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Professional Development for Women and Minorities

No one is more responsible for your professional development than you. Career Communications Group (ccgmag.com) makes that possible by bringing you cutting edge management seminars with the nation's leading corporations and agencies executives.Slides for this presentation can be found here: https://www.slideshare.net/ccgmag

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A Conversation with Dr. BJ Johnson

Recently, Lango Deen and Rayondon Kennedy sat down with CEO of Clearflame Engine Technologies, Dr. BJ Johnson, for an in-depth conversation. Topics range from explaining what Clearflame is, Dr. Johnson’s STEM background, the importance of diversity, and much more. Stay tuned for CCG Media’s presentation of “A Conversation with Dr. BJ Johnson,” featuring Lango Deen and Rayondon Kennedy.


23 Oct 2020

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Mastering Winning Test Taking Strategies

BEYA 2020Mastering Winning Test Taking Strategies Jerrod Henderson - Instructional Associate Professor - University of Houston Nicole Toler - Electrical Engineering Manager - Raytheon Company Cheryl Moo-Young - Executive Director, Business Transformation Office - DTCCLearning Objective: Investigate test-taking skills to achieve higher assessment scores Being prepared for tests is not an easy process. Even if you are prepared, tests can still make you feel anxious. Why is being a good test taker so important in college? In colleges and universities, much of a student’s grades are based on quiz and test performance. Doing well on these tests is typically a major indicator of your subject matter knowledge and a good indicator of how you would perform in the workplace. Having good test scores will jumpstart your career. In this seminar, we will address test-taking and test preparation tips and strategies for college-level tests. Applying helpful test-taking and test preparation skills addressed in this seminar, such as writing down everything you remember, reading the directions, browsing the test questions, putting together a plan, and making an educated guess, will teach you how to prepare for and perform well on any test so that you feel confident that you’re bringing your testing A game. At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to: Review the factors that limit achieving higher college assessment scores. Identify practices for dealing with test anxiety. Measure the validity of current test-taking methods. Generate more efficient techniques for improving assessment scores. Slideshare Presentation: Mastering Winning Test Taking Strategies

1hr 1min

17 Sep 2020

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Leadership and Excellence in Diversity: Sustaining the Diversity Momentum in Changing Times

BEYA 2020Leadership and Excellence in Diversity: Sustaining the Diversity Momentum in Changing TimesDr. Tara Phelps-Jones - Assistant Inspector General - Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Drew Valentine - Vice President, People & Culture - IBM Corporation Col. Timothy Holman - Chief Diversity Officer - U.S. Army Jasmine Brennan - Inclusion and Diversity in Corporate Social Responsibility Business Partner - Aerotek Learning Objective: Diversity leaders create a brand and image that supports and reflects competence and business value What does it mean to be a diversity leader? Over the past several years, diversity has been a hot topic. However, as times change and business challenges increase, the term has become a stale reference to check off a list of politically correct requirements. As leaders in diversity, we are challenged to educate, energize, and excite our organization around diversity initiatives.These initiatives build the foundation of creativity, innovation, and transformative results. Diversity and inclusion leaders are key players on the executive leadership team with the specific responsibility of ensuring that human resources are honored, embraced, and ready to contribute great value. Diversity and inclusion leaders are trusted advisors who fundamentally create strategies that result in corporate cultural transformations to effectively support the mission and vision of the organization. To continue to be successful and safeguard the great work and efforts of those before you, you must create a brand and image that reflects high integrity and strong leadership capacity. This workshop will arm you with the skills you need to change your leadership image and effectively function as a vital part of the leadership vision. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: Explore key diversity and inclusion leadership and management skills. Understand strategies for building the right brand and image. Examine what it means to transform organizational culture. Create a plan for excellence in diversity and inclusion leadership. Explore business challenges that impact diversity and inclusion leaders. Slideshare Presentation: Sustaining the Diversity Momentum in Changing Times

1hr 13mins

15 Sep 2020

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Study Smart, Study Less – Improving Your Study Skills

BEYA 2020Study Smart, Study Less – Improving Your Study Skills William Wright-El - Adjunct Professor - University of Pennsylvania Carl Moore - Assistant Chief Academic Officer - University of the District of Columbia Nichelle Grant - Head of Diversity Equity & Inclusion - Siemens USALearning Objective: Assess methods for improving study skills Learning to study effectively is a skill that benefits everyone, even the smartest in the class. When polled, most college students would agree that when they started college, they did not know how to properly study. In this seminar, we will address preparatory study principles, such as setting goals, knowing your learning style, being an active reader, participating in study groups, organizing your notes and study materials, and writing drafts of papers, that can help all students improve their study skills and perform better. At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to: Identify the traits of successful studying candidates. Generate methods for achieving successful studying habits. Outline methods for implementing successful studying techniques.

