019

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Down to Basics!

Helena is back in Europe and shares some of her observations and experiences. She also answers many questions sent to her mailbox regarding areas of health, motivation, spirituality, leadership and the "not explainable"The problems we create and accumulate sometimes never seem to end. Here are solutions and good bits of advice.


31 Aug 2019

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10 Ways to get over Separation

They say you should let go and move forward when you go through grief or a personal loss. But how do you do it?Stories with real cases and bits of advice...What to do after a divorce, you have lost a loved one or even your job and livelihood.


29 Nov 2018

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The White Light- A Limitless Reality

What is the White Light? Can it help me? Where do I find it? Is there such a thing as Divine Intervention?Where do we fit in with the wonders of the Universe. What is our future as human beings?And more about the white Light. An exciting hour with Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn.Rev. Dr. Helena Margareta Steiner-Hornsteyn offers classes, seminars, workshops and CDs. For more information visit http://www.activale.com


7 Oct 2016

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"THIS IS THE WAY IT IS". Words of wisdom and plain knowledge how to live your life in a more conscious way.Questions  sent from our listeners worldwide are answered. Healing meditation included


31 Oct 2018

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The Power Of Your Intention - How To Overcome Stress Quickly When You Need It

Join Helena as she shares how you can overcome Stress quickly and Helena also answers questions from her listeners around the world.- Did you know your organs are sending you messages?- How do you make yourself feel you belong in this world?For more information about Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn, her books, CDs and workshops visit: Activale.com


28 Feb 2017

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Are you the Down-to-Earth type to reach your goals, or are you willing to let go, be imaginative and learn how to connect with the power of the Light and "fly a little higher". We'll use and compare both the pragmatic and the Spiritual ways in this show

1hr 1min

29 Jun 2019

Rank #20