1hr 2mins

10 Sep 2020

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Want a Security Clearance? This is What You Need to Know

BEYA 2020  Want a Security Clearance? This is What You Need to KnowDoretta Boazzo - Industrial Security Officer - General Dynamics Corporation Robbin Johnson - Senior Information System Security Engineer - National Security Agency Anita Hawkins - Program Manager for Continuous Evaluation - U.S. Intelligence CommunityLearning Objective: Examine the process of achieving a U.S. security clearance As you create your master plan for success, consider the variety of tools needed to gain a competitive edge in your industry. By familiarizing yourself with the extensive U.S. security clearance process, you can prepare to access opportunities that help you excel. This seminar will guide you through the process of getting and keeping a U.S. security clearance. We will also explore the future and emerging career opportunities that require various clearance levels. At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to: Identify a series of career paths and associated tools to improve job marketability. List a series of certification and association options. Understand the security clearance process and associated misconceptions and mistakes. Slideshare Presentation: Want a Security Clearance?

1hr 11mins

8 Sep 2020

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Lessons in Leadership: Essentials for Becoming a Successful Government Contractor - A Blueprint for Success

BEYA 2020 Lessons in Leadership: Essentials for Becoming a Successful Government Contractor - A Blueprint for Success Deidre Windsor - President & CEO - Windsor Group Dwight Deneal - Director - DLA Office of Small Business Programs Staci Redmon - Founder - Strategy and Management Services, Inc. Jimmy Smith - Director - Small Business Programs Department of the Navy LTC Allan Thomas - President - Thomas Solutions Incorporated Maria Asuelimen - Managing Partner - AMA Consulting LLC Dynamic panel of leaders discussing the opportunities in supplying services and products to the U.S. Government. At the end of this session, participants will be able to:  Address the best strategies for engaging with federal contracting. Discuss the people to know on the fed side; how to engage with them; how to identify opportunities; bid/no-bid decisions; Examine pitfalls, successes, failures, and more

1hr 4mins

3 Sep 2020

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Making More Minutes - Time Management for Pre-Professionals

BEYA 2020 Making More Minutes - Time Management for Pre-Professionals Tammy Jones - Senior Recruiter - Federal Aviation Administration Lisa Valle - IT Senior Manager - The Boeing Company Marcos Purty - Plant Executive Director - General Motors Candace Cox-Wemberley - CEO - I Am A Genius Learning Objective: Develop time management skills for better organization and productivity Students who’ve learned how to effectively manage time during high school are better prepared for the rigors of college study. Regardless of preparation, it takes time to adjust to college. Improve your time management skills by setting goals and not deviating from them. Even students who managed time well during high school often struggle when they begin college. Students are overwhelmed with large course loads, extracurricular activities, and other social activities. Although being in college can be overwhelming, it’s possible to complete everything that must be done in a timely and efficient manner.Developing time management and organizational skills is the key to working efficiently. The best way to better manage time is to develop daily schedules. Most organized people plan daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. This seminar will show you how to be self-motivated, leading to better organizational skills, productivity, and efficiency. At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to: Outline long-term goals and a plan to obtain them. Obtain detailed plans for each day and how to deal with delays. Break large projects down into several simpler projects. Cultivate a flexible schedule. Slideshare Presentation: Making More Minutes

1hr 7mins

1 Sep 2020

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Lessons in Leadership: 4 Stars, America STEM 2020

BEYA 2020 Lessons in Leadership: 4 Stars, America STEM 2020 (Ret.) Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell - Vice President of Public Sector Strategy - World Wide Technology, Inc. (Ret.) Gen. Vincent K. BrooksDirector - Gary Sinise Foundation Strategic discussion with senior leaders from the Army, Air Force, and/or other Department of Defense organizations about the opportunities and threats faced by our nation in the STEM arena.

1hr 2mins

27 Aug 2020

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Lessons in Leadership: Acquisition and Supply Chain

BEYA 2020 Lessons in Leadership: Acquisition and Supply Chain (Ret.) Maj. Gen. Cedric George - CEO - George Consulting Group Kevin Bostick - Director, Operations and Readiness, G-3 - U.S. Army Materiel Command Michael Johnston - Assistant Commandant for Acquisition and Chief Acquisition Officer - U.S. Coast Guard Director of Logistics and Installations - U.S. National Guard Bureau Acquisition, Logisticians, Supply Chain experts, and senior civilians will discuss the top issues facing 21st war-fighting and defense of our nation.


25 Aug 2020

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Project Management Professional- A Path to Freedom and Government Opportunity

BEYA 2020 Project Management Professional- A Path to Freedom and Government Opportunity Michele Jones - CEO - The Bones Theory Group, LLC Dr. Anthony Junior - President - Strategic Consulting Network, Inc. Eric Watson - Project Manager - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Andre Smith - Engineering Project Manager - Science Systems and Applications Top leaders in the field of project management will lead an in-depth discussion in the current market along with critical trends and insights affecting talent acquisition, retention, and promotion. Learn about the best practices and the model agencies to pursue a government career and leverage your PMP certificate.

1hr 4mins

20 Aug 2020